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Craft/Handmade/Hobby Thread

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It's been awhile since the last craft thread!
What have you gulls been working on?
Any new shops you've been admiring recently?
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*** New Cosplay Model <3 *

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Check out my friend who is a new hot cosplay model. She does chilled ones too but she does fanservice too ;) Go give her a follow <3


Miraculous Ladybug

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Haven't seen this thread up in a while!
Let's see it cgl,
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Atmospheric Cosplay Thread

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Post cosplay photoshoots that really work with their setting and theme. No limit on the type of cosplay (show, game, anime, movie, comic, etc.) as long as it looks like it would fit into the source material.
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Tell me about your local cringlords, /cgl/
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What was the most accurate 1:1 cosplay you've seen? Also what do you think is the hardest character to cosplay that you've never seen done right?
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General Asian Fashion

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For daily cutesy fashion that doesn't fit into any substyle
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No Blouse No Problem

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There is literally nothing wrong with blouseless or shoulder-baring lolita coords.
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