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fucking manuals

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I'll be helping my grandpa re-make a manual for his software, thing is;

>60 pages long
>in Word
>dated screenshots and page numbering

i wanted your guys take on manuals, what's the most comfortable and efficient manual/documentation(-type) you've ever had to use? is screen-recorded videos an idea?
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Windows 10 update

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I run Windows for video editing, and I notice that my program is stuttering and lagging so I check task manager. How is this allowed?
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Racist bigots! You can delete my threads but you can't delete the truth!!!

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Is this a good computer desk?
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Can we flood all ios/mac users with this sign?
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>this file can only be downloaded by premium users

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How do you guys deal with the disappearance of legacy captcha? It gets so cancerous where it starts deleting your selections by fading them out.
inb4 buy a shitty 4chan pass
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/tfg/ - TanFolder General: Free Image Hosting

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We're making a website with unlimited free image hosting. The basic idea of it is to have all of our folders collectively pooled into one massive, organized collection. I've coupled with a few other people to fund this, storage and pricing are no limitation.

Problem is we've never attempted anything like this from a technical standpoint, so we're making it an open community project. Think 'booru meets dropbox'.

The site is Contact for the project is just ''

How do you feel about this and what would you prefer to see / do with it? This is week one, we have only the hosting and domain at this point.
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I see weird files appear on my c drive, anyway to figure out what is making them? No file extention and they are named with weird characters, like h733e2024 for example is the one I see today. Also my computer seems to slow down when they appear. I have scanned my computer already.
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From Void wiki:
>Some programs (mostly graphical applications) will work incorrectly, or segfault when run under musl. This may be due to programs expecting some glibc-specific behavior.
>Also, some programs that rely on glibc-specific behavior cannot or at least have not been patched yet.
Clearly, Musl is incomplete. It needs to implement this critical functionality that is needed for programs to work. In its current state, it is unfinished.
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