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how do i become a hacker?

mouse general

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what is your favorite mouse /g/? I use a g403 currently but i think i want to switch to either the g203 or the ec2-b.
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Are tablets the biggest tech meme of the past 10 years?
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Red pill me on windows 10 LTSB (long term servicing branch).
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what is THE programmer's distro?
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whats the point of a CS degree if the main focus isnt to teach you how to program? i dont think i can get a job by writing mathematical proofs all day
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What is the ultimate privacy stack for a computer, /g/?
> Hardware
> OS
> Email
> Internet Browser
> Cloud storage
> File manager
> Router
Nothing to hide- and nothing I want to show you.
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I just got an ad from Google saying do you want your computer to act like a phone? WHO THE FUCKS WANTS THEIR COMPUTER TO ACT LIKE A PHONE FUCK OFF

>install gentoo newfag
>fuck off ubuntu
>get debian
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