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Why is this so hard to understand?
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best Xbakws evur

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Whats the xbox 360 plate, motherboard or revision with the least fail rate?

I'm very afraid that if i buy another xbox 360 its going to crap out on me & get the RRoD.

I'm wanting to buy a xbox 360 cus im a huge nostalgiafag (Hueg leik xbawks).

I've done some research and found this chart:

but i want to hear it from you fellow techfags.

>In b4 back to /v/, lel beaner, buy a PC or buy X console instead.

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>Be Microshaft
>Creat possibly the worst operating system in modern history
>Release updates every 2 days and force user to restart

Why do people still use this garbage?
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This screen ratio is pure sex.
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How deep are you in the net of bots?
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Red pill me on Sabayon.
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Speccy thread.
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Give me one good reason why you're not using the best mouse on the planet?
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