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I've had a desktop with a 32gb memory and 2TB drive since 2011. It still works fine but the GPU is showing signs of age. Should I just replace the card or get a new computer entirely? What do you fa/g//g/ots think?

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Considering on going back to windows for visual studio and some gaymin, but not completely sure.
> inb4 use proton retard
I have and sure it works for some but not all games, and it’s discouraging that developers now have less of a reason to develop for linux
As for visual studio, anyone know about any projects close to visual studio?

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>GUI animations

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This man makes $15M/year using a single monitor.
Why does /g/ need more?
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It's time to dump gab /g/

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Gab is nonfree software
Gab is run by a manchild neck beard
Gab is anti free speech (twitter post calling anime pedophillic)
So what could I use instead anon?
The fediverse, whats that I hear you ask.
It's a decentralised network, you can run your own instance from a VPS. You can talk to anyone in the network.
You have a choice of Pleroma, Mastodon or GNU Social when it comes to running a server or choosing a instance.
What instances do you reccomend anon?
These all respect free speech and use common sense for rules.
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Is there anything I can do to speed up my 5 year old laptop?

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I've noticed that's becoming slow, much slower than when I bought it. I defragged the other night but that didn't seem to help much if at all. Everything is slow to load. The thing takes 10 minutes to restart. Programs that used to open in a second or two now take up to a minute. Is there anything at all I can do to speed this thing up? Tips? Tricks? I'm on windows 8.1
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Fedora vs Arch

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So I'm stuck in this debacle since I bought my new laptop. Should I pick a stable but bloated and botnet distro and a somewhat-stable distro, highly customizable but with a high learning curve that could disturb my everyday computing life.
And if you want me to install gentoo, at least tell me a valid reason why I should.

Note: both distros will be installed without a desktop environement/windows manager at first, so no need to tell me that gnome 3 is shit.
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Which of these is ideal to run a server on?
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Ok /g/ don’t fail me now
>be me
>Need decent pc for gaming and crap
>$1000 budget
>What do?