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Hi /g/ I need to change the date on some photos. It's quite important. The problem I'm having is that all the software I try seems to leave it's own imprint on the file, so afterwards I run the changed photo through fotoforensics, and although the date is changed, the software shows in the metadata imprint.

How to avoid this? Is there a privacy-aware metadata changer?
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Fedora vs Arch

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So I'm stuck in this debacle since I bought my new laptop. Should I pick a stable but bloated and botnet distro and a somewhat-stable distro, highly customizable but with a high learning curve that could disturb my everyday computing life.
And if you want me to install gentoo, at least tell me a valid reason why I should.

Note: both distros will be installed without a desktop environement/windows manager at first, so no need to tell me that gnome 3 is shit.
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If it's so bad, why are you using a distto that has it?
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What Linux distro do NPCs use?
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AMD: reddit
Intel: 4chan

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>there was a time this was considered anything but gaudy and ugly
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I have seen many people call Linux GNU/Linux on here.
While it's a start, please consider calling your system without ignoring all the hard work developers went through to bring the software to you.
So I urge you to run this command to find out what you should name your system.

echo "$(apt-mark showmanual | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/\//g')/Linux"

Please stick to this name when referring to your OS. Make sure to run it every once in a while so as to keep it updated :)
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Alternative to the GMail Botnet

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>Try to sign in on Youtube account while traveling
>Can't recognize hardware - answer *security question you never created*
>Give it the password
>Sorry, can't tell this is you, where can we send a verify code?
>*give alt email*
>enter code
>Sorry, person with password, we can't tell this is you. Should have uploaded your phone no. to the botnet like we asked : ^)

Are there any remaining decent e-mail clients that will let me access my mail without contributing my personal info to the hacker honeypot?
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Is this unironically the best browser available?

>Lightening fast
>Built around privacy and FOSS
>Made for anti-ad, anti-tracking
>Desktop version loads pages twice as fast as Chrome and Firefox
>Mobile version loads 8 times faster than Chrome and Safari

When are you going to uninstall your shit botnet browser and install THE KING OF INTERNET BROWSERS?
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What should I read if I want a complete fucking idiot's guide to C++?
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