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The future of torrents guys

>rip off matrix+riot
>add transmisison

Is this one the stupidest crypto ever

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Name my code camp band
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my wife is flying to somewhere alone. shes making a story that she needs to do an exam there for her school course, and wants to meet her relatives.

shes not good at hiding stuff. i know that shes been having a relationship with a guy online for months, and the guy lives there. shes going to be living in a hotel for a few weeks, and might fuck him.

i know that you can install some spying softwares after jail breaking. is it possible to report voice and audio, then have it uploaded when its connected to wifi?
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wanaCry is evolving

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I work at the IT department of a large shipping company in the US and as of today we are getting a new wave of wanaCry infected computers. These are computers that DO NOT have the SMB exploit. It is even hitting computers that are in sleep mode that nobody has touched that we keep charged to hand out as temporary work stations while we are working on someone's computer.

So far only 2 computers of the dozens infected have shown the signature red pop-up demanding bitcoins, the rest have been bricked mid-encryption when critical system files begin disappearing. We have no idea how it is spreading or how it is able to hit computers that are asleep.

I am absolutely not supposed to be posting this here but we're fucked. This is not supposed to be possible. May God help us.
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Building Krita for Gentoo

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Has anyone used Krita on Gentoo? I've tried compiling it AND I've tried using the appimage.

Both attempts resulted in a slow laggy program. Other programs like GIMP run just fine, so I can only assume that I'm missing some dependency or something. Anyone had any success with this?
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whats with the sudden urge of "all phones need a fingerprint scanner" bullshit?
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What would you say is the best microphone for your money? Currently stuck between either the Rode NT USB or the Blue Yeti but leaning towards the Rode due to the pop filter

Upgrading whilst not at 100% CPU?

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Hey guys,

Basically my question is: If I'm not utilising 100% of my CPU for my current needs would I experience a performance improvement if I upgraded CPU?

Currently I have an AMD8120 @ 4GHz and was thinking about upgrading to a 1600, however even when I render in Lightroom I rarely reach 100% utilization. Same with gaming I never seem to see my CPU actually 'max' out per say. But after looking up benchmarks online some CPUs have better FPS in games than others, despite using the same setups. How does this happen? And why don't CPU's just use more of their processing power, or am I looking at this wrong?

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So now that xbox can practically stream to any screen I have in the house, why would I choose anything else

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Why haven't you switched to Docker containers on Microsoft Azure yet?

Are you scared of containerising applications using Visual Studio 2017?