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What fusion genres do you want to see that haven't been done yet?

For me, it's Baroque Funk

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I am trying to get into italo disco and find more retrowave bands other than perturbator but I dont want to just find the mid tier mainstream stuff on google, what good bands or artists at least take elements from this genres?

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I want to learn how to start producing electronic music. I have endless time and 0 money.

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thoughts on this music?

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What's /mu/'s opinion on modern popular music? You know the kinda shit you'd see in the 'Trending' tab on YouTube or the home page of Spotify.

Favorite Led Zeppelin Song?

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Stairway to Heaven for me, too normie perhaps?
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what is some music for not understanding what net neutrality is or does but blindly panicking over it getting repealed because reddit told you to?
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I keep having this dream where Kendrick releases a new album. Its not NATION. and no, its not a follow-up to DAMN. Its a completely separate album, called DIVINE AUTHORITY, and is Kendrick's 6th and final album. It has 8 tracks, but none of them are shorter than 7 minutes. The tracks feature hard-hitting breakbeats, in fact the whole album is not even hip-hop but straight-up big beat that sounds similar to The Prodigy's The Fat of the Land, and the track "Diesel Power" in particular, except the album has tons of distortion and Kendrick's rapping is much more aggressive, making it more similar to Dalek and Techno Animal's track "Hell". And speaking of Dalek, he appears as a feature on the second track, the main single. Other features include Vatican Shadow, Dedekind Cut, Lil Uzi Vert, and the last track is an industrial jazzfunk cacophony composed by Kamasi Washington, and ends with a piano ballad featuring Frank Ocean that evolves into the beat from the beginning of the first track, making the ending a prelude to the first track of the album, thus making the whole album a circle of sorts, similar to J Dilla's Donuts. The lyrics have tons of calls for black superiority and digs against the alt-right, with lyrics like "Yo red pill is a lie/ constructed by the Zion's eye/ Yo idol slayed the innocent jews/ so true manipulators could rule them sacred views/ now you too fall prey to their sinister lies/ ay, I say hi to yall inner demise". The cover has Kendrick, naked and covered in tatoos and looking like a tribal shaman similar to the black guy in The Prodigy video for "Breathe", standing in front of a concrete wall with graffiti saying "DIVINE AUTHORITY".

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