Now with botnets and Web2.0
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FBI agents came to my house today and kept calling 4chan, "fortran"

Is this common? serious replies only
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>buy unlocked cpu
>underclock it
What do you do with your unlocked cpus /g/?
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post your

>music player
>image editor
>text editor
>video player
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>job title
>how long you've been doing it
>how much you are making
>do you like your job
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/wdg/ - Web Development General

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>2017 [Embed] [Embed]

>This season's Advent of Code:

(they're the same)

>IRC Channel
#/g/wdg @
Web client:

>Learning material

>Useful Youtube channels

>Frontend development

>Backend development
[Gist] (embed)

>Useful tools (embed) - Discover new open source libraries, modules and frameworks and keep track of ones you depend upon. - Guides for HTML, CSS, JS, Web APIs & more. - List of public APIs

>NEET guide to web dev employment (embed)

>How to get started

>cheap vps hosting in most western locations
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Google AI Defeated Chinese Master in Ancient Board Game

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Machine learning is quickly advancing as many countries are heavily investing into artificial ‘deep learning,’ the latest example is a Google AI program beat a Chinese Grand master at the ancient board game Go.

>(BEIJING) A Google artificial intelligence program defeated a Chinese grand master at the ancient board game Go on Tuesday, a major feather in the cap for the firm's AI ambitions as it looks to woo Beijing to gain re-entry into the country.

>In the first of three planned games in the eastern water town of Wuzhen, the AlphaGo program held off China's world number one Ke Jie in front of Chinese officials and Google parent Alphabet's (GOOGL.O) chief executive Eric Schmidt.

>The victory over the world's top player - which many thought would take decades to achieve - underlines the potential of artificial intelligence to take on humans at complex tasks.

>Wooing Beijing may be less simple. The game streamed live on Google-owned YouTube, while executives from the DeepMind unit that developed the program sent out updates live on Twitter (TWTR.N). Both are blocked by China, as is Google search.

>Google pulled its search engine from China seven years ago after it refused to self-censor internet searches, a requirement of Beijing. Since then it has been inaccessible behind the country's nationwide firewall.
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should i get a ryzon or a intel?
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Zen 7nm tapeout in 2017

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Lisa Su confirms 7nm tapeouts scheduled for late 2017. Hopefully these are both Zen 2 and Navi. We should see a 7nm Zen 2 based Ryzen sometime in H1 2019.

Harlan Sur - JPMorgan:

>We talked initially in our discussion about the momentum carrying forward for the team and I think one of the things that you guys did a good job at Analyst Day was helping us to understand what’s next, right? And a good example of that is if we look at Zen 2, which you discussed at Analyst Day, that’s going to be ready sort of 2018, 2019 timeframe. Just maybe discuss in a little bit more granularity about the potential launch dates. These products are proposed to be using 7-nanometer technology from your foundry partners. When do you think such products are going to be sort of ready for tape-out and when do we see these products sort of out in the market?

Lisa Su:

>Yes, so our goal is to be very competitive in terms of our long-term roadmap. If you look at the foundry 7-nanometer roadmap compared to some of the other technologies out there, it’s actually really competitive. And I think the gap between sort of the foundry roadmap and like the Intel roadmap has gotten a lot closer. Our goal is to be aggressive with 7-nanometer technology. We will be doing tape-outs later this year. And as we get closer to production, we’ll give more insights there. But the idea is to be very competitive throughout the product portfolio.

Get your anuses ready.
There's a chance mobile APUs might roll out sooner since they're not getting the 14nm+ refresh like desktop chips are.
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

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Old thread: >>60553458

What are you working on, /g/?
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If Microsoft can see everything I do on Windows 10 then how come I'm not in jail?
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