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Smartphone Folders

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Do you use, them, /g/?
How do you organize your icons? Do you keep them all at the app drawers?

>pic related, 1st result from image search

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Redpill me on Haskell
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Got pi... what can I make?
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What has been your tech career path? Share your story.
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I've been an iphonecuck for the last 7-8 years. But they've seemed to have lost their touch recently and I'm thinking about moving on. My wife has a Samsung, and while I think it's a good phone, it just doesn't turn me on.

So I've been reading reviews about this Huawei P20 Pro, and it seems excellent. It seems to have everything I need, great camera, long battery life, snappy, but being an Apple cultist, it's just very hard to let go of their deteriorating products.

Can anyone redpill me on this Huawei, tell me it's shit, so I can bend over and let Apple fleece me for their iPhone X.
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WTF Instagram

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>2015: 3d printers
>2016: The cloud
>2017: Blockchain
Whats the next meme buzzword /g/?
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/sqt/ - stupid questions thread

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Ask your questions here.

Please first check the /g/ wiki for related keywords, and/ or search for an answer using one of the following privacy-respecting search engines (or any other such like them):

/g/ wiki:
/g/ sticky: >>51971506

Redirect questions that don't deserve their own thread with >>>/g/sqt

Previous thread: >>66434724
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Get on my level faggots

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does anybody here actually type 100% like pic related?
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