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VRAM for gaming

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Hey so I've been wanting to play this game called The Long Dark on my laptop, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to run it. I checked on can you run it and it looks like the only area of concern is my dedicated video ram. I've got 128 MB, but the minimum required is apparently 512 MB, and recommended is 1 GB.

Any chance I can make it playable by turning down the graphics settings in-game? Will some of my regular RAM be reallocated as video RAM? (I read that this is possible, and I have more than enough RAM to run the game)

install gentoo

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do it now
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Why are you not buying the 7" laptop, /g/?

>intel atom quad core z8750
>8gb ram
>128gb emmc

All for the low low price of $470 (preorder) or $600 after release
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Every day carry thread: please recommend me a lightweight fashionable backpack edition
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/cyb/ + /netsec/

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Because /netsec/ is /cyb/

/cyb/ + /netsec/ is for discussion of all things Cyberpunk, from movies, TV, websites, games, current events, computer security, networks, exploits, reverse engineering, social engineering, hacking, tricks, etc. Related topics range from fashion, to personal security and anonymity, to alternative and creative hardware, and much more.

>What is cyberpunk?
Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology.

>>> Resources <<<
"Dead" Links:
Organized Links:
How To Into Cyberpunk: (NEW!)

Suggestions for new resources are welcome.

IRC: #/g/punk on Rizon

netsec resources / pasta:
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Why is this so hard to understand?
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best Xbakws evur

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Whats the xbox 360 plate, motherboard or revision with the least fail rate?

I'm very afraid that if i buy another xbox 360 its going to crap out on me & get the RRoD.

I'm wanting to buy a xbox 360 cus im a huge nostalgiafag (Hueg leik xbawks).

I've done some research and found this chart:

but i want to hear it from you fellow techfags.

>In b4 back to /v/, lel beaner, buy a PC or buy X console instead.