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Give more examples of albums criticizing and laughing at the hipster ( in this case - hippie) culture.

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>casually destroys eminem
>Feminems “response” makes him look pathetic
>we now haven’t heard from M&M for weeks
>meanwhile MGK drops his new album and hits number 24 on the billboard 200, making bank

Is he the new king of rap?

Underrated albums from popular bands

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I fucking love this album, has some of Dimes best solos and apart from the looks is on the same level of heavy as Exodus and early Metallica

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What music do you listen to when feeling patriotic?
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Why does this album never get mentioned anymore?

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There's still hundreds of threads about MBV and AnCo daily, yet this is one of the core /mu/ albums that never gets mentioned anymore. Are we that overrun by plebbitor fagtano fans who can't even into snaws?
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>slangs in melody

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Why does /mu/ hate her so much?

>"she's an industry plant"
So what? There are hundreds of other known industry plants out there, and very few of them are making music as good as hers.

>"her whole family is in the industry... she was raised to be a pop star from birth"
Again, so what? All this means is she has talented people around her to ensure her art is of good quality.

>"she's fake deep"
Nothing wrong with this so as long as the quality of your stuff is good.

>"she's too young"
She's older than Lorde was when Lorde broke out.

Anything else?
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ITT: forgotten p4k darlings
>vivian girls


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Exotic trap tracks

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Tbh I'm in search of a particular track my dumb friend let get lost in digital space, because he wasn't signed into youtube.

It had these almost genie like, hindu, indian like beats in the background, beautiful exotic high pitched beats. A cut above your usual uzi vert type mumle rap trap stuff. But still definitely very much patrician trap.

Anything that sounds like that is welcome in this thread, lets get all exotic up in here!