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Why my mind converts the music i've heard to a higher pitch? For example If the song is in D my mind interpret it as E.
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who was the GOAT?

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Lil Peep, the most sincere white artist of our generation
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do you use the weiner hole when you pee with boxer briefs on?
also what is some music

Government Propaganda Music

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ITT: we post songs created by governments or their proxies/subsidiary organizations for propaganda purposes
>Australia's Northern Territory government sings about how abbos shouldn't huff gasoline
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>100 gecs
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Where should one draw the line between sampling and stealing?

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>In 2009, he appeared on Time's list of "The 10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players".[1] He ranked No. 8 on Spin's 2012 list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time"[2] and No. 28 on Rolling Stone's similarly-titled 2015 list
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worst vocals in metal edition
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