/mu/ makes an album RIP suicide edition

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minte tracks b/c i liked it when he did those.

10 + the last 2 digits of this post

dubs are tracks
69, 13, 42 and trips get album cover, and name.

band is going to be called "RIP Suicide" because fuck you that's why.
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It's out ya'll!

Let's chat about it. I'm pretty shocked right now. Is it Machine Girl doing all the screams? After I saw the album art I was wondering what it would sound like... and this is awfully fitting!
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Ween General

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Le's get a Ween thread going.

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Do you believe that any of your favorite albums are PERFECT albums /mu/? I was doing some thinking last night, and came to the conclusion that even some of my favorite albums are not, in my eyes, perfect. Some songs stretch on for a bit too long (PIC RELATED), some songs are unnecessary or don't fit the overal aesthetic, sometimes the overall aesthetic or tone isn't clearly defined enough... I still love those albums, they're my all-time favorites, but none strike me as so perfect that I wouldn't change a single thing about it.

Do you have a "perfect" album?


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my wife's sacred son edition

OLD >>75290255
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Best Anime OST

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Favourite Album Covers Thread

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we post an album cover and 1 piece of trivia about that album.

pic related - Sakamoto spent over 500 years working on it.

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Is there a cringier genre than Emo?
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