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Wig Thread

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Didn't see one, so here's a new one.
I remember a long time ago people talking about lucaille wigs, I can't remember if it was for good or bad reasons, though. Does anyone have any experiences with them or remember any other peoples' stories?
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Anti-Lifestyle Lolita Traits

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So we all know the ideal Lifestyle Lolita traits: good manners, feminine hobbies, and a love of tea and sweets. But not everyone can be maidenly all the time. What's your trait or habit that's so antithetical to the idea of a Lifestyler that Misako would piss her petti if she were to find out? Do you really fucking hate that hot leaf water that people call tea? Discretely pick your nose and put your snot in inappropriate places? Share your most anti-Lifestyle traits.... your secrets are safe here!
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Little Witch Academia

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Where my witches at?
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17 days left ! Who's going ? Share your costumes, your plans, and your predictions for the ECG finals results AND for the inevitable drama that will follow.

Also, remember to bring your own food and water and that the dealer's hall is full of bootlegs.
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Pokemon Cosplay

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Haven't seen one in a while, so here we go. Dump incoming. Would love to see less common characters.
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Lolita books, films and series

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It doesn't necessarily have to be about lolita fashion itself, it can be a gothic novel, art from a fairytale, a beautiful film, brand collab related etc...
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No bad handmade thread? Bad hand made/regretsy thread
This turd with gumballs in it can be yours for ¥1,000
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>>9479784 is on its way to being archived. Let the Texas salt mining continue.
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Facial expressions

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I'm planning to cosplay as Hououin Kyouma. Problem is my face doesn't look enough like him, have dark skin, and I need glasses. I'm hoping carrying a dr. pepper and posing dramatically/getting in character will make up for it. I'm practicing my condescending and crazy faces.

Any tips for making it work? I have no experience acting or cosplaying.

Summer Jaina Cosplay by Heccu

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Good day, friends! Heccu here.
Some of you already know me as a streamer that appears in the client and is a part of Blizzheroes official streaming schedule OR as an HOTS interviewer on my Youtube channel OR as a cosplayer that visited different HOTS related events (Road to Blizzcon, Gamescom, IEM Katowice e.t.c.).
Talking about the last:
Since it's summer and super hot (+30C where I live), I decided to make a summer version of my favorite cosplay, which is the costume of Jaina Proudmoore! :)
To this photo shoot I decided to add a little bit of lore:
After all the things that Jaina witnessed in Azeroth (the tensions between the Alliance and the Horde and the horrors of Theramore), she leaves for a vacation to try to bring back the peacefulness and the calmness that was once in her heart. Little she did know, she was not the only one who had that idea... so the dreadlord awakening might happen even sooner than anyone expected.
"Can a mage build a castle in peace... WITHOUT it getting destroyed?! Ok, I get it. You were not responsible for what happened in Theramore... But HOW is THIS an accident, Thrall?!".
This photo shoot is also my entry for Heroes of Summer, so feel free leave a vote! :)
P.S. as an add:
I do have a full costume :)