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Ezra Miller confirms he's making SOLO music

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holy fucking based

Go to 6:39

How will this effect threads on /mu/?
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Is it actually good or are people just pretending?

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I’d really hoped /mu/ would’ve been something more

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I really did. I’ve never really been cool to other people, and while I’ve grown and learned to be content with myself and not to desire things I’ll never have, I’ve never stopped hoping that I’d find a community somewhere. When I heard about /mu/, I thought that there could’ve been a place where I could find like-minded people who had similar interests to me; even if I didn’t find find that, it could at least have been something I could learn to love. My favourite artists right now are The Beach Boys (in first by far), Mustard Service, Chet Baker, Herb Alpert, The Critters, The Mills Brothers, Carlos Santana, Shigeo Sekito, and Tally Hall (along with Joe Hawley’s solo work). There are lots more bands that I know of and appreciate, I’ve always been more of a song guy than a person who follows artists, but I only really say I like bands if I like at least a few albums from them. Now I’m not saying that there should be massive reform and this board should be fill of threads about that list, I’m really happy that you guys have a place to lurk and discuss your interests with people you share a kinship with. I just wished that I could have that, as well. Sorry for the retarded monologue, just been feeling down lately and wanted to see if anyone could relate or did like anything that I do here.


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do people still think this album is good??

Anyone sick of vinyl?

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I've been collecting vinyl for about 20 years and I'm just fucking done with it. They cost more than they ever have and there are so many shitty collector's editions. It's cheaper to buy a CD and you can still get your physical item fetish dopamine kick.
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ITT albums women would never understand

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