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/g/ WTF?
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Waiting for Monday shitstorm edition.
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I thought this would amuse you guys.

>$3500 build

>64gb of RAM
>intel hexacore
>not even the best version of a shitty case series
>fake water cooling that isn't better than air
>$250 1200watt psu, isn't even platinum
>optical media
>32bit windows

http://tiny [delete]
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Terry A. Davis Banned

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Terry, the beloved programmer of TempleOS has been banned from YouTube. :[

I don't know if it was permanent since his videos are still there, but he's trying to host videos on his site now.

I saw the video that got him suspended this time, he said if he found out "Dianna slept with a nigger" he would have to "kill all niggers", this video was removed due to the "harassment & bullying" policy. He was provoked into making that video due to a troll on the comment section on his previous video.

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I'm about to buy a GTX 660 Ti.

But my motherboard only has PCI x16 slots, not 2.0 or 3.0.

Good idea or bad idea?
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/nrg/ - Nyaa Replacements General

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This thread is for the discussion of NyaaPantsu (, a free (FOSS) torrent indexer.
The aim of this project is to write a fully featured replacement in golang that anyone will be able to deploy locally or remotely.


>Why is Pantsu down/error 502?
Most likely because the team is deploying changes. Wait for a bit and refresh the page. It should be mostly stable now.

>Nyaa works!
>Sukebei is in the process of being fixed
>Categories and searching works on master
>Filelists are implemented but need to be made hideable and tree view
>People are working on improving search and making it faster.
>Sukebei and nyaa accounts will be the same.
>New theme will be added.
>Daily db dumps possibly later today/tomorrow.
>Gravatar will be removed and replaced.
>Mascots will be customizable.
>Site status page has been added!

Links --
Nyaa clones:
* (most reliable since devs previously worked on
* (/g/+/a/ project; db is up to date)
* (porn version of the above; db is up to date, but close to 1 year of JAV was lost)
* (redirects to
* (uses old nyaa DB, unknown owner)
* (same as above)

Nyaa alternatives:

Local Client:
>An anon made a local client in case the online sources are down: instructions and download at
qBittorrent plugin for Pantsu.

Development roadmap:

NyaaPantsu Status:

Development and discussion channel:
>#nyaapantsu on Rizon
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Google I/O

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/w4v/ - Daily Wait for Vega Thread

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This is where we wait for the latest AMD graphics card which AMD will surely release in a timely manner and will definitely blow all of our minds, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed, no chance it'll fail, just you wait.

The latest:
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Because you guys have more class than /biz/

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Urbit is having a private sale right the fuck now if anyone's interested in my second (2/2) invite code.

If you don't know what Urbit is, then you should probably keep your distance. I'm not interested in shilling here, just finding fellow fans of the only operating system edgier than TempleOS.