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Base model is 5K

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So what’s this guy’s problem?
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What should we do /g/?
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I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times, but I'm really not understanding something here. What exactly can you do with c++ at the absolute highest levels? Assuming you have tons of time to teach yourself and you're highly motivated. Are there even JOBS for c++? Most listings I see hardly even bring up c++. Seems like it's mainly java and web dev shit if you have no experience. So can someone redpill me on c++, is it a waste of time to learn or is it a valuable skill?
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Be honest, this is the best version of Windows, right?
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Hey people, this is the first time I post here and I have some troubles with my pic related pen tablet. I use two monitors (a 17'' LCDs screen and a 32'' HD LCD TV) like an extended desktop. When I try to draw, the two screen are squished on all of my tablet and everything I draw is absolutely squished. I tried to install WizardPen and the tablet stopped to work, the only solution I found was purge the package but I can't calibrate the tablet. By the way I use Xubuntu 16.04.

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>Sitting on a meeting
>Explain to boss and other people what they are telling me to do may not work
>Explain to them this will not work
>They tell me to try anyway, I tried their "way" and it did not work
>Sitting here after telling them today that it did not work that way and we are at square one again
>Thinking to myself tonight, was this a test all along if I was going to do what they did tell me to do or was it just a mistake and I did not correct them early enough?

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When will 4chan support the flif image format?
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Is it really true that a lot of CS grads have issues with finding work when they graduate because they can't program or have the right skills/experience, or is this a meme? I find that pretty hard to believe, in fact it sounds like total bullshit to me. Not the part of them not having the skills, but finding a job

Also, what should I be doing to avoid this problem if it is true? I'm only in my first year of community college and I haven't really gone into anything crazy yet. What job should I get right now? Tech Support or what?
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