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Generations within lolita fashion?

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This topic has got me thinking recently and I wonder if other lolitas feel the same way. Do you guys think that groups of lolitas are shaped differently and have similar tastes because of their age and when they started the fashion, sort of like eldergoths in the gothic community? Here's a little survey to clarify what I mean:

>What year were you born in, and how old are you currently?
>What year did you start lolita, and how old were you back then?
>Were you older or younger than lolitas around that time period, or around the same age? Did you start the fashion when most lolitas your age did?
>How would you describe the scene of the fashion when you started? Trends, how communities and other lolitas acted, how the online lolita comm was, how newbies acted, etc.
>How would you describe the scene now?
>Is it highly different from when you started? Would you set yourself in a completely separate group from lolitas that started the fashion in a different period of time, and would you think your newbie days were different from how newbies act now?
>What do you think this new generation of lolitas will bring to the fashion? You can predict trends, end of eras or start of new eras, etc.

I don't think anyone has discussed this topic before anywhere, but I thought it would be interesting to discuss with other gulls and see what they think. Feel free to add anything if you like.