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You wake up in the studio. Dre and Jay is both sitting next to you and they say "aye lemme get a verse nigga"

What you spit?
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I'm scared to listen to it a second time

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What are your thoughts on this sperg?
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post the last 3 shows you went to.
>Pains of Being Pure At Heart
>Senses Fail
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Alessia Cara Thread

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How do I start living like this?
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/jazz/ general

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Time for another thread.
What have you been listening to recently?
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>ft. Lil. Yachty
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How much more will the gap between popular and art music continue to increase? Popular music first overtook art music around mid 20th century when art music was also affected by the innovation hockey stick of the 20th century with things so avant garde that not just the masses but even an entry level music fan wouldn't be able to pick up on. Now that's on a whole new level these days with the likes of Brian Ferneyhough's new complexity stuff and whatever it is Henry Threadgill's doing with jazz where all this stuff is near impenetrable without a lot of listening plus a long time taken to digest. Is this a good thing for music when even most people who call themselves music fans wouldn't be able to digest such work?
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David Bowie

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>(Song Title) Pt.2
>there's no part 1
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