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Doom Thread

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Can we get a mf MF DOOM thread going? I'll start.

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>last song on an album calls back to the first song
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>browsing 4chan music board
>being always redirected to reddit instead
Do any of you know why this happens? How do i access the actual /mu/ page?

Is he the greatest guitarist of all time?

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/mu/ makes an album

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it's that day of the week

dubs=track name
42=album name
69=album cover
trips or higher=artist

track list is 7+last digit of the OP

songs of any genre and quality will be accepted
you can make more than one track, but don't spam the same shit over and over

additional rules are here

album will be available at once finished
alternatively if you hate all the track names on this album, you can submit something to the SoS album
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I feel like they like a running joke- wit with you being left off Bad and Boujee
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chart thread

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There's no chart thread up at this hour of the night, and that is just unacceptable. You know the drill anons.

>post chart
>rate/rec/guess personalities
>no "tryhard faggot" etc.


Hope all of you are having a good night so far.
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I'm looking for some safe, normalfag, yet decent music to put on when lazing around with my boring friends. I think /mu/ are experts on normalfag and pussycore music, so please recommend me some.
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