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>looking at github repos
>keep seeing the same dudd pop up
Who the hell is Travis?

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>multiple generations of highly advanced malware literally become the means of modern warfare

meanwhile on /g/
>mechanical keyboards
>how doi get rich with bitcoin fraud
>youtube is jews reeee
>womyn are stupid not trust them big corportations
>why is reddit more popular
>mactoddler reeee
>wintoddler reeee
>pajeets are the reason why i am not a winner programmer
>my autist brain cant't comprehend nor accept software change
>power outlet comparison
>why haven't you switched to linux yet 3x
>corporate botnets

1 thread on ransomware with 8 replies, 6 of witch are >install gentoo

WHY /g/?

>inb4 make one yourself

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Wouldn't you rather have Genuine Intel™?

Intel leaks their first consumer GPU

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holy shit AMD and Nvidia on suicide watch
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Can you rename files randomly?

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Hello, some charitable soul can help me with this.
I would like to randomize the names of some files. But between them. Example:

A.png - B.png - C.png

B.png - A.png - C.png

The images have not been modified. Just the name of them. It will be in my heart to help me with this. Thank you.
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Why is OSX such a joke?
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Is this book good for starters?
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>local gym just installed fingerprint machines

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Are curved monitors a meme or actually useful and comfy?
I'm tempted to get this Asus MX34VQ to replace my old Dell U2412.
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