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Screenfetch Bread

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Because we need a break from all the ransom ware threads
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Now that Techpowerup is being paid to spread false news, are there ANY reliable tech sites left?
They have begun to be a little shady over these past months but this is it, this is the turning point for them.

/g/, where the fuck do you go to be at least a tiny bit informed of the computer world?

Pic related, just look at that fucking misleading shit.
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/g/ meta thread, Hiro allows one per board

If someone makes a post about Linux in some graphics card thread on the technology board, they're not breaking a rule because, while it's off the secondary topic (graphics card), it's on the primary topic (technology)
If someone makes a post about anime on the technology board of the anime website, they're not breaking a rule because, while it's off the secondary topic (technology), it's on the primary topic (anime)
Q. E. D.
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I thought this would amuse you guys.

>$3500 build

>64gb of RAM
>intel hexacore
>not even the best version of a shitty case series
>fake water cooling that isn't better than air
>$250 1200watt psu, isn't even platinum
>optical media
>32bit windows

http://tiny [delete]
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/g/ WTF?
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Waiting for Monday shitstorm edition.
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Terry A. Davis Banned

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Terry, the beloved programmer of TempleOS has been banned from YouTube. :[

I don't know if it was permanent since his videos are still there, but he's trying to host videos on his site now.

I saw the video that got him suspended this time, he said if he found out "Dianna slept with a nigger" he would have to "kill all niggers", this video was removed due to the "harassment & bullying" policy. He was provoked into making that video due to a troll on the comment section on his previous video.

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I'm about to buy a GTX 660 Ti.

But my motherboard only has PCI x16 slots, not 2.0 or 3.0.

Good idea or bad idea?
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Google I/O

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