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Why is death grips touring with some washed up industrial metal band who panders to lowest common denominator of the left. Who writes a fucking song and just screams "we are not snowflakes we are antifa", I am all for making music that is against fascism and bad stuff in the world but that is just pandering bullshit , where is the fucking art, its just an empty statement with dull industrial rock in the background. Death grips set was fucking awesome, and then it was just pure cringe.
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New 2017 Sgt. Peppers remix

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So what's the consensus on the new mix off of this?
It seems better than the '09 mix to me. Giles did a pretty good job. The '09 mix basically took all of the instruments and seemed to have just jammed them onto one side or the other. This one's a little more subtle imo.

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>fuck a Soundcloud Thread
Real "Hip Hop" thread
Not in it for the $Money$, Strickly Hip Hop

Is it Just Me, Or Does Fender Make Ugly Instruments, the Stratocaster Especially?

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All my life I've found Fender instruments ugly, especially the Stratocaster. Their basses don't fare much better, although there aren't many bass designs I do like. Fender's amps and stuff are fine and I have a few, but their instruments are just ugly.
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violin or saxophone?
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ITT: Guilty Pleasures

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my drive for creativity is strong but im burned out. I'll feel like wanting to create something and then i cant even sit and create shit without feeling depressed.
>peers and even brother and his friends made fun of me playing the piano. guitarists get pussy.
>actual people that i thought were friends made fun of me
>tried my best to get into bands. nothing worked. even brother turned down my line during practice and drummer was like "so thats how it is".
>couldnt concentrate on school because my ambition with music was overwhelming.
>spent years just making shit. go unrecognized while inept people get mad likes , get invites to join bands, get to have fun times playing in bars.
>realized im just ugly and not cool and have no friends.
>ten fucking years gone. a waste.

dont be like me anons. get some friends, stay social, try to join bands but in all, you gotta be cool. dont be that shut in electronic music producer because there are millions of them. Im selling all my shit.


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Haven't had one of these in a while
Take an album, rate each song, add the average and your personal scores

what is democracy?

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what is democracy?
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