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Online Lolita Comm Thread

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>WTF is happening in Canada edition.

>censor out all names and usernames.
>stay on topic.
>don't get this one deleted.
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Its Black History month, post black cosplay
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Cosplay Guests

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How does /cgl/ feel about cosplay guests at conventions?

Should they be receiving comped rooms and travel expenses? Should they get paid for attending, or get a free table in AA to sell prints? How much work should be expected out of a cosplay guest? Should they judge the costume contest or just run a few panels? Do cosplayers really care about cosplay guests at all?
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>showing up to an anime convention in Western media based cosplay
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>When small conventions in small towns try charging as much for badges as some of the biggest conventions in the country

Why do small cons shoot themselves in the foot like this? I get that they need more money to expand and that being in usually smaller towns far away from big cities with big conventions that a lot of people will suck it up and pay the $70+, but Christ. What in god's name makes them think that they can charge as much as some of the biggest cons in the country? There's a big difference in what you're getting.

Has cgl ever been to any small cons like this? What was it like?
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Makeup & Skincare General

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Let's talk about skincare routines and offer advice. Makeup news and questions, too.

To start us off:

>What are your skincare/makeup favourites this Winter?
>Any release you're looking forward to?
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How do you guys budget for cons, especially big ones out of state like AX? And how much do you save up for specific stuff?

>AX coming soon
>start saving up early February with labeled envelopes
>$200 - 300 for hotel
>$120 for food
>$60 for either car rental / gas money
>$600+ for swag
>tfw I spend $1200 a year for weeb ComicCon
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Persona thread

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Haven't had one in a while
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Cosplay and beards

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I'm quite fond of my beard however there is a limited amount of bearded characters to cosplay as, especially in anime. Is it acceptable to cosplay a non bearded character with a beard or am i suppose to just shave before every con?
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No Zelda thread? Let's change that. Has anyone here started a BOTW cosplay yet?
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