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Post a highly regarded artist that you hate because you're such a special fucking snowflake
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Why isn't /mu/ talking about this?
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This kills the beatlefag.


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Hey guys looking to get as much feedback as I can on my new song, I will be returning all feedback on soundcloud! If you like what you hear be sure to hit that follow button and also make sure to heart and repost the song!! Spreading love of music across the web!!

>East Coast Rap
>Boom Bap
>Hip Hop
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What's Fantano's deal againt Hopsin?

I understand he can not like his stuff but lately he's been downright antagonistic against the rapper in a really uncharacteristic and overly aggressive way: What's this fucking deal?
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Lady Gaga Just Dance

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>Spend the lasto
>in your pocko

What the fuck did she mean by this?

Boris is my favorite band. Ruin them for me.

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inb4 yea yea yea their recent albums are shit
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>drummer is extremely technical and creative
>guitarist just plays powerchords and simple riffs
>bassist plays basic progressions only
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*deletes entire album*
*listens to Good Vibrations on repeat for 36 minutes instead*
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