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guess the character
keep it /mu/ related
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thoughts on aurora?


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Brutal Death Edition

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FAQ: pastebin.com/vHeAR1Bt
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Rejection Edition
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Brian Eno

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Let's talk about Brian Eno. I love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe. What are your favorite albums from him? Personally my favorite work from him is his ambient work with Cluster and Harold Budd, but my favorite album from him is probably Here Come The Warm Jets.


This track is fantastic to me. The ambient piano in the background, the processing on the guitar, the effects on the drums. Very influential track right here. In my opinion, Brian Eno is comparable to Faust, and Can, not in aesthetic, but quality of music.
So what are your favorite albums/tracks from Eno, /mu/?

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What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
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Post albums without posting albums

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Don't let Iggy Azalea get a #1 album

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Hear me out lads. Peppa Pig (the children's show character) just released her debut album today. Iggy Azalea is also releasing an album this week. Iggy's last record went #3 on the U.S. charts and #5 in the U.K., which means she's likely primed for a 1# record next week. Iggy's already scared of losing the #1 to a children's show character, so much so that she mentioned it on Twitter and threatened queen Peppa while she was at it (https://twitter.com/IGGYAZALEA/status/1151211544195158016). This grown woman is scared that a children's show character is going to outsell her.

In short, lads, we need to stream Peppa's new album (My First Album) until we get it to #1. Watch it on YouTube. Make a free Spotify account and put the album on shuffle. Do whatever you have to do. We can't let Iggy and her label-pushed hot garbage get a 1# album. Peppa Pig is gonna make history, but only if you do your part.
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/gg/ Guitar General

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Sara Underwear-- I mean, Underwood Edition

How do I start learning guitar?
Guitar chords and inversions
String tension calculator (D'Addario-based):
Music theory:
Guitar Maintenance and other information:
Why is my guitar buzzing?
Large repository of tabs, books and other resources related to playing and theory:

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I'm out of loop for 10-15 years.

Please recommend essential albums.
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