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Natural or Reverse scrolling?

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Which way of scrolling do you prefer /g/?
After using phone for so damn long, I've switched few months ago to natural scrolling. Everything makes sense to me now. What do you use?
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Daily reminder Mozilla made 330 million dollars in 2015 and they spent less than 1 million in Firefox
everything else was spent in multicultural parties and events
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>competitive salary
>cutting edge
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Which Password Manager do you use on Linux?

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and why ...

looking to use a password manager and need some tips

which ones are /g aproved :-)
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which is the best programming font, /g/?

I think it's pic related
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My friends and I have a lot of books, youtube videos, lists and computer science related shit we want to share. Usually we just pass them on by normal social networks but then they get lost or forgotten. What alternatives can you guys recommend? I know retroshare might be one but it's far too bloated so I'm interested in something lighter
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Are high refresh rate monitors worth it?
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/twmg/ Tiling window manager general

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Low on precious screen real estate, or busy massaging your carpal tunnel
wrists damaged by waving a mouse around like an idiot? A tiling window manager
might be for you!

> Freedom from the mouse
With any decent twn, you're hand almost never has to leave the home row.

> High customizability
All well known twms are built with customizability in mind, either through a
config file, command line options, or in the case of dwm, editing the source
code directly.

> Efficient use of screen space
because each new window will split the screen one level further, the available
screen space is used optimally (yes, even when using gaps).

> L I G H T W E I G H T
using a tiling window manager forgoes the need for a bloated DE, simply
install any necessary software on top of the window manager to build exactly
the system you want with no cruft!

> Resources
i3wm -
Babby's first twm, easily customizable from a central config file, has sane
defaults. Usable out of the box.

bspwm -
Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager
bspwm is a tiling window manager that represents windows as the leaves of a full binary tree.

dwm -
Dynamic Window Manager written in C.
Slightly higher learning curve than most other twms, basic knowledge of C is
necessary for configuration as it takes place in the header file. Very

awesomewm -
Supports lots of features out of the box, less initial configuration necessary than some others.
Shares the concept of tags with dwm which can be more flexible than workspaces

herbsluftwm -
Manual twm with similar tiling system to i3
Can be reconfigured on the fly using herbstclient

> Brief introduction/ explanation

> Comparison of various twms
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>Mozilla believes that the data is biased and that only data collecting with opt-out would provide unbiased data that the engineers can work with.
>Fritzsche proposes uses differential privacy and the open source RAPPOR project by Google.
>Google and Apple use differential privacy already, Google does in Chrome for instance.

Wait a minute... why would engineers believe ''opt-out'' data is unbiased? what's the trick?