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What are some good record players for beginners to vinyl? Not looking for shitty ones either

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1. ideal gf
2. Favorite album

Sigur Ros - Agætis byrjun
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Greg Universe

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Is he not the most based musician of all time?
>Made ten million dollars for fucking around in a van all his life
>got a huge titty diamond goddess for a gf
>music actually goes pretty hard
>amazing artist/drawer
>managed to do the impossible like fuse with a human because he jammed so hard
>Chad punk rocker as a teenager
>music made him fly, literally
>managed to charm ANOTHER diamond goddess into her thinking she was going to save him from impending doom
Reject modernity, when will YOU let him drive his van into your heart
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How do RYM patricians find the time to listen to so much music and watch so many films?
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I tried listening to Everywhere at the End of Time by The Caretaker, and it was too much. I got about 40 minutes in before I started having some really bad anxiety flare up. Has anyone else listened to it? What are your thoughts?

It's said the last thing people with Dementia remember is their favorite song.
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Hey /mu/, I'd appreciate any criticism and feedback on a song I am doing. Thanks.

in b4 tits and the kitchen.
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Is really gone forever? Where am I supposed to get music now? Post your favorites.
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350$ headphones arrived
dubs decide what i listen to first
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