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AOTY 2017
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RIP Sweet Angel

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Been a while since I posted anything here, been trying hard to improve between bouts of not wanting to do anything at all

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>This date is going great. So what music do you like anyway Anon?
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hold me lads

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What are some essentials I need to upgrade from listening music on shitty laptop speakers and shitty headphones, /mu/? looking for shit like record players, actual speakers etc etc.
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Did I just not get this album or something? Is it worth a re listen I thought it is was a 3/10.
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hey /mu/
>broke my foot two days ago
>cant walk on it or do pretty much anything for 6 weeks
>lost my job as a waitor

Give me music for this feel
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Emo tunes

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I just joined an emo band, yet i dont even listen to emo. What bands and albums should i listen to to get the basic gist of emo?
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You wake up in the studio. Dre and Jay is both sitting next to you and they say "aye lemme get a verse nigga"

What you spit?
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