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Ruby package "FactoryGirl" renamed because of "Girl"; shit breaks

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So this person complained that the FactoryGirl Ruby gem was called "FactoryGirl". The maintainers tried to protest, but soon gave in. Then they renamed the gem, its classes and the repos DISREGARDING SEMVER and a bunch of code broke. Fucking Ruby community. <== complaint <== oops!
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>wake up laptop in class
>can't remember if i closed that pornhub video or not
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Is there a place one may obtain a not fucked copy of such program. So far i see sketchy versions for download. Also has anyone used a copy and been found that it was being connected to buy random people?

ITT: /g/ Memes you don't understand

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I've never had a Seagate drive fail on me
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Now it should be easier to play Moryme.

Any suggestions? What would you like to see?

Speakers general

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Realistically speaking how far away are we from autistic neets such as myself being able to speak to an ai who can remember us, hold a conversation, and give relatable feedback?
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Why still so many wasted pixels at the top?? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I dont want this shit.
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I'm an aging software developer in my 30s who's finding it increasingly impossible to compete with younger people in the job market. Is it time to just throw in the towel and kill myself or is there still some kind of hope left? I have no savings thanks to the expensive area I live in and I essentially live paycheck to paycheck thanks to my salary, so if I get fired from this job I'm going to be homeless.
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Anyone else think this will be the future of computing?
>have a ultra slim laptop, great for doing shit on the go and never being too heavy and get in the way
>once home, you can simply plug in the usb c cables and have a capable gaming machine.

No need to compromise
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