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/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General

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Why is this allowed? edition

>How do I start learning guitar/bass?
>Guitar chords and inversions
>String tension calculator (D'Addario):
>Music theory:
>Guitar Maintenance and other information:
>Why is my guitar buzzing?
>Large repository of tabs, books and other resources related to playing and theory:

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Discogs collection tthread

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Post what's in your Discogs collection.

If you have a discogs account, please feel free to copy the link to your collection and post it here for others to enjoy and critique on.

I'll start: https://www.discogs.com/user/dynamicdog03/collection

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What does /mu/ think of Chvrches and Lauren Mayberry?

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>one copy of Loveless on vinyl please
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Have you guys heard this? It's bretty gud
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his beard is weird
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Wake ‘N Bake
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