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What will you do when you get your android gf, /g/?

Things I will do:
>sit on my lap and pair program in Haskell and K&R C
>Have her read books for me out loud
>play music for me on musical instruments
>Do our laundry together
>Write computer programs together
>wireless manage my computer moving files around installing updates just how i like them
>collect the cutest anime images on the internet for me so I have a nice folder
>draw me new anime pics for looking at in whatever different styles and cute characters
>remember things for me since she has perfect recall
>Be my bodyguard
>carry heavy things for me
>be my personal fitness trainer
>be my pillow/warmer and love making partner
>Drive my car for me if there are not already self driving taxis
>Instead of printing things I will have her hand write them from my words
>Have her amuse me such as singing, juggling, or writing poetry
>Play dress up and choose fashions for her
>Go exploring nature and teach her about the 3d world together
>Plug her brain into my computers pci-e slot to boost my fps
>Have her carry heavy things for me
>go snorkling and swimming in the ocean with her and also she's an air tank / human torpedo thingy that people ride on
>do meditation and different mind connecting stuff and vr in her brain and things
>Tell me funny stories and jokes
>use her effector to rearrange the atoms in my lipo to make it charged again
>jam botnet devices by emitting miovksy particles
>i dont need to go on the internet anymore because she just tells me information i need in spoken word and i dont need to post on shitty imageboards anymore
>train mma together for fun and sports
>go hiking in post apocalyptic cities and forests
>secrete refrigerated water for me to drink and also can secrete alcohol
>brush our teeths together
>play board games and video games and she lets me win sometimes
>touch her soft skin all the time

btw she has free will and loves me unconditionally anyway
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The iPhone X has the best display every on a smartphone.

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The iPhone X has the best display of any smartphone.

>Apple is also individually calibrating every iPhone X before it leaves the factory. That's not something most vendors do. (Some barely sample at all, others only a few per batch.) It's something Apple's been calibrating that way since it moved to DCI-P3 cinematic color gamut a couple of years ago.

>Combined with Apple's system-level color management, it means the display won't look oddly blue or green, and some iPhone X won't look cooler or warmer than others. They won't look washed out and dull like Pixel 2 XL or oversaturated like Samsung Galaxy S8


>I'm going to keep repeating this until it really sinks in: Virtual Reality (VR) aside, HDR is more important than 4K. I've been to Dolby Labs. I've sat through the Star Wars 1080p HDR vs. 4K SDR demos. I've spoken to many experts. I know this to be true. And iPhone X is the first end-to-end HDR — high dynamic range — device not just from Apple but, as far as I can tell, the first period.

>Many of Apple's recent devices, including A10 iPads Pro, A10 and A11 iPhones 7 and 8, and Kaby Lake Macs, can handle a full 10-bit HEVC (H.265 4K HDR) pipeline but have LCD displays that can't really show it off to full effect. Some of Apple's competitors have the right displays but they lack the pipelines needed to get HDR to those displays.

>iPhone X has both — everything needed to handle and output full HDR in all its glory, including support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision.
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Brainlet here.
I've got a thinkpad and decided to fuck around with it.
I decided to try installing Windows 95 or 98 on it, want to play around with some older operating systems.
I can't create a bootable disc as the thinkpad doesn't have a disc drive and I don't have any external ones.
Is there a way to do it from USB?
I couldn't find any ISOs for 95 or 98 or even ME.
Any alternate old operating systems I should try?
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I'm planning on switching to Linux full time

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Which distribution would you recommend for me? I kinda prefer KDE as a desktop environment. I only heard snippets about how Arch-Debian-Fedora-SUSE are the four big distros and that lots of other distros derive from them.
But which "line" is the most secure? Reasonable to use? Does one have any advantage over the others?
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PC Case Thread

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Post and discuss desktop cases.

I was thinking of upgrading to a Meshify C from my Thermaltake V4. I want a nice big tempered glass window, but the Meshify's seems a bit dark, would I not be able to see my innards clearly? I was also considering a Design C, but people said it was no good.
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How accurate are these kill-a-watt things?

i have two pc's and one monitor plugged in and it says i'm using 180watts?
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is it a MYTH that mixing RAM hampers performance?

can i fill all my RAM slots with completely different RAM?
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You would put 4 Samsung 850 Evo M.2's in software RAID0 for games, right? Do you not know how to configure RAID0 on a pci-e card from BIOS before even installing an OS? Of course not, you're retarded.
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This triggers the privacyfag
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>63778916
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