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>implying they'll let you have a robot waifu
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Virus/Ransomware General

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With all the ransomware going around with WannaCry and Petya, I figured this would be a good thread.
Things to ask:
>Where can I get [Virus]?
>What can I do to protect myself from [Virus]?
>What is [Virus] programmed in?
>What systems does [Virus] affect?
>How can I stop [Virus] if it is on my computer?

Now, a question I have is: Is there a way to infect a machine you don't care about, say a VM, with the Petya ransomware so you can break it down and examine it?
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Of all the codes you've written, all the wires soldered, all the modules assembled, all the networks configured, etc, what is the project you loved most?

Mine was configuring two RTL dongles for real-time comparison and statistics between received messages.
Currently looking forward to fucking around with a RasPi which just arrived.
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Post actual legitimate good reasons why you still use Microsoft Windows, I'll wait
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I miss his streams.
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bst thread

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Is the idea of a cyberpunk future really possible?

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Once you learn emacs and lisp the form and function of modern computers seem merely an abstraction of it's true nature.

A computer's true nature is a Turing machine that acts based on named subroutines. You take smaller functions and compose them into larger more powerful functions, then store them in namespace. This is the method all computer languages use.

Why not simply use a language that uses this feature at it's core?

The reason is likely ego. You choose vainly what will make you profit or give you credit without seeing what is in front of you. If you look at the patterns you will notice Lisp is at the core of all of it.
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Good job Microsoft you killed Skype. I was forced to update today and I'll never use it again. All the features I liked and used on Skype are now gone.

JUST what the fuck were they thinking?
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