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American Idiot or Black Parade?
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Kodack rack of ribs
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ITT: we pretend it's 1968

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"I can't wait for the new Beatles album! It's gonna be SO good! They're really on a roll and they're going to be the best band of the next decade if they keep up!"

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What do you think of Bones?
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>there are people on this board right now that don't listen to instrumental music
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Have a good time showing off how cool you are, i love you guys and hope everyone finds what they really want in life. You will all end up happy I know it


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string quartet edition

>General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern classical. Also contains a folder of live recordings/recitals by some outstanding performers.!mMYGhBgY!Ee_a6DJvLJRGej-9GBqi0A
>General Folder #2. Mostly Romantic up to 20th century/modern, but also includes recordings of music by Bach, Mozart and others!lIh3GRpY!piUs-QdhZACFt2hGtX39Rw
>General Folder #3. Mostly 20th century/modern with other assorted bits and pieces!Y8pXlJ7L!RzSeyGemu6QdvYzlfKs67w
>General Folder #4. Renaissance up to early/mid-20th century. Also contains a folder of Scarlatti sonate and another live recording/recital folder.!kMpkFSzL!diCUavpSn9B-pr-MfKnKdA
>General Folder #5. Renaissance up to late 19th century!ekBFiCLD!spgz8Ij5G0SRH2JjXpnjLg
>General Folder #6. Very eclectic mix!O8pj1ZiL!mAfQOneAAMlDlrgkqvzfEg
>General Folder #7. Too lazy to write up a description for this, but it has a little of everything!pWR0zABY!xCwF1rEfXiyEy5HuhTDP0Q
>General Folder #8. The anon who made this loves the yellow piss of DG on his face. Also there's some other stuff in here.!DlRSjQaS!SzxR-CUyK4AYPknI1LYgdg
>Renaissance Folder #1. Mass settings!ygImCRjS!1C9L77tCcZGQRF6UVXa-dA
>Renaissance Folder #2. Motets and madrigals (plus Leiden choirbooks)!il5yBShJ!WPT0v8GwCAFdOaTYOLDA1g
>Debussy. There is an accompanying chart, available on request.!DdJWUBBK!BeGdGaiAqdLy9SBZjCHjCw
>Opera Folder. Contains recorded video productions of about 10 well-known operas, with a bias towards late Romantic!4EVlnJrB!PRjPFC0vB2UT1vrBHAlHlw
>Random assortment of books on music theory and composition, music history etc.!HsAVXT5C!AoFKwCXr4PJnrNg5KzDJjw
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At what age did you grow out of hip hop?
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Post snippets using
give recs, productive feedback, be nice


/mu/ /Production/ Resources:

All-round Info;

Mixing and Mastering;
Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio:!dNtARY5Q!bfm7xOeRcRilrs3qkP-DAFUUKBW4DEcGQ_IR_PWkYo0
Mixing Engineers Handbook:!YUkgCJpR!bTX1gzqhD7fozTipk4XsRNiWQmHQXBx0T4pHMRvaURw
The Secret of the Mastering Engineer, Bob Katz!ZAE2EBCb!r0Hf0gho8pL7BlBJ6-6rJznB9SEhCG31NzNJUJX34tU

Audio Engineering and Acoustics ebook bundle!wEVAVbgB!hwd7vmzaZ9C6wAnVbqIQt37pNUpfpn0t2ecSjZGRNe4
(Bobby Owsinski - The Mixing Engineer's handbook 4th edition, The Recording Engineer's handbook 4th edition, The Mastering Engineer's handbook 4th edition. Timothy Dittmar - Audio Engineering 101, William Moylan - The Art of Recording, F. Alton Everest - Master Handbook of Acoustics, Rod Gervais - Home Recording Studio: Built It Like The Pros, 2nd Edition, Philip Newell - Recording Studio Design

Theory and Composition:
Music theory for musicians and normal people:
tl:dr Music Theory:
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