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What in the absolute FUCK is this? I just listened to the first "song" and it's literally a bunch of noise. It's not even different noises. It's like the same thing repeating for three minutes. I don't understand how people can enjoy this. If the whole album is like this, I don't want any part of it. This is not a "classic" album. This is fucking noise.
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How big is your music library?
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Hip-Hop cannot be held to the same standards as other music. It cannot compete with music as a whole. Hip-Hop pales in comparison to literally any other genre. It has the lowest standards of any genre. An album can be good by hip-hop standards, but it cannot be considered good compared to the rest of the music world.

Prove me wrong.
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ITT: Post a perfect album.

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Others explain how it isn't actually perfect
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Who else /babymetal/ here?

Pretty sure I turned into a weeb after I saw this video. The girl's dance moves are the cutest fucking thing I've seen in my life. It's like they made anime real.
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Dream Theater

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Dream theater people around here? Whats your favorite song? To this day I have yet to find a better band.
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Chart Thread

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You know the drill. R8, H8, Masterb8
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Uniondale edition
Old: >>72940987
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how can we stop this "rap is good" meme?
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Is Birds the most underrated DG track?
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