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Is E-ink and ereaders obsolote with the rise of big screen amoled phones? For example, manga and novels
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>*gets your job*
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Thoughts on those new mini notebooks?
>Intel Core m3-7Y30
>8 GB DDR3
>256 GB SSD
>7-8" 1080p IPS Display
>Proper stylus
>6000+ mAH battery

Pretty epic if you ask me.
Just hook it up to a big screen and proper peripherals for serious work or even light gaming.

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Do coders really listen to this kind of music when developing hacks?

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The downside of free meals in the office

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If the office is not large enough(lets say <1000 ppl), it could be difficult for introverts. Because everyone knows each other, and you need to eat lunch and social with other ppl every single day. No place to hide, and no excuse(like buying lunch/eating outside) to avoid other ppl, without giving out an unapproachable impression.

It’s not like a lunch break. Rather like a team lunch/company networking event EVERYDAY.

I know I should social with my colleagues. And they are super friendly and nice. And I do sit with them everyday during lunch looking super friendly and enjoyable too. I sincerely care about them to the appropriate extent and would like to know more about them(again, to the appropriate extent). I also understand the mere social gesture and frequent meeting and greeting, although its content may be meaningless, will facilitate positive connections among ppl.

It’s just there is no “me” time all day, drains my energy out. I guess an office really needs to be large enough for introvert to breath.
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How much longer before Adobe ports Photoshop to GNU/Linux?

This is hands down the main thing holding GNU/Linux back in the art productivity department. Gimp still can't even come close, and while Krita is pretty decent, it's still buggy and mainly for drawing.
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macOS Hackintosh Performance

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Using an Apple machine feels much smoother and lag-free than a comparable specced Windows machine, which will lag and stutter much more.
Is this entirely due to the software being optimized for the hardware, or is macOS just a better OS?

In other words, does macOS on Hackintosh machines perform just as well as it does on Apple hardware, or does it have a similar performance to Windows?
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cpp from beginning

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hi /g/
what are the best ways to learn cpp from the beginning? I'm on technology uni right now on 1st sem and basically our lecturer teaches us about things that nobody even uses anymore.
what sites do you recommend? any other tips for a newfag in this matter? what did you regret not doing or doing while being a noob in it which could hold you back in the future?
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>SJW bullshit in tech that ruins lives over making a joke on social media
>Google censoring information that is not aligned with their beliefs
>An entire career path and industry dedicated to spying on people
>Mass Internet surveillance (inb4 having something to hide makes me a pedophile)
>Nothing innovative in the last decade besides inventing new ways to spy on people

I fear for the future, /g/. Everyday we seem to get closer to a society depicted by Orwell. I wonder how bad things would get in another 10 years? Is there anyway to stop this?
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