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Where can I find STEMS of music? I was able to dig up the Rock Band STEM archive google drive at one point as I remember reading that's how Neil C got the stems for what he used but that's been taken down.

Soundcloud Midnight

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she mooOOOooves with a puuurpose
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femanon here

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first imperssion of this board: yikes.
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What music does he listen to?
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I cringe whenever I see you post a generic EDM here
I've had enough of Aphex Twin, BoC, Tim Hecker, Jamie XX, Arca, SOPHIE, deathsdynamicshroud.wmv, Autechre, Lone, Burial, Moodymann, Luomo, Deepchord, Monolake, Underworld, Against All Logic, Nicolas Jaar, Jon Hopkins, Flying Lotus, Andy Stott, Iglooghost, Four Tet,
The Field, Skee Mask,
Kiasmos, John Talabot, Machine Girl, Sewerslvt, DJ Seinfeld, 1000 Gecs, James Blake, Machinedrum, Kelly Lee Owens, SHXCXCHCXSH,
Lone, DJ Koze, Shlohmo, Shinichiro Yokota,
Rival Consoles, Oneohtrix Point Never, Leonvyne Hall

How about you simple fucks start exploring the genre instead of pretending to know shit by barelyt touching the surface?

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Lurker here, was MSI based or not? I listened to them on and off when I was younger. Stupid MF and Clarissa were great.
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Fucking hopped up like Dennis Hopper on speed
I'm gonna smoke your ass like Cheech and Chong smokes weed
My cum's so chunky it's like an Oreo McFlurry
I'm gonna fuck your face 'til your eyes get blurry
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*fires a bandmate because of differences in political views*
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