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rip anon
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unappreciated artists

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You know the feeling when you're listening to a lesser known album and all of a sudden you recognize a track from a DJ mix or something you'd heard years earlier? I unexpectedly already knew "Nasırlı Eller," it's a great tune but honestly everything here is pretty fantastic.


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Slowcore Edition
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Why do you love Ween? Why do you hate them? Ive been listening to Ween since 1996 and still havent gotten tired of the music they made.
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What are some good new school hip-hop mixtapes/albums?
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>The Velvet Underground invent dozens of genres in less than a decade
>”ThE bEaTlEs ArE tHe MoSt ImPoRtAnT bAnD
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>losing to a dead dude

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson hit a life-changing fork in the road last month when Mac Miller died -- and his death was the tipping point that led to their split ... TMZ has learned.
Sources close to AG and PD tell us ... Ariana was in an incredibly dark place following her ex-boyfriend's apparent fatal overdose. She didn't blame herself -- she feels she did everything she could to get him sober -- but it left her an emotional wreck.

In the aftermath of Mac's death, our sources say Ariana realized a couple of things -- she couldn't be fully invested in her relationship with Pete, and she had rushed into a looming marriage way too fast by getting engaged.
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Bands that suck, but you still like a lot

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>pic related
It's a 90s german ebm/darkwave project which turned into a forgettable industrial rock band. Pretty mediocre, but they are kind of bizarre and had some interesting ideas in their early days.