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Early AMD:s

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Socket 7 AMD-K6-2, Socket 462 AMD-K7 (Athlone) ah those were the days.

Revisit the AMD tech in 2018:

Socket 7 Athlon 300MHz (1998), 32-bit, SDR memory - werkz
Socket 462 Athlon 800MHz (2000), 32-bit, SDR memory - it just werkz

Athlon K8 (64 bit, DDR1 memory) from 2003 - broken mobo
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Nnnoooooooo Linus likes the new MacBook Air!?

How could he betray us bros. It’s not faiirrrr


Window 7 password

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Guys i need help, I logged on my window 7 pc, but today i forget my window password, so i cant turn off my computer because next time i turn on i dont know password, so i need to find my window7 password using anything possible incluing hacking program. My pc is already logged on and window is 7 i really need help guys. Please help.
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Greetings! And welcome, to an LGR thing! Today we'll be looking at 4channel's /g/ board of technology!
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>be me
>I hate front-end dev, I can't stand non logical shit like CSS
>I like back-end and low level programming
>stay unemployed for a year and a half, because all offers are for Reactards and Angulards
>find backend job, yay
>they actually make me work on front-end shit
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Press F to pay respects
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>great performance
>saves the user money to buy other things like a better Mobo
>only getting better with every generation
>leveling the CPU market

Did you get a Ryzen CPU, APU, or laptop?

Tell us how it went!

Remember, Intelshills hate competition and want you and themselves to be slaves to a monopoly!
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I'm learning C and I have a question; do I always have to compile the script to test it or is there some way to dynamically interpreter it on a fly? It's getting tedious to compile every time
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>be graduate
>look at jobs online
>99% are from recruitment agencies
>99% are .NET, Node.js, Angular, React, PHP
there is no end to this hell
wheres my comfy C jobs at
what happend to the tech industry
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Thoughts on YouTuber AkBKukU

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What does /g/ think of AkBKukU (the guy on the right in the picture)? Personally I like his electronics, AV equipment and old computer hardware videos.