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I see your running ELF.
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What is the most SJW tech?
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Do programmers with 2 years experience copy and paste code?

Most programmers cut and paste code: FACT. In a professional environment there is no such thing as copy/pasting, we call that "asset reuse".

They might find a previous project or something online and copy/paste it exactly or copy/paste and make changes to it. I think this practice is typically fine. This is especially good when it is proven code.

Where this can be bad, is when you are copying code that you don't understand, or where the code is poor, or where there is a much better alternative solution than the code that you are pasting.
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I'm thinking of getting a new desktop because my laptop is shit and my iPhone runs faster than it. Initially I just want something that runs better than my shitty $300 Lenovo POS and also better than my phone so I can stop using my phone as a primary computer, but I also want to play video games on it. Initially I'd consider getting a gaming PC, but when I think of the games that I would play on it I start to think that I may not need a full gaming rig and a standard office computer might actually be all I will need for what I would do on it.

Any advice?

Ryzen 1700 efficiency

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Just wanted to ask if there are fellow Ryzen 7 owners which can share some experiences about this cpu
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Has there been a /g/ meetup in the past? If not, what would a /g/ meetup look like?
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Why does g hate video games?

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I want to know your worst opinion of them. I'm slowly starting to hate games myself but value your opinion on the matter.
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New VPN Server: Affordable, Logless, Anonymous

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P2P Friendly!!!

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>over a year since Pascal launched
>still can't beat Pascal