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Best US carrier for BYOD?

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Hey guys, I have been with Sprint for over ten years (Special SERO plan) but now my "good plan" isn't "so good" since they keep increasing the cost. I want a phone that has community support and still have unlimited data. What's my best option for US carrier? Pretty sure it isn't Sprint...

Any carrier have LTE working with chinese phones yet?

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GNU + Linux ricer here. I use Android, too. Why isn't it called Aeroplane Mode and how can I rename it? Rooted, naturally.

Pic is symbolic. I'm running AOKP N.

press F

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Going straight to a black screen with a lot of text I don't understand on power up, I can enter commands in it. When I use the 'exit' command or hit control alt delete it goes to this blue box thing and then to my bios menu. Not sure what to do.

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Any reason not to use Eclipse?
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I suck at variable naming, always use a, b, c, d...... What should I do guys ?
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>windows 10 volume control goes up in 2 unit increments when using the scroll wheel
>windows fags will defend this
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Why don't we just fork systemd, call it system/g/ and change nothing else because systemd is just perfect

Microwave Time

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How do you convert seconds to microwave time?
Let's say you have 60 seconds that would be 00:60 but if you have 61 seconds it would be 01:01

What's the wizardry /g/?

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Is this correct?
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