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Hey lets get a Vocaloid album thread since i dont know what else to listen to besides this.

Supercell – Supercell

>Jpop, Pop Rock, Vocaloid, Entry-level

Sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLzOrik5YJ8

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Has anyone else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?
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Death Grips

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Death Grips was sub par, the original Whelans' gig was better, absinthe made it better desu fæm, shout out to weebteam

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What's the worst classic you've listened to?

this just bored me tbf
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ITT: Talentless hacks
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New Kanye album

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is SWISH dropping tonight?
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Strong 8 confirmed

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Hey /mu/, I'd appreciate any criticism and feedback on a song I am doing. Thanks.

in b4 tits and the kitchen.

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Requesting pics of Anthony Fantano's strong seven.

Come on /mu/ don't let me down.
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