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hey, how do you guys troll people who like pleb music??
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Is Death Grips as loud as everyone says they are live? I've never been to a concert before and I'm seeing them next week. Are they uncomfortably loud? Is it going to be overwhelming? I'd like to have a good time but I just want to hear other peoples experiences considering this is my first concert
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post chill night time music

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What would the 14 year old version of yourself think of your music taste?
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Post albums that feel ascended.

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What's better, the Bowie or Iggy mix?
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2007 was a fucking god awful year in the pop punk scene
There was a lot of pop punk albums and only one album was good
Could you guess what album was?
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Comfy thread

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Can we get a comfy moments thread?
Back in 2014 I found pic related on CD for fifty cents from a thrift store after being introduced to it by some random stoners at a dispensary I had been frequenting. Later that autumn my family unexpectedly ran low on money and we didn't have internet, phone, or TV from November til January. Maybe it didn't feel so comfy at the time, but I have fond memories of spending those dark and rainy days in my room while listening to 40oz. to Freedom on repeat and reading Jack Kerouac.
Can we get some similar stories?

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im dancing