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Firefox web-extensions

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Lets discuss the literal abortion that Firefox 57 is going to be.
Show me your dying addons, /g/
Show me your fall-back browser.
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Best Terminal Advice thread:

when logged into a box with ssh you can test if you are still connected by executing:

yes it works

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Are here any advantages on using window managers like i3 over desktop environments? Or are they just a meme? Why/why not?
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Why does this shit still exist and how does it grow more popular every year? according to Alexa, 9gag website has a ranking of 184
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60Hz or 144Hz

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I finally took the PC pill and I have the parts to my first one on the way. The only thing I have left is buy a monitor. Here are specs

>Ryzen 1200
>GTX 1050 Ti
>8gb ram

Now, I don't have anything very impressive. Should I buy a 60Hz or 144Hz monitor? Staples currently has a 24" 144Hz monitor on sale for $230 which doesn't seem terrible. If it would be a waste of money though, I would just get a 60Hz.

>inb4 not your personal tech support

I've asked on other sites and they have not been much help. They were mostly bashing my shit build
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Give me two good reasons why you aren't using Vivaldi, the best browser?
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Why is it so unhappy? :c

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>sitting in public space, Uni for instance
>laptop open -- just lurking /g/ or doing something else equally unproductive
>girl comes over and sits in my peripheral region
>instantly open atom and start hammering at keyboard with intermittent pauses during which I study my screen contemplatively while rubbing my chin

Honestly do this all the time to impress girls with my programming finesse, and it works practically every time.

How about you guys, though? Anyone else do it? Post your success stories.
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Looking to upgrade. Right now I'm running a 4690k @ 4.4Ghz in a Z97 board.
Really need more than 4 threads, so I'm either going to buy a 7700K or a Ryzen 1700X.
I will overclock.

General use is gaymen (my 1070 already gets a bit bottlenecked in unoptimized some games) and some rendering.

What do? Please be objective, I don't give a fuck about your fanboyisms.

Pic somewhat related: guts.
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