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4chan Space Program

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We don't need anything fancy. We don't need awesome sensors and crazy measurement devices.
All we really need Is a modded cellphone with a decent battery life and a means of sending data back. Although a simple balancing mechanism, would make for a better video.

Our goal is simply:
To see if we can
To see if we can get away with it.
Cause as much havoc in the process.

We have many resources on 4chan that we can pool from.
Like-minded people who can help us do the impossible. We have the numbers, we have the intelligence, we have the combined knowledge to make this happen. We will obtain the impossible or send the media into a panic trying!

Why the fuck not? There is a good chance they will shut down the threads before we even get to fire the rocket. But by that time we'll have already caused enough havoc to laugh at the headlines.
But who knows, what if we do get away with it?
Why the fuck shouldn't we attempt this clearly insane idea?

Share any thoughts or ideas.
Yes, I am aware this insane lul. However, it is not so insane to say we can't do it.