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My record store day Haul :^)
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No, they weren't.
Yeah, they were hiphop from the start, with some various artists that complimented the style, but there's a difference between the feature in Clint Eastwood and the "feature" in Momentz or Ascension.

The band originally was a concept band, formed by Albarn and a comic artist Jamie Hewlett, with at least some focus put into visual style of Hewlett and the characters that made up the virtual band.

Now it's just Albarn's happy cuck music amalgamation to preach politics and focus more on the features than on Albarn's writing and production.

Who even fucking cares about the virtual band anymore? the video of them in the spooky house told no story, added no characterization, it's just fluff added on to say "oh hey, right, we were this band before i think". Plastic beach and Demon day's plot and concept totally thrown out the window.

They had style and cohesion in past albums, Humanz is just a mixtape to sell you on other people's music, not Albarn's.

Humanz is not a gorillaz album.
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>The life of Pablo
>Coloring book
Anyone else really hate the gospel singing in hip hop these days?

This is coming from a religious Christian lol. I just think it sounds like shit.

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How do i find new music?

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Hey I was just wondering, I see all you people who listen to a ton of diffdrent music. I wanna broaden my horizons but i dont know where to look

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at job interview
>It says here you discuss music on an internet board?
wat do?
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