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CIA looking for IT guy.

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An actual good, casual video editor

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Does it exist, /g ?
An actual good, casual video editor should allow triming by seconds/frames, allow just taking specifications from an input and not force me to use muh HD™ settings and nothing else. Also be able to change project settings on the fly, instead of creating "a new sequence", which is obsolote all together.

I just wanted to edit some clips, but pic related is absolute garbage, Openshot was too. What are you guys using to edit your shitty webms? Those are pretty much out of the ordinary all the time..

>remember when ryzen came and everyone was a video editor? This thread should get plenty attention..
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OSX/macOS is a meme

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Ok so, let me get this off my chest real quick: I've come to the conclusion that Apple can't develop software. At all!
Let me explain my point:
Back in 2017 I made a hackintosh and used it solely without a dual boot setup (after I got rid of the ubuntu linux boot entry I had before which I used to run vmware and make a OSX vm in order to make a bootable OSX usb with clover) because IMO dual boot is kinda pointless. Once I got the hang of it and installed some third party tools to help (Xtrafinder/noti/backgroundAudio et cetera) I actually really enjoyed using it. But there were a couple of issues: reading NTFS drives was kinda of a hassle (paragon drivers only offered compatibility with SAMSUNG and Kingston (I guess) drives and everyone I asked told me other options like apple's ntfs driver (disabled by default) could lead to data corruption so in the end I opted to format all my drives as HFS+ and everything was ok. But then I ended up noticing that the system was so behind compared to other OSs... OpenGL was YEARS outdated compared to windows and even Linux, macOS doesn't even support vulkan and the performance itself on 3D applications was never comparable to something on windows or even fuck, any linux distro I've used (I even heard that Wine development on OSX is frozen due to OpenGL). I'll not even talk about how using the system made me missclick/type stuff whenever I used a windows/linux machine. The experience overall was fine but at what cost? I've installed windows 10 recently and noticed that pretty much every feature macOS has to offer windows has it covered already spotlight search -> unit conversion (windows search already does it and shows the result without the need to open Edge) multiple desktops? windows 10 already has it file manager tabs? coming on an update soon.
It's just pointless. macOS's kernel doesn't seem that great either (sometimes the thing would boot and sometimes drivers would have some weird conflict leading to a kernel panic).
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GNU/Linux Distro's

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ITT: Favorite GNU/linux distro
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What computer should i buy for music production?

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I have been using Microsoft Edge for the past couple of nights since I am a faggot who has to take a break from from their current browser. I normally use this hierarchy when it comes to web browsers that I have installed on my computer.

1) Firefox Quantum
2) Vivaldi
3) Google Chrome
4) QuteBrowser
5) Microsoft Edge
6) Internet Explorer 11

But I honestly like Edge and I feel like such a fucking faggot for even admitting that.

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Should I trade in my iPhone 8 Plus for the X /g/?
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how do I get a ±5v signal from a 0-5v signal
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Why don't American tech companies do this?

also thinkpad master race

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why do they have usb ports so close together like this? you can't fit flash drives in both of them. they are too wide
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