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opinion on this album? pic related

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that was legendary...
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Have you ever wondered how black people could go from creating jazz to producing hip hop? It is rather odd, if you think about it. Well, wonder no more, because black people didn't invent jazz music. (((They))) say, grudgingly, after years of people trying to get them to give credit where credit is due, "well, fine it >was< European from its beginnings to its pinnacle, BUT it wouldn't have existed without those sick African slave beats", which is like saying that hip hop is white because it wouldn't exist without microphones and loopers and sampling. Some will try to draw a line between old black blues players and jazz, but the link there, again, is tenuous at best, and not demonstrable. What >is< demonstrable is the overwhelming prevalance of middle-class white men in jazz, both in terms of its best composers, and players.

Nogpologists will hold up coltrane, thelonius monk, and miles davis as "the best jazz players evarrrrrr", and they'll reference academics who agree with them as though that were proof, but I would challenge anyone to go and listen to Bill Evans, anything by him, and compare it to any of those others at their peaks, then make your own conclusion. Listen to Stardust, Smile, The Very Thought of You, any of the greats, and then look up their composers (interestingly, Smile was written by Charlie Chaplain). Try to think of a great jazz song which withstood the test of time that was written by a black man.
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/rym/ general

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wtf i like joy division now
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hello mu, having trouble with finding this album cover, might even be a single. greatly appreciate help
>very similar to pic related
>colors are very similar, red, black
>it's a woman smiling on the right, shes colored plain white and in a dress
>i think it's new wave??
>i think its not that obscure
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What do you think is the inherent problem of modern pop music?
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Name one (1) band with a discography as solid as theirs. I'll wait.
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Shill Thread (Soundcloud/BandCamp/Youtube)
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Fuck, marry, kill
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