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>Deluxe edition
>Japanese edition

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Please rec me some long, slow, heavy, bluesy jams in the vein of Voodoo Chile that aren't metal. Thanks
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/dark/ General: Day After World Goth Day Edition

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ITT: we talk about
Gothic Rock
Cold Wave
Dark Wave
Ethereal Wave
Gloomy New Wave
No Wave
Industrial Music
Horror Punk
And related styles. To answer these questions now:
Darkcore, metal, and freak folk are not /dark/. Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Neofolk, Leonard Cohen, Iggy Pop's idiot album and anything that serves as a precursor to these styles (The Doors, Yoko Ono, John Cage, The Velvet Underground, and so on) are.
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Albums that killed a bands career

pic related

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Is On GP the best song they've made?
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We live in a time where whole families die because of their terrible taste in music. /mu/ has never been so important.
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>be mediocre singer and guitar player
>try my ass off to get even a mediocre recording
>try so hard I'm sweating and panting after
>they all sound like shit anyway

How the fuck do you improve your rock/punk vocals and not sound like a 22 year old choir boy trying to be cool
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Is Rock a 20th century relic? Should we just let it die a peaceful death already?

Think about this
19th century: Classical
20th century: Rock
21st century: Rap/EDM
22nd century: ??? what's next

Music for a specific feeling

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I'm moving very far away from family and venturing into territory completely unknown to me. I feel excited but also melancholic.

What album captures a feeling like this one?