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Looking to update in general

Mainly looking to play games like Witcher III, GTA V (online), DOOM on 1080p with 60 fps

My MSI R9 390 can handle some games well but GTA V is on 720p, 50 fps feelsbadman.jpg

Any idea's /g/?
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What's the best laptop for $250 or less /g/?
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>use laptop running Manjaro for work
>half the company computers get hit by ransomware
>now everybody wants me to install Linux on company computers
>i work in fucking accounting

what the fuck do i do /g/?
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Tokenize Ring

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What does g think about this?
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So is this shit spyware or what, does it do anything weird?

It came out of nowhere and all these dumb kiddies are obsessed over it. The shit isn't open source and some random company no one has ever heard of has the resources to shill this to the mass?

Big brother data mining or something else?
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Who here /good processor but shitty graphics card/?

I am using a Ryzen 1600 but a GTX 1050 I got for 60$ because I refuse to be jewed by the jewcoiners.
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Is there a way to count all the words in a powerpoint document?

Google only points to the native """solution""" which doesn't actually count all the words.

Lenovo X230 1440p IPS mod + Mstata SSD

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So I came across a Lenovo Thinkpad X230 for $150 locally

8gb ram
128gb SSD

Well, I found out about a guy from China who has made a 2560 x 1440 IPS display modification and I was wondering if anyone had some information in English about the procedure to get it working

itll cost me $150 for laptop and $136 for the IPS Panel, and the modded video controller

Here is the link [spoiler:lit][/spoiler:lit]

If anyone has information, like, if any soldering needs to be done to the motherboard to the controller or anything of the sort.

I really want to go ahead and purchase it so I can get it done, but not 100% sure how I should go about doing it. If I should do it myself or get someone to install it for me.

Thanks /g/
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elementary OS

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is it legit?
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Find a flaw

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>protip, you can't
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