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what is the music equivalent of a fart?
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albums that get old fast

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Looking for an album...

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That is mostly gregorian chanting. I could be wrong in terms of specifics. It might not be gregorian..

I found it in a share thread a year or two ago. It has a really good version of "Agnus Dei" on it. To describe, a single, deep voice, saying the title and then other monks, presumably, coming in afterwards in refrain.

I think the album cover is of a painting? I could be wrong though. I remember either it being predominately black or there being a black shape on it. I don't know.

I need help. Please help me locate it!

Gorillaz thread

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What's your opinion on their new album, Humanz /mu/?
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Dishonest Music making

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ITT: post examples of dishonesty in the music industry

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What are the best REM songs?
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what's some music