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This is the type or rap people like now. god damn rock music shoving it's shitty fag influence into other genres and you end up with garbage like this.
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ITT: nice people who make bad music

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Rank their Ozzy albums
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>mfw I accidentally walk in on my 16-year-old brother watching theneedledrop videos
>when he realizes I'm in the room, he quickly switches to another tab
ITT: Music-related horror stories
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Death Grips live reccommendation

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I'm going to see Death Grips live but I'm scared of "mosh". I don't want to be dragged in a sweaty fight, I'm tin and weak and I just want to enjoy the music maybe no even dancing.
What's the best strategy? Should I put myself right in the front line so that the fight would be on my back and would not affect me? Or should I stay on the back of the crowd but see Death Grips only from far away?
Thank you.
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I don't get this album
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How many Oasis songs do you know/can you name?
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PINK GUY is back motherfuckers!
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