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>Company IT Director deploys mission critical webserver
>Windows Server 2008
>Some API in a box running on Apache passing through to IIS7 doing sql replication
>SSL v2 and v3 enabled
>Db passwords are stored in plain text and in some cases hard coded into web application
>Given strict instructions not to mess with the config
>"It just werks"
How bad is it going to hurt when we get raped?

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>the charging socket on my tablet finally died

Well fuck me I really liked this tablet. You can't get something like it for the same price anymore. It was my no1. shitposting machine with Clover installed

How's the chan browsing experience on a Windows tablet? An exercise in frustration?
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>paying for a man in the middle attack

/cyb/ + /sec/: Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General:

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/Cyb/er/sec/urity general is for the discussion of anything and everything related to cyberpunk and cybersecurity.

What is cyberpunk?

Nothing to hide? - The importance of a cyberpunk mindset applied to a cybersecurity skillset.

Cyberpunk directory:
Cyberpunk resources:
FAQ Version 5 preview 5 is here:

Cybersecurity essentials:
Cybersecurity resources:

Harden your OS, reroute your DNS and fire up the VPN!
Shit just got real: - Looking for more resources, help is welcomed.

The Old Skool: - Looking for more resources, help is welcomed.
>0ld 5k00l h4ck3rz:

Join: irc://
>#/g/punk - Requires SSL
>#/g/sec - Requires SSL
IRC guide:

Thread archive:

Thread backup:

Previous thread:

Suggestions for new resources are welcome.
The Gentoomen /sec/ community is looking for CTF team members, contact them at the IRC channel.
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>using firefox on linux
>want to watch netflix
>can't install widevine+chromium because portage is being a cunt
>google "how to watch netflix without chrome on linux"
>google "widevine on firefox"
>realize Firefox 49 supports Widevine
>go on Netflix
>click on random movie
>it plays
one of the greatest surprises I will receive in my lifetime.
god bless you EME API
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Locked drive after using Parted Magic on a completely different drive.

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Well so I turned on my PC and now its asking me for a DriveLock I've never in my life set up.
Apparently this has happened to other people who used PartedMagic in the past.

I just used parted magic to secure erase an SSD yseterday, I didnt even touch this hard drive (a western digital 160gb NO SSD) and still this piece of shit locked my HDD. Already tried pretty much everything. What can I do?
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>You can buy raspberry pi 0 for the price of two fidget spinners.
>People buy spinners en masse instead of fucking full fledged computers.

What went wrong?
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Is there something that can be done about this fucking cancer?
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/nrg/ - Nyaa Replacement General

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This thread is for the discussion of NyaaPantsu (, a free (FOSS) torrent indexer, and other nyaa alternatives.
The aim of this project is to write a fully featured replacement in golang that anyone will be able to deploy locally or remotely.



>Why is Pantsu down/error 502?
Most likely because the team is deploying changes. Wait for a bit and refresh the page. It should be mostly stable now.

Latest news
>Stat scraper is probably up again
>PantsuDev is back from vacation
>Kilo is still a fag

General updates on the site
>Torznab api
>RSS feeds fixed
>Performance issues fixed
>Python uploading script
>Torrent file generation
>More frontend fixes
>Editing and deleting torrents
>Public mod log
>Filesize searching
>Audio captcha
>Language flags like anidex
>Mobile app
>Customizable mascots by URL
>DB clean up
>Text board
>Refactor done

As for the coming weeks
>Improve scrapers to scrape more sites
>Move db dumps to just nginx to prevent any issues/corruption
>Anidb integration
>Add in the and anidex scrapers into the main program

Dev live server:

Database dumps:

Local Client:
>An anon made a local client in case the online sources are down: instructions and download at
qBittorrent plugin for Pantsu.

Development roadmap:

NyaaPantsu Status:
>Copyrighters wall of shame

Development and discussion channel:
>#nyaapantsu / #nyaapantsu-dev on Rizon
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Anyone can't see new mails with My old mails seem erased and new ones don't show just say is empty.