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Redhat or Debian?

Custom Homepage Thread:

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Post pics of your custom homepage, /g/.
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So whats the alternative for a Windows poweruser? Really late to this i feel like my girlfriend just broke my heart...

>inb4 install gentoo
>inb4 >windows >poweruser
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Temple OS

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Linux Distro

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Um, I'm a newbie to GNU/Linux and am unsure which distro is best in that case (I have seen different answers everywhere). I'm currently running Windows 10 and am stuck between Mint and Ubuntu Gnome
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>Microsoft makes .Net framework Linux compatible
>Microsoft SQL Server 2017 runs on Linux
>ASP .Net sites & applications can now be hosted on linux trouble free
There is literally NO reason to use windows on a server and soon Linux will dominate the desktop market. Why haven't you switched everything over to Linux yet /g/?
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Does /g/ have any book recommendations that I can better understand what and how the big three internet companies control local internet infrastructure?

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Just took out a small loan of $3,000 from one of those same day loan shops. Help me build a good future proof gaming desktop pc. btw i'm not paying the money back if you're wondering lol.
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Mozilla IS creating a Big Brother Orwellian style

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####Mozilla 1984 proof####

In the blog, Mozilla representative writes that fake news such as "pizzagate'' hurts democracy
She is saying that ''Pizzagate'' is fabricated and it hurts democracy.

And why is she saying that? because she is quoting the New York Times article she linked.
She is repeating what New York Times is saying.
If New York Times covered the story and said it is fake news; then it is fake news and you should trust them that it's fake news.
Did she provide another article? No. She simply linked to a NYT article and said: "This is fake news and it hurts democracy."
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