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You suck
How dare you d-d-ruin it for everybody else
Get out
No you go
I'm not going anywhere shithead
Get the fuck out of my neighborhood
Get out
You're no artist
You suck
You're a mediocre piece of shit you can't even play
You suck I've been playing for 41 years
You suck
I'm a left handed guitarist and you suck
You go
Get the fuck out
Get the fuck out
Get out
Get out
Fucking asshole
Get out
Where are you from
Where are you from
Go to a studio and rehearse
Maybe some day you'll learn
You suck
You're a no talent piece of shit
Get out
How dare you come down here and do this
I'm here 14 years I've lived in this town my whole life
You're a disgrace
You suck
How dare you
I'm uh- 3 blocks down
Who the hell do you think you are
Who the hell do you think you are
You any kind of artist
Anybody know who you are
Maybe everybody else wants to enjoy the peace and quiet
This is one of the most important places in all of North America who are you
Who are you
You miserable presumptuous no talent
You're no artist
An artist respects the silence that serves as the foundation of creativity
You obviously don't have the talent
You don't have enough respect for yourself or other people
Or in what it is to express yourself
In music
Or any other form of creativity
And I'm an NYU Film School graduate, sucka
And the School of Visual Arts
And the Academy of Art University of San Francisco
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i really want to enjoy Danny Brown's rapping style but im having so much trouble getting into it. what are some other artists i can listen to to ease myself into it?
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Is this a dying instrument in younger generations?
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holy shit stoned out of her mind. the sad depressing downfall of grimes
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>band has 3 guitarists
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Can anyone here explain the world of classical music to me?

It looks like a better 'scene' than anything in pop (nice classic music halls, more educated people, wonderful lighting and acoustics). On the other hand, why do the keep playing old shit from the dark ages?

Pic related.


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Post non-cringe masculine music
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/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General

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Guitar waifus edition

How do I start learning guitar?

Suggested Practice Routine:
> (embed)

Guitar chords and inversions

String tension calculator (D'Addario-based):

Music theory:

Hal Leonard's Bass Method:

Steve Vai's Ten Hour Workout

Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar 1 & 2

Advancing Guitarist - Mick Goodrick

Chord Chemistry - Ted Greene

Mickey Baker's Jazz Guitar

Modern Chord Progressions: Jazz and Classical Voicings for Guitar - Ted Greene

Jazz Guitar: Single Note Soloing Vol. 1 & 2- Ted Greene

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Discuss the most patrician female artist in the history of mankind: Claire "Grimes" Boucher.
Thoughts on her Tegan and Sara cover featuring Hana?
The original tune:

Remember: be nice to Grimes!
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