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Hip Hop Dog
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We metal now

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haha hows it hanging my dudes and fellow chillsters
mac demarco here to remind you my radical and trendy new album is coming out very soon!!!!
so sit back RELAX! grab a viceroy(thats my shit) and buy my new album okay
its going to be full of your FAV tracks repeated over and over.
make sure to pick up some overalls from the thrift so "normies" can think you're weird just like me and so fucking UNIQUE
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musical fetishes

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Noise Folk/Country/Americana

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What's some good music that incorporates folk sounds and noise? Henry Flynt has some stuff that might qualify.

Here are some examples:
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/jazz/ general

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jtg on the front page of RYM edition
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This is so fucking good, why isn't it being talked about more?
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