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It's there any point on choosing C++ over Java to make indie games?

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How the fuck does Unbox Therapy get millions of views on all his videos? Who watches this garbage?

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>look for a open source free as in freedom printer
>pic related
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What are your thoughts on it?
Is it worth it?
Are there any alternates?
Pros and cons?

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Can you compile your own kernel on Debian? Can Debian still be a "really good" binary-package distro even with systemd?

Source repos < Binary repos. Change my mind. You need 32GB RAM to compile any modern web browser.

tl;dr what's the best binary package distro

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How do you rate this circuit?
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Can you even justify your Linux installation over using windows or OSX /g/?

I'm waiting
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Recently Google Disabled My Account I Have Been Trying To Get It Back But Im Having 0 Success google can shut your shit down at anytime for no reason theyll do it to you

if you haven't backed up your shit now's the time dumbass
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Hard Drives

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If I store a large amount of exactly the same data on N hard drives, vacuum seal them, and store them someplace cool and dark, at what rate could I expect my data to become unrecoverable?
I assume there's some probabilistic curve at play for each hard drive, and then at least half need to fail on the same piece of data..
Intuitively it seems like burying sealed hard drives in a safe in a tectonically sound area would last thousands of years.
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>using Wordpress and php is pajeet-tier according to /g/
>developing your own CMS is bad practice
can anyone here who actually works with clients tell me what CMS is actually worth my time.
also: why are ALL content management systems so bloated? you really just need a few tables of content types (page, post, users, etc.) and return a single fucking array. in theory an unbloated query call that returns a full list of posts is already so optimised and fast that all secondary functions like filtering and pagination could be done directly on the returned array.
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