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Soft Lolita & Neo Lolita

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There are some old brands that are related to the origins of Lolita, but do not mainly produce Lolita clothing, nor really market themselves as Lolita brands (Milk, Jane Marple, Emily Temple Cute). Even so, Japanese normies think of these brands as Lolita, and Lolitas have worn their clothing since forever.

Now there are some newer brands that borrow from Lolita fashion, but are also not really Lolita (Honey Bunch, Amavel, Rosemarie Seoir... There are a lot). These brands are used for several different styles too, but generally they fall under the label girly fashion, which is as broad a term as it sounds (it's also used for normie fashion).

Misako and RinRin have both talked about labels for what could be a new style of ''not really Lolita but has Lolita elements/Lolita inspired/has the same feeling or spirit as Lolita''. Though mentioned in magazines a couple of times, they are not really defined or popular. These are soft Lolita and neo Lolita.

Then there's otome kei, which appears to be a term that's only used in the West nowadays. When I asked my SS about otome kei, she first thought I was talking about otome games, then she simply said it was girly fashion.

Tldr what are your thoughts on soft Lolita, neo Lolita and girly fashion?