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Why is Wine still so shitty? It seems like a relatively straightforward task compared to actual emulators but it's still miles behind some of them.
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What's the pic related of technology?
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Just use Chrome
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What's the fastest "modern" OS with a gui to run in a virtual machine? The fastest I've ran is windows XP
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Where is he?
Did the CIA niggers get to him?
Was HE actually CIA himself?
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what phone is this?
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Folding Keyboard

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Does anyone use a folding keyboard for thier phone or tablets? Are they any good? Any recomendations or are they a total meme?
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What the hell happened to websites?

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Why do modern websites look like this shit?

They all look like this. Its disgusting. And it comes with MB worth of code behind it. How is the future improving? The future is getting worse by the year. Everything we hear about the future sounds like a lie.
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>3 weeks into new programming job
>buy mechanical keyboard for use at work
>written up 2 hours in by IT for plugging in unauthorized hardware into the network
>unplug keyboard to take home at the end of the day
>some IT guy sees me walking out with keyboard that clearly didn't belong to the company (no labels on caps)
>written up by for misappropriating company property
The weird thing is they didn't try to take it, are they just looking for ways to fire me legally?
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>obongo 17.10 is out
>the entire canonical team is behing GNOME now
>we get wayland too
>i-it's finally good right?
>try it out myself
>stupid bars that can barely be customized IF you download a tweak tool AND a bunch of extensions
>no matter what you do it's still shit

welp going back to /comfy/ xubuntu.
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