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So let's say that hypothetically all public key encryption(basically RSA and shit) just stops working, what happens? Aside from bitcoin becoming utterly worthless of course

Are laser printers a jewish scam too ?

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I know for sure that ink printers are one of the biggest jewish scam ever made in the history of mankind and I'm so sick of it.
So I've been interested to get an alternative.
So apparently, Laser is a good one...But is it? Or is it a jewish scam too ?
I'm looking at the Brother HL-3150CDW that is affordable and prints in colors, but when I see the price to change the toner cartridge, it's almost 250$ fucking dollars, the price of the printer itself !!! And apparently, the printer comes bundled with a half filled toner cartridge, not even full...

So, is it a scam too or should I buy it ?
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How does someone get a job in tech if multiple people are giving me DFS questions for a full stack API plumbing job? Not to mention:

>constant ghosting
>recruiters only know buzzwords and only pass on your resume if you're an absolutely perfect match
>HackerRank tests don't include the libraries the problems ask for
>CRUD development is now working on five projects by yourself while your non-technical boomer boss keeps threatening to fire you because "you can't just drag/drop it"
>most actual entry level work is done by poos in India now
>everyone wants 2 years of experience before even talking to you
>some companies require you to install spyware on your PC because they're paranoid about cheating
>5+ coding interviews because everyone is paranoid of making a bad hire

>my friend in business gets a director level job after one interview
>my friend in nursing gets an RN job after one interview
>my old high school buddy gets a teaching job after one interview

Why do we, as an industry, put up with this shit? How can anyone find a job in tech with this mess going on?
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>your system's hardware and software will always be imperfect
>everything degrades, everything you create or do is temporary and imperfect
>heat death of universe/extinction of humanity will wipe out everything you cared about
>there will always be parts of it you don't understand
>there will never be a perfectly optimized god-designed operating system

why live bros? I distro/os hop monthly after I get fed up with this.

Best phone to serve as MP3 too

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Hi /g/, I was wondering what you guys think currently is the best smartphone you can buy that combines good audio with lots of built-in/expandable storage in 2018? Is there a deal with a better value than the OnePlus 6?
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>tfw the cyberpunk dystopia turned out be boring
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Should I buy a Surface Pro for uni?

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I'm doing a maths degree and hate having to carry my laptop (thinkpad), lecture notes, and writing book with me everywhere and would prefer having something which i can write on and use as a laptop.
Are there any alternatives that i should consider that give me a similar ability to write equations and notes out like on paper?
And what are things I should know about before buying a laptop like this?
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Emacs general
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The absolute state of Loonix gayman
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