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daily programming thread: coffee shop edition

old thread almost dead, what are you working on?
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Battlestation thread /bst/

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post battlestations and r8 other peoples battlestations
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>early days of computers and internet: used by 99% of smelly male nerds with weird niche interests, coding, IRC, otaku culture, hacking, warez, scifi discussion boards, etc. nerds realize there are so many things one can do with a computer, plenty of hardware gadgets, the birth of video games, etc; there was this notion that "this is the future" but the mainstream people didn't understand and didn't care enough to invest in the pricey equipment
>iphones and facebook appear: 50% of the world consumerist base ie women suddenly take interest in internet machines, pay +500 bucks to carry powerful little computers that can anything and expensive ISP services which allows them to download anything at high speed; use them only to take photos of themselves and talk to their IRL friends on social media
It's really weird how powerful computers have been reduced to these little narcissism tools, how women haven't thought of a single innovative and interesting use for the expansive tech equipment they carry everyday in their handbags
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Ryzen HEDT will kill Skylake-X, but not for the reasons you think.

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Freshly released specs show Zeppelin is a full SOC. Even with 48 PCIe lanes, 10GbE can be enabled as a virtual afterthought.
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>his software respects his freedoms
>his porn doesn't
Enjoy your botnet porn
Post FLOSS anime porn and make Stallman proad of your freedoms

This thread is /g/ related because:
1. these Images are FREELY LICENSED, and have SOURCE CODE available, so they are FLOSS
2. 4chan is an ANIME website, so Anime is on topic
3. Most viewers on this board are MEN, so they probably Enjoy PORN
4. This thread is about FREEDOM, which STALLMAN wants us to spread, and he is Stickied

Source code:
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What's a good MP3/MP4 player?

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I'm looking to get a mp3 or mp4 player for a good cheap price from 10-30 dollars. I want something modern and not look like a ipod or ipod touch. Pic related is something that I'm looking at on amazon.
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Heads up, Today's Nightly(13) is quite buggy so refrain from updating.

Scriptish fucking up
Flash broken
And several addons like ABP broken

Bug 90268 – move plugins to content - plugins should withstand a reframe of the object frame
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Intel Coffee Lake S 6 Core Desktop Processor Leaked, Core i5 Without Hyper Threading

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"The first processor I think most users would be interested to learn about is the Coffee Lake S 6 core part. This is Intel’s first 6 core, mainstream and consumer oriented processor. The processor carries some very interesting specifications. First of all, it’s a 6 core part that features no hyper-threading. It comes with 3.5 GHz base clock and no turbo boost speed is mentioned. My guess is that we are looking at a engineering sample and final chip will ship with higher clock speeds."
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/retro/ - some old shit

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Post about retro stuff. Old computer hardware, operating systems, software and design.
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can someone recommend a really good VPN and why? thanks in advance
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