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What are other good examples of songs where the artists sing their hearts out? Loud and emotional singing

here is one:
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It's really simple.
Post your favourite reviews.

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WHATS THE BEST SITE TO USE TO LEARN PIANO/KEYBOARD? I don't give a shit about effeects I just want to be able to play it not terribly
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Great 80s thrash metal album

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I am bored and want some great old thrash metal. Give me some great thrash metal albums/songs.
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ITT: Messed up songs.

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ITT we post the most fucked up songs and/or music videos or lyrics.

I just listened to Korn's "Daddy". What. The. Fuck.
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how's your weekend going

Rec / rate / etc etc
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Why is music so fucking boring now. the internet scene is just a mess of faggots still building upon the sad boy shit yung lean did. but now they call everything *lo-fi* when its all made in fl studio/ableton

indie rock is just full of dudes who can't seem to make anything relatable to any kid besides tfw no gf while making their twitter feed all identical talking about we feel sorry x for race blah blah were the good guys.

electronic music had hoped by now it seems like everybody's just doing some post-industrial crap or glitch pop crap. i mean its bit sad that aphex and autechre are still one of the few mass releasing material for their fans.

like what gives??? where's the next group of guys/girls who want to make some banging music and actually have a unique opinions on life gonna come about.
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>I'm very insecure and tend to put myself down even if I'm doing pretty good
Music for this feel?

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i know it's a meme genre but dadrock is really really good. itt the ultimate dad rock albums
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Shugazi, Noise Pop, Noise Rock, Dream Pop, Blackgaze, Nugaze

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Shugazi thread
Please post the AOTY 2017 shugazi edition if you have it
check this album out (not 2017)
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