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what are your opinions on mgmt ?
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Anyone else wish they could profess their undying love for, and admiration of, Lana Del Rey? Her music and videos captivate me in a way I can't describe. Any similar artists worth looking into?

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why is pallbearer so good?

they're just doom with none of the sludge
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/U2/ general

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19 Days Till Vancouver Edition

The 2017 mix of Red Hill Mining Town is on Spotify now

Bono With Chris Evans Introducing Red Hill Mining Town For RSD 2017

Please be civil among yourselves my fellow /mu/tants

Old thread: >>72333011
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/mu/mour thread: not just posting the same shit as always edition

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>I know perfectly well
>I'm not where I should be
>I've been very aware
>You've been patient with me
>Every time we break up
>You bring back your love to me
>And after all I've done to you
>How can it be
>You still believe in me

Fucking hell Brian, stop cutting me to my core . Don't even get me started on the added acerbic barbs Mike added to your internal monologue in That's Not Me...