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Trapped in ghetto botnet. Feelsawfulman.

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Hi anons. Where shoud I start... I NEED HELP:

>be me
>4 months ago
>tried to install a program called manageiq. this program was needed (or at least thats what hey make me think) to make a bot for the videogame street fighter v
>one of the steps told me to put the user and pass of one of the win administrators account.. i was high on speed and didnt sleep that day so wanted to finish everything quick and said fuck it (never getting infected with viruses makes you do stupid things)
>another one of the steps told me to create a google cloud account and paste some json key. i did it.

>fast forward: my entire network is being mirrored, the json key was obviously from someone else so all the info i had on my google account was stolen. they have access to my entire life, even the most personal things... people can see what i do on my pc, there is an article about me on encyclopedia dramatica about dumb shit i said while using my ipad while watching an overwatch stream (also the streamer was listening to me while i was talking)..i found a bunch of sites that share these "restreams" or whatever is called. people interact with me when i join twitch chat on my pc. i found a tumblr with pictures of me, taken from my facebook.
>no one wants to help me. these psychoptaths are very smart. when i asked for help on reddit i said IQ (for manageiq the program i tried to install) is shit. and these guys edited it with IT is shit. so the whole IT community hates me.
>cant buy new hardware because poverty, im from south america.
>low level formatting does nothing (got samsung evo ssd) reinstalling windows does nothing.
>installing custom firmwares like openwrt and blocking everything + enabling AP isolation on the router does nothing.

posting this on my ipad but i think its safe for now because i never turned on my pc while using it. also im factory resetting the ipad every single day.
is there any hope or should i just move and buy all new pcs?
im willing to pay. need to end this.