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What does /mu/ think of Led Zeppelin?

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Neofolk thread

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:All pigs must die; This ain't August 69:

If you're new to this type of music, download the introductory 3-disc compilation I made for my father's birthday here:!K8AgGAYQ!drHWbi646tZ3t0DRQZleKbcMBzEeQClX1NzOMzAuETs

Disc 1 contains rock/industrial oriented neofolk that would be accessible to an afficionado of modern "pop" (in the loosest sense of the word) music and is most prominent in the British scene.
Disc 2 delves into more traditionally and acoustically oriented neofolk, a style that is most widespread in the German scene.
Disc 3 gives the initiate a chronological overview of Death In June's discography ranging from their earliest recorded concerts to Douglas' most recent solo output.

(((other Anons are invited to make and share their own introductory compilations, charts, memes and OC)))

>Is Death In Juni really a fascist band?
Draw your own conclusions + learn to think for yourself!
Google Scholar and are your friends:
Start with "Death In June and the Apoliteic spectre of Neofolk in Germany" and work your way from there.
>Can I have a link to the Death In June porno?
Huh? What Death In June porno? No, you can't have it.
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Rank plz
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>a loaded gun wont set you free, so you say
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We post our songs, made using this:

Yeah, yeah
Ayo, my niggas, it's time.
It's time, my niggas (aight, my niggas, begin).
Straight out the nigga like dungeons of rap.

The fox drops deep as does my fox.
I never nigga creep, 'cause to nigga creep is the nigga of box.
Beyond the walls of niggas, life is defined.
I think of niggas when I'm in a niggaville state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The nigga smellin fox?
You complain about niggaz.
I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the box.

I'm rappin' to the fish,
And I'm gonna move your wish.

Nigga tastin, nigga lovin, nigga fuckin, like a fox
Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a box.

I can't take the niggaz, can't take the snake.
I woulda tried to nigga walk I guess I got no lake.

I'm rappin' to the wish,
And I'm gonna move your fish.

Yea, yaz, in a niggaville state of mind.

A nigga bluntin goat is quite the moat.

Thinking of niggas. Yaz, thinking of niggas (niggas).


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rec best songs/albums

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post itt if u h8 rock
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What you listening too right this second?
>Artist and song name
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what does /mu/ think about nickelback? have you even listened to it? or do you blindly agree that their music is bad.