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What is are some good ambient albums besides aphex twin?
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The Most Popular Music Critic of All Times

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Anthony Fantano is the most popular music critic of all time

inb4 lester bangsfags come at me

fantano has billions of views

less than 1000 people ever read a lester bangs or scaruffi review

it makes total sense that he is frequently discussed as he is and will continue to be the most popular music critic of all times
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How did they get their harmonics to sound so good?

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Dont make fun of me but where can I read about singing techniques and gain as much knowledge about it as possible? I want to do this before I try to learn how to do it with a voice coach some time at school or something.

I don't want to watch these cringey youtube video's i'd rather read
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Post yours, guess random stuff, recommend or rate.
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Tell me more about Japanese New Wave music.