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black metal edition
old >>80277203
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Did.. Did he just memed his career up?

After what happened not even the liberal anti trump media is siding with Kendrick in this one


And it is kinda weird seing conservatives and liberals agreeing on something when it comes to this kind of topics


Do you think this shit is gonna seriously affect on his credibility?
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The last two artists you listened to make a collab album together. How good (or bad) is it?
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What's the musical equivalent of this shirt
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how would the internet react if it came out mac demarco was abusing his gf and fucking underage girls on the side?
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/daily/ - The Thread

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The point of these threads is to encourage exploration, by listening to and discussing albums we've not heard before. Typically, this is done by making a chart of albums, then listening to and discussing one album from the chart each day. Expand your horizons! Explore outside your comfort zone! Listen to music!

>make charts

>listen to tunes

>listenalong schedules, OP pics, etc.

Previously, on /daily/: >>80263776
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soundcloud thread

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post a release's RYM genres, other people guess what thing they're from
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i dont have an issue with sampling but bound 2 and the end of new slaves was just lazy
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