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What is your favourite Weezer album?

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hello /mu/
whats your Favourite Weezer Album
mine would be pinkerton

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>that kid at school who thought he could go super saiyan
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Is there a more consistent band? 30+years releasing great albums,
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kylie minogue impossible princess

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what's the general consensus of this record?
imo its on another level compared to the other "experiemental" commercial pop of the time (madonna's ray of light / bjork's homogenic)

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I figured out why rap is the worst music genre
It is the culture.
Poverty creates degeneracy, that is why these low income underresourced poor black neighbourhood areas are killing each other all the time. It's not that these people are exceptionally dumb, not necessarily, it is just the lifestyle created trough extreme poverty. And those are the circumstances where they devellop in and that is the culture where from Rap stems

.. it is litterally the essential representatation and musical equivalent of the degenerate culture that almost out of despair tries to escape their lowlife lifestyle.
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>"I'm young and in love"
>Age: 32
How is this allowed?
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What is the best Placebo album, if there is one? I listened to Without You, I'm Nothing yesterday and I was disappointed, I love some of their tracks so I hope there's a good album or two.
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Even tho I dont always agree him, hearing his input
and opinion is great. Dissagreed with the Artic
Monkeys review tho
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What kind of music does the world's most important public academic listen to?
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ITT: Music for sycophants

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