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*Deletes When I'm Sixty-Four*

*Replaces it with Strawberry Fields Forever*

Now its perfect
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Give me one (1) reason why Black Metal tourists have not completely obsfucated the scene and rendered it into just another cliche pseudo-anti-establishment form of music.


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Gabriel era or Phil era?

I personally think Trick of the Tail was the best album they ever made, but after that it went downhill. But then I hear musical box or suppers ready and I get troubled. It doesnt sound as good, but the chord progressions are just gorgeous.
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Fuck you guys, this is actually good. 7.5/10

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I just realised I am missing several essential Dad rock albums, like this one (1), on my phone. So hit me up w those
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>song degenerates into the singer faking an orgasm to make up for lack of musical content
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>worst album is released after best album
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ITT: Post an album and others name the best track.

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Thoughts on Joji's New Song 'Will He' / Joji As a whole

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reminder to fit an hour of exercise into your day boyos
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