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Is this course worth it?

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whats your opinion on this /g/

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Does anyone else hate 1440p? You're literally paying $100 more for 3" in screen size and 10 more PPI.
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ITT: the greatest phones of all time.

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ill start with the Galaxy S 2
>3.5mm port
>based AMOLED
>no KNOX
>easy access to battery
>microSD slot
>high community support, kept up to date until at least lollypop
>easy to disassemble.
>hardware navbar (touch keys)
>lock button on the side
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Where can I find a mechanical keyboard that goes like QUACK QUACK QUACK when I type on it?

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Ditch your phone
Oh btw I do have a phone from a family plan but only because I don't pay for it lol
I also record with this phone
But you totally don't need a phone goys!
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if your code doesnt look like this, then you are literally pajeet tier
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How is there no competent competitor to this? It's fucking sad. Shouldn't something like this be really easy to beat? Why are there no wish list sites that
>Automatically populate the title, image, and allow for comments
>Allow others to see when the product is already purchased without the list creator knowing what is
>Have a layout that's easy to see

Like holy shit. I'm trying to make a list since my family is tired of just giving me money all the time, I don't wanna install Amazon's spyware add-on just to add non-amazon shit to my list, and even if I did it wouldn't inform anyone if a item is already taken by someone else.

If any of you guys are looking for probably some easy money for something so basic, get on this before the real Christmas shopping season starts in a week or so. What a fuckin joke.

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I want to upgrade to a 2080 after a long time and try out 4k gaming. Problem is, I play a lot of esport titles. So would it be better to get a 1440p with high refresh rate in favor of esport games or a 4k in favor of actual enjoyment in other titles?

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There needs to be one of these tuned for the 4chan crowd. Amazon Echo only works for normies. My dad bought one and I gave it some really honest commands and it doesn't work for me.

>Alexa, can you connect to Youtube?
>I cannot

>"Alexa, play 'Matoya's Cave' from The Black Mages"
>I can't find that

>Alexa, when does the new anime episode of 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind' premiere?"
>I don't know that one
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>Not supporting parallel threads in 2018
Why is Ocaml so shit?