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What do you do while listening to music?
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is /mu/ 15:03 pilled?

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More like this?

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Hey audiophiles

Looking to get some headphones. I’m mostly interested in Bose and Sennheiser. Open to suggestions.

My question is, what is your ideal set of headphones?
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Burt Bacharach of our generation?
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Autists of /mu/ unite

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I heard this song and it reminded me of a movie, tv show or a video I've seen... I just can't find it. Any ideas?

Thanks guys


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Thoughts on this?
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Got a girl pregnant at Post Malone concert

>Be me
>18 year old virgin
>Good looking guy but socially retarded
>My friend and I, are big Post Malone fans
>His name is Dwight but we call him White cause he is pale as fuck
>White buys us tickets to show at NYC
>Get in line 4 hrs before the concert starts cause we are big fans
>Have nothing better to do
>start talking to cutie on line waiting with us
>Can't tell if she is into but my friend keeps texting me that she is
>Show is about to start
>She starts rubbing my thigh
>Maybe she is into me
>Show is really good but can't concentrate cause of grill
>After show she asks me to come drink with her at her dorm
>She goes to school in NYC
> White telling me not to go
>Obviously don't listen
>Get to her dorm and get extremely hammered
>We start going at it and she wants to have sex
>This is it boys
>Pull out condom, put it on and go to bone town
>Well, at least I thought I did I was too drunk to remember
>In morning we exchange numbers and I leave
> Next Month I get a text from girl
>Shes pregnant and wants to keep it
>Oh fuck why
>Consult my friend, White
>starts giving me the "I told you so"
>Tell him I'm actually freaked out
>He tells me to just change my number and forget about her
>That's when I tell him "I can't do that WHITE I"VER SON"
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