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Hey /g/.
Explain me how a Compiler works.
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>Oh just install windows 10 you dummy, you can disable all the telem-

How can windows shills ever recover?
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>dont play video games
>bought a 1080ti
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Andriod wiping

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that im going to sell, how do I make sure that all my photos videos and memos which contain CC numbers are fully erased and can not be recoverd? I used file shredder on the stuff I have now but I don't know about the ones before
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Give me 5 reasons not to buy a Surface product.
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Windows is in trouble.

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The only Microsoft product I use on my Windows machine is Visual Studio, and I'm not developing for Windows when I use it. I also use Microsoft Word sometimes, just because it has template documents, otherwise I stick to LibreOffice or Google Docs on Ubuntu.

Windows Mobile is dead as a doorknob. Windows server has no presence outside of enterprise. What reason do consumers have to use Windows?
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ITT: Must-Have Open-Source, Freeware (or Pirated) Windows Programs

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Post your Windows stack, /g/. As in, the programs you always end up re-installing with every wipe.

For cleaning shit up, from your harddrives to your registry.
The best and freest archive tool for Windows, fuck WinRAR.
>gVim (or Emacs)
Because Notepad isn't too easy on the eyes or fingers.
>Cygwin (or Ubuntu Linux Subsystem w/bash):
Miles ahead of PowerShell or Cmd as far as command shells go.
The best Python "distro" out there with all the most common/useful standard+common extra modules.
Use with macros for a panic button to scramble CP as the FBI closes in on your front door.
It plays everything. Forget about proprietary botnet players trying to sell you shit.
>MSI Afterburner:
For overclocking your GPU. Integrated poorfags need not apply.
For making games look pretty beyond the native graphics options.
>APO Equalizer w/Harmony GUI:
It's like ReShade for audio. Use to make the most out of that DAC. Worth it for the pre-amp volume boost alone.
An efficient free and libre Microsoft Office alternative suite that gets the job done for non-powerusers of MS Office with 1000 MS-specific macros.
Sorry Chromefags, I'm sticking with the GTK solution, if only for a better UI and several irreplaceable add-ons.
>Google Chrome:
For when shit won't play in Firefox due to DRM jewry Stallman tried to warn us about. Why didn't we listen?!
I prefer it over Transmission simply for the speed graphs.
I don't use it because have more than 2 braincells and Ublock Origin the shit out of skeezy sites. Useful to install on idiot family members' PCs though. Most of all, it's FREE.
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Fidgeting Intensifies

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Fidget Spinners are technology, I quickly became bored with mine so I though to design a 3axis funky colored one.
[Fidgeting Intensifies]
Could be a good thing, designs available on turbosquid

Money made will go to making a better world by eventually colonizing venus! Maybe in 300 years :D

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So. Gonna start a practice/job for three years in two months as a "Computer system integrator" (?) (German: Fachinformatiker: Systemintegration".
Any websites / resources I could use to learn stuff that might be useful there?