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How the fuck can Clover post when the API is read-only?
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You can battery grip...right anon?
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Thoughts on this guy?
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will i be able to install gentoo if i am a girl?
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Freelancer sites sucks... is full of stupid indians who make stupid websites in wordpress and doesn't care to work for $5 per week... damn indians... they ruin everything.

>I need this website, i can pay you $500.
Me: Wow i can do it for $400
Indian: Hi i am can do that for just $50 money in once day sir.

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>mfw 1080 GTX FE came out in May 2016
>mfw Vega offers literally 1080 GTX performance for more money
>mfw their gaming RX version doesn't show up for at least another month.
>mfw cause of mining all cards atm are overpriced and this will also include Vega
>mfw it will be 2018 before we actually gets Vega RX cards anywhere near reasonable prices.
>mfw 2 years behind Nvidia memes are true once again.
>mfw shitposting on both sides is the best we had since Ryzen release.


JavaScript as a first programming language

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If I learn JavaScript as my first programming language, do you have any advice on how to make the best of it? I don't want to adopt poor programming practices or let it make me a bad programmer.
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After steve jobs died the iphone charger went to complete shit. The iphone 5,6 & 7 charging cables are the biggest large production design flaw of the 21st century. I mean, it keeps sliping out like a short dick in big girl.
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