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ICP; The Most Underrated Duo In Hip-Hop

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When discussing the Greatest or Most Influential Rap Duo's, the same names always are called: OutKast, Mobb Deep, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, however, one name goes unsung...
Insane Clown Posse.
Arguably one of the most controversial figures in music during their prime, the pair singlehandedly ran an entire subgenre with the audience eating out of their hand. Their music fun, dark, and outright weird, it's no wonder why they were a hit, but why are they never discussed anymore? Have they truly run their course? Or is it simply a fad that burnt out? Have the Juggalos finally dropped the ball?


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/gg/ Guitar and Bass General

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>Even Pewdiepie felt for the Trannycore meme
Zoomers are doomed
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FBG Duck shot dead in Chicago

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>Kanye drops a song out of nowhere, it does 400k in the first 5 hours
>6ix9ine drops a song out of nowhere, it does 5 million views in 5 hours (and the comments are filled with spam)

Are we really supposed to believe that 6ix9ine is bigger than Kanye?
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Wanna crash tha mall?
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chris barnes edition
old: >>97188393
faq: https://pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt
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/gg/ guitar and bass general

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Guitar and bass general: telecaster edition. Tele tuesday! Fgn need not apply

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How did they even get the green light for the album and get the label to fund it ? And to even let it be a double album, knowing how much of a pisstake it is and all the weird elements in it ? The fact that this ended up getting a legitimate release is even more impressive than tvu's deal.
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