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/mu/ Makes a Shoegaze Album

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Last night we saw Elon Musk upload a picture of a rocket launch with the caption "Of Course I Still Love You" and we all thought it would make a cool album, so we made a cover out of it and chose song titles. This thread is to make the songs.

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1. Japanese Drop Down Hills
2. Cape Canaveral
3. What Tomorrow Brings
4. I Wished for More
5. Falcon Heavy / Artemis
>>6. Nothing Around Stays Around
7. Landfall
8. Howitzer
9. Apollo 69 / Empty Love on Neptune
10. Where Does Space End
11. They Come Past the Stratosphere
12. D'anjou in Visa
13. Sideways On
>>14. Of Course I Still Love You

Primary - Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Art Rock
Secondary - Post-Rock, Dream Pop, Ambient Pop