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Danbooru patched the API bug which allowed basic and anoymous users to look at content behind a paywall.

There are several ways to access the hidden content but we need someone with knowledge and experience. For more information
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should i buy this smart watch
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/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General

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Fucked up with malware

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I pirated FL studio, the top version on pb that had 5000 seeds but I didn't realize it had 0 comments.

Anyway it's total malware and it started installing a ton of random shit, windows defender was triggered for some but some shit was installed.

I restored windows to a week ago, and it all seems to be gone.

I'm scanning the C drive with win defender and malwarebytes. Should I scan my other drives too or use some other software?
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Why the fuck did I have to be born in a universe where perfect encryption is impossible?
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Firefox Extension Thread
show us what u got
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>visit unicef
Why are numales OBSESSED with black people?

Also how come numales came to infest the tech field of all places? I mean I can understand why design and media but that's about it.

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We all agree silver is the best Apple color
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>1440p screen
>size of iphone 6(not plus)
>android and ios duel boot(64 gigs for each)
>micro sd support
>Headphone jack
>same battery as s8
>Snapdragon 835
>6gb ram
Would you buy this?
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Would you put your a robot body?
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