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post the coolest musicians
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/daily/ our boy has found a silly hat edition

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The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new and interesting music. We do this by listening to and ideally discussing albums we've never heard before. Many of us already listen to new music daily, these people are in it to venture "out of their comfort zone" by listening to albums they otherwise wouldn't have, or just to have a good time.

>make charts

>listen to tunes

>listenalong schedules, OP pics, etc.
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Official /mu/core 2018

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PSA: Nujabes was added to Spotify today

You're welcome

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How do we stop /mu/ from talking about the same fucking 10 albums everyday and make them finally branch out. That would improve this place 100%
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Eminem - Revival

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Discussion for Eminem's new album revival, last thread hit bump limit.

The only good part of album is Alicia Keys chorus on Like Home.
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machine girl thread

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Why is it so good when it should be so bad
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What do girls who are into gentle femdom listen to?
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/prod/ Thread - 88 Keys Edition

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Talk about music production, composition, songwriting, and audio engineering.

Upload WIPs on

GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedback.

DON'T post Soundcloud, YouTube, or any other links where you are not anonymous (unless somebody asks you for it). That's considered self promotion and will result in bad feedback.


Sound Design:

>SeamlessR (in-depth music production and sound design tutorials, based on FL Studio)

>Rocket Powered Sound (Constant quality uploads of various EDM sounds in Serum with explanations that help make something unique)

>Syntorial (widely considered the best place to go to learn synthesis)

>Mr. Bill (Ableton based, some of the best sound design tutorials on the planet. Aimed more towards IDM-type stuff. He also posts his music here)

>BusyWorksBeats (explains hip hop in very elaborate ways in FL Studio)

>Sadowick (explains old school electronic music in very elaborate ways in Ableton)

>ADSR Music Production Tutorials


>Point Blank Music School

>Pensado's Place

>Samori Coles (Compression, EQ, etc)

>Modern Mixing


>WarBeats (Getting comfortable in FL Studio)

>Image Line Tutorials



>Micheal New

Previous thread: >>76833853
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Moments in songs that hit you like a freight truck, whether by sheer emotional resonance, by musical context or both

>Beach Boys - Child is the Father of the Man
>Old Brian starts singing
>"You'll achieve"
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