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Isolation transformer?

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Hey /g/ quick question, where can i salvage an isolation transformer from? Im pretty sure microwaves have them but i cant deconstruct mine, anyone know a cheap route?

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>mom won't stop saying "interwebs"

Opinions on this piece of shit?

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I'm using it on Android and it's better than Chrome (based on ChromIUM, open source, adblocker etc), but I'm not too excited about the future prospects (getting served BRAVE ads instead of Google ads?!)

What would be the next best option if I want something fast with an adblocker that isn't built to Jew me over in the near future? No Firecucks.
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How do we fix this?
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How do you secure your flash drives(aka usb)?

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what music player does /g/ use?
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Why do gaymen keyboards have numpads? the only people who use them are wagecucks

>inb4 go back to /v/
I don't use them because I'm not a degenerate
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Daily reminder that CPU literally doesn't matter.
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LITERAL confirmation of a cartel collusion! For how long must we tolerate this FUCKING BULLSHIT!? WE RIOT NOW, I SAY! FUCK THOSE FUCKS!
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ThreadRipper NVMe Raid installs 2 remote backdoors

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"TLDW: NVMe Raid on TR Works fine, but why does it install two network accessible web servers running as the SYSTEM user??"
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