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>Music file bitrate is less than 130kbps
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I hope you don't do this

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>using a fingerprint sensor
>using face identification
>buying a phone with a close-range object sensor
>not disabling the gyroscope, GPS and other things
>not using a camera flap
>not taping the front cam with an opaque material
>using anything other than a rooted android
>using public wifi
>keeping mobile data enabled all the time
>gmail account
>anything google related
>installing GApps
>using manufacturer's skin/apps
>not removing manufacturer's skin/apps
>using default firmware on a chinese phone
>using an unencrypted cloud service (Using one at all if you can afford physical solutions)
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Do you contribute to open source projects?
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Is it called coding or programming?
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Hi /gee/

How do I replace every data on one HDD with another of the same size?
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This fucking faggot literally broke wacom support.
Holy shit
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Hundreds of old CD-Roms need Backup to ISO Images. Is there a suitable Software to do that around? In the best case I only need to change the Discs and auto re-names each file. If it could handle copy-protection it would be nice too.

Otherwise I'll simply use Linux terminal and 'dd' it and hope I'll get something working out of it.
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can someone tell me what this is?
i don't have any more information.
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Wireless Headsets

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i was wondering if you guys know what the best wireless headset is. my main concern when it comes to these headsets is the mic, i can't seem to find one that doesn't terrible. Mainly using it for skype/games and ps4 occasionally

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GG /g/, 75% of you fell for it AND it got media attention
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