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This is such a fantastic album, I need more like it. Anyone got any recommendations?
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why does the popularity/mainstream appeal of an album make it worse? why is being "normie" a bad thing?
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>im a musciian but i dond noe how to reed sheete music
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>your favorite band
>your favorite band when /mu/ asks
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was it autism ?
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what the fuck no one told me the beach boys were this good
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>Grill I shagged and fell for hard tells me how we need to get to know each other better and hang more one week, ignores my existence the next
>Been over a month since we've seen each other. She bails on me everytime I try and set something up
>can't stop sending her a snap or something every few days
>mood goes from content to suicidal every couple hours

Music for this psychotic feeling
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>every track title on saturation I has 4 letters except for the final track, which has 5
>every track title on saturation II has 5 letters except for the final track, which has 6
>every track title on saturation III has 6 letters except for the final track, which has 4

what did they mean by this?

Narcissism in hiphop today

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kinda a turnoff to me, my ears tune out all that especially when they can't back it up with skill