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>big sean
>he's 5'7"

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Where the fuck is Kevin Shields

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What the fuck happened to this website?
>start off as decent indie rock publication
>now completely dominated by garbage mainstream rap and poptimist trite
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Getting a new instrument

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So I've played sax for awhile and tomorrow is my birthday, thinking I should get a string instrument because they are cheap at my local guitar shop

Give me some suggestions for what I should get

And no I'm not leaving with nothing
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Nissan song

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Anyone know the name of the song that this commercial is paroding? Its Ive heard long ago but don't remember the lyrics

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Hey /mu/ it's been since Causers of This that I have browsed his discog, but past that what are some albums worth checking out that have a similar vibe/ feel that you would recommend? You know best!

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Hi /mu

Which are your favorites bands?

My favorites:

>Pearl Jam
>Sonic Youth
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Newfag here, why does everyone on /mu/ think they're better than everybody else?
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*scooba flooba California gonna bone ya slamma jammas your path*

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>First lyric is literally 'Women of the world take over'
wowwe I didn't know this was such a progressive and cucked board I'm really proud of yall
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