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Ask your questions here.

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Internet Tax

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>The Supreme Court has ruled that States can require online merchants with no physical presence in that state to collect and pay sales tax for purchases made to the state.
>The court has expanded the definition of what transactions meet the requirement of "substantial nexus with the state" is to beyond the previous standard which was having employees or real estate within the state.
>In this case, South Dakota created a threshold of $100,000 in goods delivered or 200 separate transactions to the state which the Court has found to meet the definition of substantial nexus.
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SSD for a 4 core 1,6 ghz?

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Have a 500gb SSD left over after upgrading some parts.
I own a netbook with a Intel pentium N3710 4core 1,6GHz Processor.

Will the Netbook profit from the SSD? or will the CPU bottleneck the SSD?


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>It's done
>The era of overpriced GayPUs is done
>NVIDEO already has abundant stock
>This is the golden time to get into deep learning and ML goys!
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pls help me

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hello 4chan i know you are a very good infomatics forum so i want you to ask me a favor pls i beg all they stealed my email and i need it back he changed my phone number the email recuperation all pls i need help i have university project there there are all my thing there pls just help me i have the discord name of the guy who stole me pls any help contact me in my email

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/msg/ Microsoft Surface General

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A much needed general thread about those who appreciate design and nice stuff.

Post your Surface devices or request purchase advice
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Holy shit the a+ 901 902 is challenging as fuck because it's hard getting expierence in this the fuck do I gain networking expierence for context etc?

Lime legit I failed the 901a year ago and gave up but I'm trying again...I feel like I got this stuff but the test is bullshit like memorizing how much memory you need for iTunes and shit.
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How often have you clicked on this part of the start menu?

For me I think it's
over the past two years
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