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ITT: Albums with creepy/unsettling album covers

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You have been hit by my Hella Gay Laser. Everyone in this board is now hella gay.

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So do you guys accually like this thing or is just a meme?
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Black Metal thread

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I want some newer good BM. None of the classics I know all that shit. I want newer bands from the last few years. Lyrical subjects doesn't matter to me. Can be pro christian, satanic, about fucking hobbits and orcs or just about nature.

Batushka is my recommendation. Sick as fuck.

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how's his live show?
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Hey /mu/! Your favorite album is The Mollusk. What's yours?
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ITT: /mu/ in 1989
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Lads, The Hard Times went in.

>Sources report that Drake also advised Brown to sow seeds of an emotional connection years before the other person is of legal age, if at all possible, before telling her that he “missed her.”

>“It is strange when you think about it, and definitely creepy,” said music historian Erin Frantis, although it was unclear at the time if that was in reference to Drake being a neglectful parent, dating an 18-year-old he met when she was only 16, or texting a 14-year-old.

>At press time, a recent post on Drake’s Instagram page made reference to him stopping between tour dates to visit “the child that’s turned [his] whole world upside down.” Twitter users speculated that this was a reference to his young son Adonis, but sources later confirmed it was a reference to his girlfriend Bella Harris.
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steve roach - structures from silence

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picked this off of someone's chart and really enjoyed it, anything else like it?
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