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The downside of free meals in the office

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If the office is not large enough(lets say <1000 ppl), it could be difficult for introverts. Because everyone knows each other, and you need to eat lunch and social with other ppl every single day. No place to hide, and no excuse(like buying lunch/eating outside) to avoid other ppl, without giving out an unapproachable impression.

It’s not like a lunch break. Rather like a team lunch/company networking event EVERYDAY.

I know I should social with my colleagues. And they are super friendly and nice. And I do sit with them everyday during lunch looking super friendly and enjoyable too. I sincerely care about them to the appropriate extent and would like to know more about them(again, to the appropriate extent). I also understand the mere social gesture and frequent meeting and greeting, although its content may be meaningless, will facilitate positive connections among ppl.

It’s just there is no “me” time all day, drains my energy out. I guess an office really needs to be large enough for introvert to breath.