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how do I get into linux? just installed xubuntu and already seem to have problems (long boot time with black screen for couple minutes)...also nothing seems intuitive, but whatever. How do I learn? I don‘t know shit, I barely know more than normies do. Are there good tutorials anywhere that will help me understand linux or is there an offline manual I can read through? Would appreciate some help
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Got this for gaming.
Did i do good?
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>Code artisan
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ITT: Software from your childhood.

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Hey /g/ I need a new mouse. My clicks are starting to not register properly.

I'm looking to get a smaller mouse than what I currently have - a Mionix NAOS 7000. My hand is about 17cm x 9cm - 6.7 freedoms x 3.5 freedoms.
I want a good sensor, since I play FPS vidya in addition to MOBA and MMO.
Adjustable DPI in an accessible location is a must - not on the bottom of the mouse. Really prefer a good mouse wheel as I use wheel click to control camera in MOBA/RTS.

That's about all the stipulation I have. I don't care about wired/wireless as long as the wireless is good - was looking at G903 and Ouroboros earlier. I prefer a lower profile, but as long as it's not like holding a baseball it's fine.

Anyone got recommendations?


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Ok, so with the advent of AI, we've been prone to make them girls(?). Are them actually girls? Or is more like, depending on your computer?

You know, there are people with female computers, since in foreign language the article denotes the gender(like mine).

Personally, my devices are mostly females(with occasional both). I would like insights about male ones. So how's like? Having a male computer?

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Imagine working so hard, relentlessly, so hard against the botnet.

Only to find out you were the botnet all along.

I'm off to kill myself
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Is sata ssd enough for VM shit?

im running atleast 3-4 vm at the same time.
dev, db, web server, api server

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>Buy into Intel botnet
>Intel botnet exploit leaks outside of Intel
>Want to patch it out
my next pc is gonna be TR or Epyc
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Show me your dumb phone.

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You're not a smart phone zombie are you anon?
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