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Japanese Indie Rock

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Sup /mu/ what are some similar bands to japanese indie rock bands like MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS and Kinoko Teikoku that you think people should listen to. Maybe some less known ones.

Furthermore, what are some English-language bands that have a similar raw feel?? I want to grow musically and not only have Japanese bands in my Spotify
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Owen Pallett - Island

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new Owen Pallett album dropped out of nowhere
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Has the Kanye hype died on /mu/?

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Are we finally saved from Reddit?
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Who is the most high quality reviewer on RYM?
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Why the fucking are synths so fucking expensive? I want this thing but it costs 1300€. Holy shit.
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>In engineering class
>See qt girl
>oh my god she's adorable
>overhear her conversation
>she's funny, good taste in music, fuckable
>Next day math class
>See her again
>She's wearing butts by Dre around her neck
>Instant boner-killer
>Never thought about her again

why are plebs so unattractive?
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Division Bell

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What's your take on Division Bell?
I finally gave it a first full listen after being so lazy and halfway through I couldn't stop cringring at its pretentiousness.
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Eddie Van SEETHlen

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Is there a bigger seething guitar player than Eddie?
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