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1080ti Founder's Edition exploding

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Sure am glad I decided to wait it out for Vega.
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Anyone knows what this brand is called?
I wanna buy more of this cable but I don't know what company is producting them.
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/wdg/ - Web Development General

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/wdg/ - Web Development Genera(...)
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>IRC Channel
#/g/wdg @
Web client:

>Learning material

>Useful Youtube channels

>Frontend development

>Backend development

>Useful tools - Discover new open source libraries, modules and frameworks and keep track of ones you depend upon. - Guides for HTML, CSS, JS, Web APIs & more. - List of public APIs

>NEET guide to web dev employment

>How to get started

>cheap vps hosting in most western locations
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Germany delivers

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A new browser that isn't a Chrome reskin.
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>have MuPDF 1.11
>F-Droid only has MuPDF 1.10
>wants me to "upgrade" to 1.10

Why is F-Droid so poorly made?
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Can you help me get someone's Instagram password or are you just gonna be a fag about it
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Hey guys,

I'm looking to pirate specific books, basically the entire Palachuk series, and I had a few questions:

>where do you go to pirate your IT related books
>do you have any of his books? What's your opinion on his books?

thanks. I'd post memes and stuff as payment but my laptop's board fried and took my memebook's drive with it. I had some of the rarest wojaks.

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Levels of comfy that shouldn't even be allowed to exist.
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DAE get their shit thrown in the trash?

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Just spent a entire sprint writing a really nice Service Discovery Layer for Docker that was completely native to AWS. At the end of the sprint, the management decides that they aren't ready to implement docker in the environment yet. TFW my massive branch will now never be merged.

NVIDIA Volta with GDDR6 in early 2018

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