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Album suggestions for travelling

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I'm having a long ass trip soon.

What are some good albums to listen to while travelling?

pic unrelated
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/nostalgia/ - Nostalgia General

Favorite songs from when you were a kid.
What is it /mu/?

>top song from May 1997

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I have been trying to find music like this

I tried on, RateYourMusic... and all I find is, mostly, kind-of generic indie and post-rock bands.
Perhaps I am too much of a Matt Elliot 'fanboy', and my taste is too biased, idk...
But I really would like to discover similar things.

Albums where the worst track is so obvious you don't even have to say it

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I've got Planetarium. Some things:

>This album is going to be incredibly polarizing and it definitely isn't what you expect it to be. I've been listening to the bootleg for half a decade and I didn't expect it to sound this way
>Pretty experimental for Sufjan. Songs have strange structures made stranger by the choices of instrumentation and vocal effects (which there are a lot of)
>There are no new "songs." All of the new material is ambient, even "Black Energy"
>"The Sun" isnt on here. The song is just relaxed by an ambient interlude.

Feel free to discuss or ask questions. I'm not going to share it because it's very obviously watermarked but i'm interested in discussing it.
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what did he mean by this
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Remember when I created the worst pop album of the 2010's in a pathetic failed attempt at selling out?

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Rap is not bad.

Just 90% of those are made by repetitive fucks lazy enough to fill their lyrics with "ehhh" and "Pandaa"

Get it straight guys.

By the way I really dont like Future. How can anyone like him?
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