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Does /mu/ like Japandroids or do you just think it's repetitive noise?

Celebration Rock is the shit imo

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Post your favourite instrumental hip-hop album
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ITT: /mu/ in 2001
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Opinions on Meltons vs Castle Face?

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So I just heard about this the other day and I wanted to ask /mu/ how they feel about the situation.

If you haven't heard Matthew and Doris Melton and their band Dream Machine have been dropped from the label Castle Face Records because they gave some surprising opinions on a few topics such as illegal immigration and feminism.

Here is the original interview with Matthew and Doris:

and a follow up article with Castle Faces reply:

So were these comments actually enough to drop them or are castle face being too PC?

I'm really surprised with the opinions they shared in the interview, sure I think that some of the comments could have been worded differently, they curse regularly etc. but come on John Dwyer, don't lose one of your only redeeming groups over this shit.

Are they our guys /mu/?

/jazz/ general

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Time for another thread.
What have you been listening to recently?
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Do you guys listen to certain artists/albums during certain times of the day or seasons? I think it helps to enjoy them more if the scenery is right. I listened to pic related during a long 1 1/2 hour drive during the spring and absolutely loved it.

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Has anybody got the new QOTSA album yet? I'm looking for a leak.

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ITT: underlooked classics

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