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do you show your friends and family the music you make?
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>deletes "Pink Cellphone"
Literally ahh that's much better

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Dude, your music sucks, you need to listen to some music with more bass! Not that bad rock and roll or dubstap or whatever. Real men listens to hip-hop, because hip-hop has the most bass.

Also, stop huffin spray pain Michael, either that or ask your mommy why she huffed spray paint when you were still developing in her rectum.

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Why are RYM users so fucking autistic?
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>be board for discussing music
>can't discuss music cause people don't understand the concept of opinions

Why even bother making a thread about an album
for example at this point, when people are just
gonna call OP a faggot without any context for liking
or disliking something?

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bleep bloopers - 1
twing twangers - 0
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Similar to Pink Moon

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Albums that have a similar sound to this.
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This is dope.

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This is dope.

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I got a question for you fucking plebian clowns. I've been on this shitty board for 4 years and I notice you guys really got something against enjoying individual songs and would rather listen to an entire album even if it's an album of 12 mediocre songs with 3 good songs because ur too scared of a goddamn shuffle button. You realize that makes you listen to less music. I listen to playlist at work or school and it's fine because it serves mild entertainment while I'm not doing anything and when I'm home, I can listen to an entire album and take what I like and put it in a playlist. Tell me what about that is bad. I really wanna see you plebs defend this
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