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>tfw i realize that all this time of lonliness and misery was all part of the plan
>it is part of my character and story
>its what was meant for me to create music
>if i ended up with a girl then i would have ended up diatracted from learning guitar and wouldnt have anything to write about
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/BCG/ Bandcamp General

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Last one died, so here's a new one.

Support these amazing and lovely Bandcamp artists.
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>Go on /mu/
>Nobody is talking about Avey's new album that just leaked

This is bizarre, I'm not even a big Anco fan but this just isn't right

What happened to you guys?
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It finally happened...
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Where do you start with Yes?

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*reverts you to papyrus*
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*blocks your path*

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*honestly deletes Kettering*

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what is your AOTY (nearly) six months into 2017?

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also: have you been enjoying yourself on /mu/ lately?
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I find it amazing how a music board on 4chan of all places is full of normie tier music.

Why is this?
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