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Two-Headed Boy Pt.1 and 2

Communist Daughter

Holland 1945

Title Track
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Recommend me good shitcore, /mu/
I'm talking about the nofi stuff, not the nu metal/metalcore thing

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Niche instruments thread?

Post some cool instruments you don't see everyday, or have some unique sounds.

Bumping with one of my favorites. Does anyone know what the high pitched wind instrument is used in Neutral Milk Hotel's "Naomi"?

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The Demon Days of the 2010s.
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Chart thread, you know the drill
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grimes is the queen of 4chan. just admit it already. you can't escape her mesmerising body and eyes
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This is a leaked NIN recording, may or may not be from new material in the works.

I'm absolutely not supposed to have this, so of course I'm going to share it with everyone.
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