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Will he ever make another album?
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Sketches of Brunswick East

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King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard's New Album.

Before Fantano reviews it give it a listen so you can form your own opinion.

Here are my favorite songs.
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/dark/ general.
>Gothic dance party edition
Post some good tracks /mu/ im building a playlist
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bill evans and miles davis fan looking to get into
Stevie Wonder. I also like the Beach Boys a lot

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ITT: Post an album, others respond with the best and worst track on it
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Just moved back into a dorm and my walls are so bare.

What's some good looking posters?

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>U...U...Uhuru U...U...Uhuru U...U...Uhuru
>We're the Proud Boys
>Where the West is the best
>And we always try to venerate the entrepreneur
>And the housewife's our best friend
>And we all can name five brands of cereal

as an alt-righter, ive never felt or heard lyrics this impactful before, especially at this time in history when its so very relevant. its about time that bands came out as republicans cause we all know that the music industry nowadays is oversaturated with liberal cucks and their degeneracy.
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