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Mozilla, Yahoo Sue Each Other Over Firefox's Default Search

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Who is in the wrong here?

> Mozilla dropped Yahoo as Firefox's default search provider last month, setting off a legal battle between the two firms.

>The two companies are now suing each other over a 2014 deal that made Yahoo Firefox's default search provider. That deal was reportedly quite favorable to Mozilla; it allowed the company to back out of the deal—and receive an annual payment of $375 million through 2019—if another company acquired Yahoo and Mozilla found the new partner to be unsuitable.

>Last month, Mozilla decided to trigger the company's contractual rights and terminated the deal, following Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo. This came as Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum, a major update to the browser that has been earning rave reviews.

>In response, Yahoo filed a legal complaint against Mozilla in a California court, claiming breach of contract.

>"Yahoo has suffered and will continue to suffer competitive injury to its business and reputation, among other harm," the complaint says. The lawsuit is demanding that Mozilla pay damages.

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