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>installed Gentoo
>my problem still ain't fixed
The fuck /g/?
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>breaks into your room
>formats your computer's drives
>installs Parabola GNU/Linux-libre
>"Heh.,, nothin personnel... kid..."

What do you do?
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Is pic related a good deal?

Is AMD a shit?

$750 bucks from Costco... for my parents. They are paying for it and using it... I am their tech support so it just needs to work for like 6 years without giving them too much shit. They don't do games and do minimal photos.

Would have rather gotten a Dell but Costco quit selling the all in one models we were looking at.

What do?
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What would be the best way to view 4chan while driving a car?
I'm thinking either a helmet with HUD or some sort of HUD projected onto windshield.
I need to be able to look at road while looking at posts.
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/mpv/ - because it's foss

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ITT: Normie and/or elder things

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>monitor on 100% brightness, 100% contrast
>widescreen monitor set to 1024x768
>saying something is wrong with their PC and their son has to put "the android" freshly on it again
>selling a decade old offbrand computer without any specs as "computer - $500"

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Just got out of jail, how many new technologies did I miss in last 10 years?
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>implying they'll let you have a robot waifu
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