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>rename any file to .vbs
>anti-virus detect as virus

MS can drop this now
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How do we improve gender diversity in high-paying tech jobs? All of the women I've worked with told me stories of how they have experienced gender discrimination in all stages of their career. What's the best way to make the workplace more inclusive without stifling free speech?
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What kind of mental illness is it when you care more about software licenses than your friends and family?
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Why is Linux free?
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What has this thing done in the last 20 years to continue being relevant and rich?
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Hackers On Planet Earth

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Talk about your favorite talks so far and ones we should look out for. The schedule of talks can be found on the website and streams of the three rooms where talks take place are also on the website. The listed times for talks are in eastern time.

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>have a problem with Arch Linux
>post in their forum
>they are actually helpful and successfully help you fixing your problem
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Hey /s/, is there a tool that can automatically rebuild my git tree, throwing away all intermediate commits and only leaving key points (tags and branches), pic related?
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how is this stupid ass browser with 5 tabs and 3 lightweight addons using as much memory as a fully bloated 3d game with 20+ addons installed
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