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I just bought four Rx 580s to build a mining set up. What's the best CPU to go with them?
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android is a joke.

it doesn’t “just work”, it’s inefficient, and you don’t get any meaningful customazibility as a trade-off. Wow you can pay five bucks and use nova launcher. Even rooting your device just gives you access to more joke OSs, that work even less reliably.

Can we please get a real competitor to Apple that isn’t just a retarded copycat?
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Bought my first ever android about an hour ago. What apps should I install, and coming from iOS, what are some features I should know about?
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Anyone recognize this? I had Black Desert Online running and when I tried to access a server the application closed and this popped up. The fucked up sentence structure has me a little nervous. Any chance it's just some kind of third-party shit built into the game, like punk buster etc?
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O/g/'s opinions on these articles?

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Hello /g/ I am brand new here and fairly new fairly new to the pc industry and was wondering what your opinions where on these two articles. Anything works just looking to learn something new that I can't learn in the classroom.
>Also what is the general consensus on archiving links in here? Necessity or not to big of deal.
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What apps does /g/ recommend from F-Droid?
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is there anyway to move the i/o ports on a mother board? like disconnect them somehow or maybe some kind of riser for them?. i'm working on a pc desk and i want the io port to be visible on the top, but the way the desk is the mobo needs to be seated horizontally, like normal.

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What's the oldest program currently installed on your computer, /g/? How often do you use it?
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I'm looking for not too heavy text editor(or IDE) for html/css/php/JS etc. I was using Atom, but it's too heavy. I'm poorfag, so I can't use sublime text. Which text editor would be good for me /g/?
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Is there a program that can automatically translate
japanese to english on screen? I'm trying to play a japanese game on pcsx2 an for vital screens (tutorial) I'm having pause the game, whip out my phone and google translate from a picture of my screen. This is naturally kinda annoying. Is there a program that I can have on in the background that can translate a part of the screen automatically?
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