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Are we just gonna pretend the KPOP threads aren't there?
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these two are some of the best albums created
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/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General

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>How do I start learning guitar/bass?
>Guitar chords and inversions
>String tension calculator (D'Addario):
>Music theory:
>Guitar Maintenance and other information:
>Why is my guitar buzzing?
>Large repository of tabs, books and other resources related to playing and theory:

old thread

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I'll be honest. The only reason I checked this out was because Bradford Cox of Deerhunter called it the #1 album of the decade and I have to admit, it's pretty incredible. There is a meandering, yet organic brilliance at play here. So much space to get lost in. It definitely puts me into hypnosis. I'm really glad I checked this out.

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Imagine dragons

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Are they the new Nickelback?


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Jews are the best in everything they do, here you have 100 masterpiece of music made by Jewish people.
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Why is it that /mu/ needs three, THREE! separate KPOP Generals at almost all times? Even /v/ is better at looking at catalog than you, and that's really saying something.