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>G7 ministers probe threats of ‘dark’ internet in wake of daylight van attack

>Talks focused on addressing violent extremism and preventing the internet from being a tool for training, propaganda and financing.

>“It’s the insidiousness of the messaging on the web,” Goodale said in an interview prior to the talks.

>“That’s something that all ministers worry about.”

>Goodale and his fellow G7 leaders called on major internet service providers that are also at this meeting — Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft — to do more to prevent their platforms from being exploited.

“You’re looking for the holes. When you’re dealing with this technology and you get into the deep, dark web, how much of it is encrypted, how much of it is inaccessible, how much of it is beyond technical capacity to crack into?”

Let's discuss ways we can modify current tech to prevent tragedies such as the Toronto van attack again.
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How do I start a community site?

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/g/uys, let's say I built a discord like chat site and I want communities to start using my site, how do I get them to? I can't just message the mods or start randomly shilling it on subreddits, that won't work since it comes across as spamming. How do I get creative with shilling my site?
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Do people even use D-Batteries anymore?

>pic unrelated.

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Found >pic related
Dell inspiron 4000 +charger in a dumpster, the case seems pretty nice(besides the left monitor pin is broken)
booted up, winxp
everything seems fine, runs smoothly(for a 17 years old laptop)
battery lasted ~1,5-2 hours in quarantine

atleast that good old Pentium III is pre-botnet

What should I do with it? (besides throwing it back in the trash)
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Got laid off from my comfy app dev job..

What do I do now /g/?

Is your company hiring?
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ITT: we make fun of people that got a CS degree instead of a math degree
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Just like to remind you of who your god is.
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Is it really worth encrypting files you have on your computer if you downloaded the files? I'm only encrypting and password protecting my files cause I don't want pepper to see them. There's nothing of monetary value in them. I just feel no amount of encryption will save my ass if the feds can just hit up my isp. I do use TOR but I feel I only use it to make me "feel" safe.

Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro

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Looking to update from a Pro 3 and found out that pic relateds both cost the same price.
Can I please get some advice between which of the two is a better purchase?

I heard that the 2017 Surface i5s don't have a fan and that makes me a bit cautious. A problem I had with the Pro 3 is that it overheated easily even with an external fan and was very prone to heat damage. How do the new models fair?
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