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When Bindows 10 becomes unusable, will you move to Mac or Linux
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How long will it be until we can truly discard our bodies and go to the wired?

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How long must we be kept waiting inside our flesh prisons? Inside our meat shells?

Each one of us a prisoner, unable to truly connect with any other. Our souls yearn to bond but they cannot.

We cannot truly progress in our current state. The human body is an evolutionary dead end.

How long until we are free?
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splitting a string on delimeter

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how can i turn this:


into this:


using whatever tool works (bash/sed/python/excel...)
all the elements are strings (of variable length)
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Find a flaw.
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/retro/ - some old shit

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Post about retro stuff. Old computer hardware, operating systems, software and design.
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Mac Programs

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I'm getting my first Mac, what are some /g/ recomended programs on OSX?

I primarily use LibreOffice, Foobar, Baretorrent, Honeyview, and Calibre Reader. Any improvements, alternatives?

How do I into Mac?
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Ryzen HEDT will kill Skylake-X, but not for the reasons you think.

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Freshly released specs show Zeppelin is a full SOC. Even with 48 PCIe lanes, 10GbE can be enabled as a virtual afterthought.
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What's the single most aesthetic piece of tech?
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