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I know Java is objectively better for Android development, but for reasons I'd much prefer to use Ruby.

Is using Ruboto a stupid idea? I hear it's slow, but how slow are we talking?

I figure I can write/import Java libraries for the resource intensive parts.

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If python is so shit and slow then how come it is the principle language behind:

>Google (originally)

? Just because it is popular doesn't mean it is shit, you fucking retards
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Which window managers are your favorites?
Kwin (KDE), Xfwm4 (XFCE), QUARTZ (OSX), GNOME shell (Gnome), i3, awesome, explorer (Windows)?

My favorites are Kwin and i3.

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Since BlackPlayer is getting worse and worse, anyone wanna recommend me a better music app?
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What makes Linux Mint the most stable distro?
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/sffg/ - Small Form Factor PCs

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Who SFF here?

Post your setups /g/.

>GTX 1070
>AIO Water Cooling
>1TB M.2 SSD
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Which think pad model is the best bang for your buck? I'm eyeing a refurbished T420 atm. my sisters laptop just died and I'm trying to find a decent replacement without breaking the bank. Any advice anons?
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/LISP/ - Have you read your SICP today edition

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Hey /g/, how do I stop this new anti-adblock shit?

Using ublock with most of the filters enabled right now.
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