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Should fascist/Nazi aesthetics be allowed in music? I personally believe no because it glorifies these atrocities and humanizes them. We should ban any band that uses Nazi imagery. Thoughts?
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give me some music to listen to while im on heroin
imb4 the velvet undergroud
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Post your favorite modern artist and rec music based off that

Not gonna lie, this is mostly for me because Lil Peep really shouldn't be my favorite artist
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Cockhampton General get in here

Banana the first single from Saturation 3 out on Friday

I heard a rumour that Viper will be featuring on one of the songs.
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Where do you get your mp3s?
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It's funny how 4chan users hate on black people and complains about them for no reason, but then you turn around and glorify their music. Just show that 4channer are mostly white neckbeards who making racebait threads and call blacks """niggers""" but love listening to Hip Hop and never admit it. Just show that you're all hypocritcal. This site is really flooded with fucking hyocrites. I see alot of Hip Hop related threads outside of /mu/ talking about how great Kendrick, Kanye, trap rappers, old school rappers all other rappers are. 4chan users are mostly Hip Hop fans in denial.

What I like about you guys is that you guys listen to any types of rap you like and never get ashamed. There are alot of good quality threads about your favourite rappers and there are good conversation about it. Unlike Youtube normies pretend to listen to """real rap"""" and spreading cancer, making spam, overused jokes and like/sub whores on every Hip Hop related videos on YT instead talking about music.
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So this is their best album right?
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>there are actually grown men who enjoy listening to this

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What do you guys think of this album?

Personally think she's the second coming as far as female musicians go.
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