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can we have a /mu/mor thread
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Post a band and their top 10 songs
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okay, this is epic
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/mu/ makes an album

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It's Saturday night. You have nothing better to do. Let's make an album.

DUBS picks artist name, and after the artist name is chosen, song titles.
69 picks album name
18 or TRIPS picks album cover.

Let's share our talents with the world
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>opens with the best track
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1. Your city.
2. How's your local punk scene?
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what is your opinion on xxxtentacion?
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Jesus Christ This is Shit

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>yeah let me write a half chord progression/riff and make an entire song out of it
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Joe Satriani

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>Woah I'm so talented
>I can play the muddiest scale you've ever heard
>The only reason I'm famous is because I can improvise and act well enough to make people think I'm a guitar god
>Doesn't matter if I play shit that's so dissonant it hurts
>If I play a wrong note I'll just move up higher on the fret board and pretend like I'm doin sum fancy shit and people will fucking love it
>If it wasn't for the backing band this would absolutely abhorrent
>I basically get paid to jerk off on stage

I mean fuck me, I'm a drummer and I can see through this guy.
Do guitarist actually like him or are his fans just that musically clueless?
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