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ITT : If you had a time machine....
>inb4 bitcoin
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So I finally got a MacBook but have no idea how to find the Mac equivalent of Conky / rainmeter

Can someone please help a noob out - Ive checked all the threads.

Thank you

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Hello /g/
After playing tech support for no charge whatsoever for my uncle's for more a decade, he decided to be a good soul and got me a pre-packaged HP desktop as a gesture of gratitude
Should've asked me before getting something tech-related, but can't blame the old sport

Anyway, it's says on the product info that it is an HP 406 G1 MT Bussiness PC, so I'm probably guessing he got me a PC form his workplace. It's got Intel core i7 4770 CPU @3.40 GHz (8 CPUS) and Intel HD graphics 4600 (shows 1792 MB approx in dxdiag)
So, what's the verdict? What things am I capable of running with such an configuration? Can you guys suggest me a good mid range graphic card as well
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opinions on LTT?
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>the absolute state of linux gaming

What a joke.
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>headphone jack
>full HD
>4K 120 FPS video
>best in class camera
>solid metal unibody enclosure
>real home button
>speedy TouchID
>all day battery life
>still gets updates
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Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion

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Source Code:
Issue Tracker:
IRC Channel: #openopera on (via a SSL connection)
Discord Server:
Custom 32-bit Build (with Patches applied):
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