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/gg/ - Guitar General and Bass

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Who will be the next musician to come out as trans?
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What does /mu/ have against them?
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/Feedback n Chill/

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Posting feedback for everything in this thread. Lemme know if you just want to shill.

Search for your feedback:


Post in this thread and there's a chance I'll write you a formal review:


You know the drill. Gonna need y'all to bump this overnight. I'll do my dump of feedback in the morning.

Last thread had some good shit. Check it out:


Why haven’t you joined the discord yet? Come shit-talk and network with your fellow muscians:

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Sigur Ros

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thoughts on Sigur Ros? Also, is this their 2nd best after Agaetis Byrjun?
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>Musician doesn't know music theory

Into the trash it goes.
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what are some music makes your face look like this?

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Are zoomer musicians like Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish better or worse than the millennial musicians like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber that came before them? I don't really see much of a difference, personally, but people act like they're super different or something.
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