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Fuck bixby
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/g/ I just got a new receiver that has 7.1 support. Didn't buy it for 7.1 support but it's there.

Is investing roughly $120 in 2 additional speakers worth it over a 5.1 surround sound setup or is the difference negligible?

If you are lost or confused just run to 4chan - programming thread -

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Hey dear programmers ! .. hope that you a have a great day already ! ... well i dont know how to put this correctly ! Im not used to post online asking people for help ! But here im .. lost and confused ! And this amazing subreddit is the only place that came to my mind where i can ask some professionals to help me out ! ill be so gratful is anyone actually reply to me !
So ill try to break all my questions to several points and ill try to intruduce myself first so i can clear some things up

Well im 21 yo ! Unmployed ! Dropped out of high school two years ago ! Due to a very corrupted education system ! That make you spend almost half of your life between papers that makes obtain no skills what so ever to eventualy get payed a max of 500ish dollar ! With the need of too much people behind you and some bribe to actualy get a even a job ! So i said fuck it and kinda go rebel on the system ! A shitty life where you actually mean smth to yourself and to others better than a sheep who follow the herd! I live in a third world country ! Spending my days with a only 1$ in my pocket ! ... i have a programming background ! I statuied pascal for 4 years ( if anyone knows that stupid programming language ) so i know a little about functions , loops ,variables and all around about computer architecture and solving problems in a coding mind !

TL;DR : im kinda in a shitty situation ! too poor to efford courses , school or any online paid services ! Know a bit about programing wants to learn more dont know where to start !

So after all this introduction and im really sorry if it is too long lets cut to chase of the subject .. here is my questions and feel free to answer whatever you like :
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>go to
>If you don't get a language, do it again
>tell us about the weird fucking esoteric language you stumbled across
>we can all laugh at it

>HARD MODE: Write an original version of fizzbuzz in your esolang

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>24" monitor
>100% DPI scaling

Are there people who really use this day to day?
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Theming Thread

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I really like seeing how other anons have themed their desktops. Do you have a specific design philosophy, like minimalism or simplicity? Do you make your shit look like a totally different OS?

Pic related is my current desktop. It's XFCE with a customized windows 95 theme. I love classic windows aesthetics.
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Desktop Environments power ranking:

8-Everything else
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What system dev methodology are you worrking with atm?

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Extreme programming?
what's like like working on a team using these?Which one you like working with the most? Where are the IT wizards and their wisdom?

Sticker/Printer Thread

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Hey, /g/entlemen!

I bought a Polaroid Zip mobile printer the other day and I'm having a blast playing with it.

Give me some bitchin'/funny things to print.

I'm not shilling, or at least not attempting to, I am just having fun.

My favorite thing is that this little dude makes stickers.

I know an Anon was looking for a printer to make stickers, so maybe they're still around.


>Pic Related
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Is a computer game a program or an application?
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