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>Paying more than $10 for a phone
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/mpv/ - the video player

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A man secretly outsourced his job to China, played at work including surfing Reddit, and made hundreds of thousands before being caught and fired.

Is this even legal? Has anyone on /g/ done this?
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>He isn't buying the Oppo Find X

Are you serious anon?
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>repeal obongo's net neutrality
>john oliver, reddit, and google shills on 4chan flip their shit

>ban memes
>*crickets chirp*

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First time building PC

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My budget is ~$900, here's what I have so far

GPU - RX 570 - $270
CPU - R5 2600X - $210
Heat sink - Gammaxx 400 - $24
RAM - 8 GB - $77
Motherboard - ASRock X470 Master - $140
HDD - 1 TB - $46
Power supply - SeaSonic G-650 - $72
Case - $90
Total - $929, before shipping and taxes

/g/ software template thread

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/g/ software template thread
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Which 'tubers do you guys watch?

I like VWestLife, Level1techs, and Mark Furneaux
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I finally organize all 11 terabytes of data I collected over the past 2 years, and now its time to defrag for the next two days.

How you data hoarders doing today?
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/sqt/ - stupid questions thread

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Ask your questions here.

Please first check the /g/ wiki for related keywords, and/ or search for an answer using one of the following privacy-respecting search engines (or any other such like them):

/g/ wiki:
/g/ sticky: >>51971506

Redirect questions that don't deserve their own thread with >>>/g/sqt

Previous thread: >>66409069
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