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>mfw 15 people got suspended on the last day of school after the school went through and read everyone's email inboxes from the last week

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>companies actually expect you to hand over your personal information

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>Ryzen desktop processor beating Intel server processors for one third the cost

How is Epyc going to perform if Intel is literally getting their ass handed to them with DESKTOP processors.

$30 CDR tax in Canada !!!

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>Need to buy CDRs
>"Do you have an exemption form?"
>"Uhh what?"
>Look up reasons for needing a form
>Find out shitty Canadian bands that nobody has heard of whining about wanting money from CDR sales
>Claim people are pirating their music
>Tariff raised in October 2016
>Who the fuck listens to music on CDRs in 2017?
>$30 "Tariff" on CDRs
>pic related

The organizations site and legislation:
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Email spam general

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For the first time in my life it's not obvious whether this is legit or not. It has a mailto link that goes to an honest to god Gmail account


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FBI agents came to my house today and kept calling 4chan, "fortran"

Is this common? serious replies only
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I'm entitled to a new company phone in a month. Money is no object since I'm not paying for it.

Is pic related the best phone money can buy atm?
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Where can I download Plan9?
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WHY on earth would you use Windows in a FUCKING BANK??
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