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/g/ WTF?
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>no photoshop
>no good office suite
>no AAA games
>drivers so bad sometimes you're forced to use windows drivers instead
>desktops require ricing to look nice
>forced to use command prompt for some basic functionality
>worse performance than windows and osx
>no support for any "serious" programs like Sony Vegas or Adobe dreamweaver, forcing users to use inferior "free" alternatives

What makes Linux so popular on /g/?
What can you do on Linux that you can't do on windows?
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I would like to set up my computer so it automatically downloads all the youtube video's from my subscriptions list so I can quickly copy them to my phone in the morning. What is the easiest way to accomplish this? I know installing gentoo will fix all my problems but I don't want to make this too easy for myself.
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How do I bypass this /g/? My college have blocked Androids and iOS devices from accessing the network, but Laptops can connect just fine. How can I get around this?

Is there a way to spoof my phone as a Windows device so it lets me in?
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Need Hacker??

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Well nearly 2 years after trying to work things out with my husband and putting myself second to what He needs, I came home from work yesterday to find he has gone. I was finally able to catch him cheating again with the help of this guy the hacker. each him at Very professional and They got me what I needed as proof in 6 hours . Tell them luisa gave you the contact.
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>download that vocaroo of the girl pretending to be a lost little girl getting molested
>play it in itunes
>delete it
>few weeks later plug in my ipod to charge
>later plug my ipod into my car with my mom sitting next to me
>that vocaroo clip starts playing
>freak out and almost swerve into the other car trying to turn it off

fuck you itunes who the fuck thought it was a good idea to add music to my ipod without permission
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How do you convert seconds to microwave time?
let's say you have 60 seconds that would be 00:60 but if you have 61 seconds then it would be 01:01.

What's the wizardry /g/?
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Uh, where's the Download for Windows/Linux button?

I thought April Fool's was over like a week ago.
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FreeBSD confirmed cucks.
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Power line Adapters

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Are they just a gimmick, or do they actually work? Isn't there interference because it's running a signal through a power line?
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