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Hello, I already know java. But I would like to master it. Any REAL software engineers in this website could please help with recommendations of a good path to follow? I would like to master mainly OOP and Design Patters. Any books or courses suggestions? Thank you

Webdevs not welcome.

/sys/ - A dministrator General

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Hey guys, let's start something new and fresh.

This thread is for all the sysadmins out there who browse during their day jobs like me.
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Exclusive: Radeon RX Vega 64 MSRP Pricing Update

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> The reason AMD has been tight lipped about the entire issue is because they cannot be seen enforcing retailer MSRPs (which would be illegal); they can however (((''suggest''))) the optimal price and then try to enable it using incentives like rebates

>Remember, it is illegal for AMD to force a price point on retailers. Our source believed that the market forces should naturally converge at a universal price point of $599

>Vegas cost structure is going to come down sometime in Q4 2017 when Hynix’s HBM2 memory enters the scene along with custom AIB variants
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Used properly, do you even need another add-on for security/add-blocking?
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/ntr/ - Netrunner official /g/ browser

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We are making a web browser!
PREVIOUSLY >>61834915

In the face of recent changes in Firefox and Chrome some anons were asking for a /g/'s perfect web browser, we collected the most wanted here and plan on continuing with the creation.

To contribute follow the WORK PLAN, join the IRC to ask developers for a repo, and get to programming!
IRC on Rizon: #/g/netrunner

Old website:


- Host project at
- Set bug tracker and mailing list in Savannah.

1. Browse links2 source code (you can use Ctags for tagging functions and files).
2. Expose API and give access to everything (scripting through executables is planned).
3. Give total control over the DOM, put options in files inside a hierarchical folder structure referencing sites and subsites.
4. Implement a link grabber for every link and media type to be parsed by scripts and independent applications.
5. Create an uncomplicated switch to general security profiles located in saved files.
6. Implement ncurses simple tree style graphics for bookmarks, tabs, advanced security policies by site, etc.
7. Work in the framebuffer graphics rendering.
8. Open API to javascript support (version 2.1pre28 of links2 had javascript enabled).
9. Cache, logs, cookies, and other data storage options.
10. Ports routing proxy management.
11. Vim/Emacs modes, dwb hints and quickmarks.
12. Optionally add parser for HTML, DJVU, PDF, epub, etc.?

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how true is this

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What is the best best way to destroy a hard drive?
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Hackathon starter

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I'm attending a three-day hackathon soon.

Which web stack is appropriate for that?

Has anyone tried this:
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Flexible Web framework

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Are there any light-weight web framework with built-in authentication and authorization?

I need something flexible and light-weight but I don't want to implement security.
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Okay, so why does my G502 look like it has herpes, or something?

Why would it suddenly get bumps like that?
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