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considering the new surface pro doesn't come with anything but the tablet anymore, is it still worth it or is it better to get a price reduced surface pro 4 in a few months?
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What are your favourite domain registration pages? and your experiences with them in general.

>pic not related

Ram hell

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Hi so I've got 2x4gb 665hz dual channel kingston ram [1333] and H61M-G35 (G3) motherboard
If I buy 2x4gb 1333 ram[pic related] will it all run 1333 or will it all drop to 667mhz?

How safe is PIA? What is best VPN?

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>Alright sir, I need to test you for intoxication
>It's a very simple test. I need you to sum all the primes under 2 million using your language of choice. You have 3 minutes.

wat do?
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Why were so many electronics grey/beige in the 70-90s and why are they not anymore?
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What can tech companies do to cut down on terrorist communication without infringing rights on regular users?
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From now on, anyone who complains about VIM is assumed Ukranian, Turkish or Indonesian.

Ubuntu help pleas

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SO recently my windows 10 just sharded on me and suddently stopped working completely . took my laptop to some niggers to try and fix it turnes out I cant boot up windows without re-installing and loosing all my precious dlls. so I decided to install ubuntu via usb . I just need to know one thing. I heard that I cant just choose a different directory to install files / programs , I need to write some code that tells the OS where to look when clicking on the shortcut to the application also (for example fruity loops 12 ) when running an application off wine where to load files needed that are on the separate hard drive. am I looking at this the wrong way? do I just need to move the /home directory? I'm dangerously new to this and would like just a tad bit of help . To reiterate I installed ubuntu on a usb flash drive. fearing I would loose all my data I removed my hard drive before the installation . now when I boot up I'm getting warnings that I have X_ amount of space left. help please im n00b :i
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Newfag on /g/. been lurking on /b/ for some time.

Currently pursing COMPTia network+, A+, Sec+., Pentesting certs.

Already pretty fluent in C, C++, Python. I know my way around html, and I'm looking into diving into perl.

I think you can tell what I want my career path to be. My question is, is anyone here on this path as well? Have you already completed it?
What lies ahead? How much more should I do?
Btw fuck college and paying shitloads I do not have. I am 20yr.