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What is the best entry level DAW? Is it pic related? I want to start recording guitar and bass, how did you start and what did you use?
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Legit the best IDE I've ever used, the only crap to kind-of compete is JetBrains fuckery.

But it's only for Windows :)
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>he doesn't use madvr with MPC
>he uses stock settings
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how does it feel that programming, technical knowledge and linux administration will be considered trades in the future?

Are you ready to take the blue collar lifestyle? are you are proud laborer?
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/g/ installs arch

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itt we type commands to install arch. i'll start
fdisk dev/sda
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Technology job

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What's your tech job like /g/? I dont work in the tech sector and dont plan to, but ive always been interested in what my life would have been like had i gone the tech route professionally. What are youre favorite parts and least favorite parts of your job? would you become a techie again if you had the chance to redo this part of your life?
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Friendly reminder, if you’re using air coolers instead of liquid AIOs you’re a faggot deserving the bullet.
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You're applying for a job. HR Stacey informs you that along with your CV, you must submit a document stating what you consider to be the ideal Code of Conduct for the workplace environment. What will you write?
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I recently got a Mac Pro for pretty cheap and upgraded it a bit with parts I had laying around.

Since I read many times in past threads that a lot of people here got used Mac Pros from offices and so on and did the same I was wondering which version of Mac Pro you are using and how big you went with the upgrades.

Mine is a 3.1 and came with 2 Xeon E5462's, 10GB of RAM, 8800 GT and a 500GB HDD.
Put an SSD, BD drive and a GTX660TI in and installed Win7 on the SSD. It runs pretty smooth so far on boths OSs for such an old system.
Currently waiting for some more RAM I ordered.
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be me.
12 y old shit.
like to brake law.
dont have electronics exept nokia button phone becous have bad grades .
brother gets dad's laptop to watch cartons.
master plan gets pitched.
ask brother for a exchange tv remotes for laptop.
he accepts.
get on 4chan mis type.
type it correctly..
whrite this story .

still playing payday the heist