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How do I get a dark address bar on chrome?

/vlg/ - Void Linux General

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/vlg/ - Void Linux General

Future Bound Edition

This thread is for those who are interested in Void Linux, use it, need help with it or want to try it.

Benefits of using void:
>no systemd
>xbps package manager
>just works
>rolling release
>libreSSL instead of openSSL
>nearly 10,000 packages and growing daily
>musl or glibc

>No systemd
Void Linux uses the runit init system and services supervision. It has the benefits of fast boot and shutdown times as well as simple and easy to write init scripts (in addition to having hundreds of pre-written ones).

Powerful package manager with dependency resolution. If your desired software isn't in the repository, build it with xbps-src and consider adding it.

moving soon to



>IRC, official (
#voidlinux - help channel
#xbps - Void development

>Discord, unofficial - general chat and help

Contribute packages, wiki entries, guides, &c. It already has a logo but there's plenty more to do as the distro is still in its early stages.
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>dynamic typing

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Does anyone else here get Google ads specifically targeted to boomers?

Like stuff about retirement and golf. Is that the norm for everyone or does Google think I'm an old man?

Why are there people that still use CRTs?

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>They cause immense eye strain

>take up a shit ton of space

>extremely fucking heavy

>VGA in 2018

>They are total power hogs

>4:3 in 2018

>that god awful high pitched noise they make

so tell me why are you still using it?
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Any of you ever get caught cheating at a university? My school just ignores it, pretty funny tqbqh.

Professor once gave us an assignment in a data structures course and then advertised himself online as someone who would do it for some cash. Collected like $1500 total from a group of chinese kids that wanted to cheat their way through their CS degrees and then failed them. Smart guy.

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Does anyone have any idea what would cause Foobar2000 to do this ?

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The CIA is gonna kill you in 24 hours

What do you do?

My first strap is to throw away my phone
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I'm programming as hobbyist for 1.5 years now, and I'm bored.
I feel like I have done everything, I have lost my determination in programming, it's just not fun anymore.
When I discovered programming, it was so fun to discover a new thing everyday.
How to gain motivation ?
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