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ITT: Exoskeletons and the future of manual labor

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Let us discuss in a civilized and in true /g/entleman fashion, the future of manual labor and the possible rise of exoskeletons.

Recently a company called Sarcos came up with a Work In Progress exoskeleton for manual work "";, it made me wonder about the future of hard manual workers like ship builders, heavy industry, steel carpenters, oil drillers, are companies once the price becomes affordable buy into these exoskeletons and see a rise in productivity thus eliminating part of the workforce or will they just leave it as is?

At first i didn't even know about this company but then i remembered a video from back in 2013 about one of their big toys called "Guardian™ GT" seems like it could have some practical applications, but i also think companies are gonna make the workers 100% responsible for any scratch the suit is gonna have at the end of the year.

what are your thoughts /g/??

i am lonely please talk to me
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Apple, you've done it again.

Two words: Holy. Fucking. Shit.
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That's it, androidbros, looks like they won.

It was a good fight. It was good hanging out with you and being part of this wonderful community.
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/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General

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/mkg/ - Over Priced Memes Edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Use the buyer's template
>Keyset wiki

Previous thread >>60017159
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i3 Gaps Help on Ubuntu

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So I just installed i3-gaps on top of my i3wm install and I cannot seem to remove i3-gaps. I tried sudo-apt get remove i3-gaps and nothing. help me /g/ I do not want to be a winfag anymore.

Dumb Nigga Help Thread

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So I have an old HP Pavilion dv1000. I am looking to upgrade Ram memory to full capacity which is,if i am not mistaken, is 1gb. I am also going to be putting in a new HD. I want to have a shit in giggles computer but idk if this old laptop will cut. Would i be able to download music and movies with it in todays world?

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4chan is poor and 4chan has frequent issues caused by too high bandwidth

Delete the pages and keep the catalog only

Who even looks at the pages these days?
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> KCP is dead
> MPV is a shitty meme

What the fuck can non autistic beings use to have all the kcp stuff up to date nowadays?
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Can /g/ explain why Windows 10 is bad without using memes such as "muh privacy" and "dem ebil jews are stealing muh porn folders"?
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