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>Marika Hackman
>Marissa Nadler

What's some """good""" Nazi music?

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soundcloud thread

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we dem producerz
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ITT: post your foobar layout and rate others
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It's impossible to define rock music.
Prove me wrong.
You can't.
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who are these guys?

are they serious about all this? keep getting their stans to mention a Viper verse and the fact that Kevin Abstract was talking about them.
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is this man the future of hip hop? i think yes
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Who's a Susumu Hirasawa fan here?

Does anyone else wish his solo work got as much love as his soundtracks? I know they're quite popular but whenever I see him mentioned all anyone mentions are the soundtracks. His albums are all incredible and quite a few songs on his soundtracks are repurposed solo tracks anyway.

I don't know how he does it every time, and his voice at 63 hasn't really changed since the 80s, it's only got better if anything


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april thread
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ITT: Vaguely describe a band... BUT you can only use one song from each album.

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>more drugs
>rich neighborhood
>hey did you know about these other genres
>long-ass title, but the song still blows
>terrible single
>italian desserts and possible sexism
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