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Vaio P appreciation thread

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Why has there not been a better looking piece of tech since?

Refresh never ever
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>god i wish my computer would struggle with its intended use
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This is Vincent Canfield, creator of the email service. Say something nice about him!
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I'm running out of space, /g/. I know newegg is having a sale on HDD's, but what's a good HDD?
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NSA and other authorities who snoop, what's the nigging point?

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Is there even a point to having these dumb fuckers spy and snoop and gather data and all that shit anymore?

I mean they have not been able to stop le ebil terrorists so they are clearly failing. Other than using that data to compromise high profile political actors or hack/fuck up enemy infrastructure (which I doubt they do, with the single exception of Stuxnet/Zeus type shit).

If anyone wants to see how useless these niglets are, just take a look at that stupid faggot soyboy Snowden, the dumb nigger wasn't even able to tell us in advance that Intel ME was a hardware level rootkit, so that means the NSA didn't know, since that faggot had top secret clearance and would have made the info public when he leaked all that info.

How effective can any of these departments be in sifting through a population of 7 billion (probably going onto 9 billion by 2020)? There's no way they have good enough algorithms to be able to tell what signal is useful out of all that noise, even if their hardware is the world best.
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What computer/laptop have you got your parents using?
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Audiophiles of /g/: what is the highest quality headset $120 or less can buy?

Yes, headset. I need an integrated microphone. Otherwise, I would just go with my Audio-Technica.
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What Udemy courses did you pick up for winter break, anon?

Got this one on progressive web apps.
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Update addiciton

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Is anyone else addicted to update his systems ?
How often do you update ?
Do you already have multiple problems because of this bad habit ?
Talk with us mate, we are here to lend you an ear.
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