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I love Dua Lipa!
She's so fucking cute bros
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/gg/ - guitar general

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Guitar Cat Edition

Note: Most links below were dead, but are rumored to now work

Beginner information and FAQ: [Open]

Learn full stack development to afford non-shit gear: [Open]

Build a guitar:

Beginner guitar tutorials:

Guitar chords and inversions

String tension calculator (D'Addario-based):

Music theory:

>Steve "The Italian Stallion" Vai's Ten Hour Workout
>Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar 1 & 2
>Advancing Guitarist - Mick Goodrick
>Chord Chemistry - Ted Greene
>Mickey Baker's Jazz Guitar
>Modern Chord Progressions: Jazz and Classical Voicings for Guitar - Ted Greene
>Jazz Guitar: Single Note Soloing Vol. 1 & 2- Ted Greene
>The mega!KIoilagC!3KtnUYdTW53VsQu9QrJS_g
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It clicked


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Can we have a SKRAMZ thread? I'm absolutely loving pic related. Any good recs?
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wpop 2 edition
ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alcoholism, flops, leaks, hitting the wall, buttchugging, meme fetishes, ERP, legwear, general waifu and stan faggotry

>Official thread theme:

-its raining
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New Johnny Rotten Interview

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We guess genres for the images posted


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Black metal is inherently self-harming edition
OLD >>99163157
Stop crying DSBM/NSBM-dorks sub-edition
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