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>Install GNU/Linux on my ASUS x206HA-FD0077T
>sound card doesn't work
>Wi-Fi needs a proprietary firmware

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are there any open source keystroke encrypters?
pic unrelated

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What can this laptop do that your last one can’t, anon?

AI is just a bait

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google wants to merchandise his AI, so they use the media to produce "fakenews".

>google's AI code better than human coders

i won't bite that bait
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>install windows 10
>literal shit like minecraft and candy crush games are installed

Why do I need this? I only have a 60 GB hard drive.
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Let me guess: you don't own a 27" iMac 5K
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Memorable Upgrades

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Mine was going from 4MB to 8MB of RAM.
Was fucking psyched to be able to play Descent.
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BSD And Other Things

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/bsd/ - *BSD General Thread
Discuss FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OPNsense, FreeNAS, etc.

Join IRC:
#baot @
#freebsd,#openbsd,#netbsd @


Curious Linux user? Ask questions, get answers, ignore license debate children.
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Uncertain Times and TempleOS

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In the latest public video from Terry, "171019Soul", Terry mentions that he's not happy with TempleOS, and that he doesn't even want to touch it right now. He's considering whether he should go back up the Mountain. He's come down from the Mountain, and now maybe he should go back.

I'm concerned for Terry and God's Third Temple. There was once the worry in the Linux community, "What would happen if Linus Torvalds got hit by a bus?" Would Linux survive? Well, in the same vein, what would happen if, metaphorically, Terry got run over by a glow-in-the-dark CIA nigger? What would happen to TempleOS? Would there be a new High Priest?
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can a computer or software program (code) himself?
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