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>Hmm, sorry, sweetie, you can't repeat the words in my lyrics... and that's a good thing
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ITT: times you disagreed with Memetano

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>Laura Marling's sound "matured" after her first two albums

>Her first two albums were solid gold
>She forgot how to sing on her third album
>Also forgot how to write songs
>Now kind of half-talks into the microphone about being stronk every album
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ITT: Albums from this decade that will be remembered generations from now
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- Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, cover art, the file type (v0, 320 mp3, FLAC, etc), short description, YouTube sample, link)
- Send thanks if you have downloaded something to let them know they did a good thing
- Soulseek / rutracker are your friends, too - just don't argue in this thread about it

>I have a request! Did I...
- Check the archive for a live link before requesting?
- Share something first?
- Google "blogspot + artist name + album name"

>"I don't know how to find what I'm looking for in the archive"
- Go here: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- When searching, limit your search to links only, like so: "desired album mega|zippyshare|mediafire"
- Make sure you've typed "zippyshare" and not "zippy", or else Zippyshare links will not be found.

- Deezloader Reborn, SMLoadr
- Soulseek (P2P)

Michael Gira Dump:
Akron/Family & Angels of Light - ST
>indie folk, freak folk. Split album between the two bands, has a great cover of I Pity tge Poor Immigrant and an amazing rendition of Mother/Father
I Am Not Insane - Gira
>limited edition CD, really early new Swans demos and songs never on any other album
I Am Singing To You From My Room - Gira
>limited edition CD, more acoustic demos
Shame, Humility, and Revenge - Skin
>Gira's side of the Skin project, darkwave
Swans Live in Brno
>live show from '87, primarily of Children of God songs
Ten Songs From Another World - World of Skin
>another album from the Skin project, neofolk
We Were Alive!!! - Angels Of Light
>limited edition CD of live material
And a last minute addition:
Living '02 - Gira
>limited edition live CD
Requesting Zombie Heaven by The Zombies
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What's the best reaction channel?

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What went so wrong?
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Posters or related
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Is he right?
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