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Name a better rapper/producer. Just try. Anyone you can think of is either a worse rapper (Kanye) or a worse producer (DOOM). There's one person who might be better at both but he's young.
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Official /mu/core 2018

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criminally underrated DM edition

old: >>76852720
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PSA: Nujabes was added to Spotify today

You're welcome

Do people actually hate this band

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Or is it just a meme to pretend to dislike them?
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Bands where the lead singer is the best member

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How do we stop /mu/ from talking about the same fucking 10 albums everyday and make them finally branch out. That would improve this place 100%
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Eminem - Revival

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Discussion for Eminem's new album revival, last thread hit bump limit.

The only good part of album is Alicia Keys chorus on Like Home.
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