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>why yes I can tell the difference between the original pressing and the remaster
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6ix9ine fires entire team and cancels US tour

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>keep seeing this shilled on /mu/
>listen to it
>sounds like a corny fucking anime soundtrack

can you faggots please go back to your /r/indieheads or fantano youtube comment section homeland

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Yesterday we started work on a collaborative album under the loose guide of "folk-punk". Here it is, in all its glory. Thanks to the contributors!


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>Hardcore Rave (1992)
>Ambient Jungle (1994)
>Drum 'n' Bass (1995)
>Hardstep, Jump Up, Techstep (1996)
>Neurofunk Drum ‘n’ Bass (1997)
>Big Beat (1998)
>Speed Garage (1997)
>Two-Step Garage (1999)
>UKGarage (2002)
>Dubstep (2003)
>Grime (2004)

Why do dance genres have such a short span before progressing?
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>got 20% on computer science midterm because of lack of studying, adhd, depression, anxiety, etc.
>might have to drop the course
>cocktail of meds don't help the problem entirely
>parents think I'm making excuses

Music for this feel?
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why does shit like this exist??? https://whysthedogstill.bandcamp.com/track/nice-phase

no seriously, what the fuck is wrong with some of you people. Is this noise music?