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Bad Shoop Thread

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Post bad shoops, very self explanatory.
This girl was getting tons of compliments on her cosplay skills
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Skincare General

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Starting a thread since I couldn't find one.

I'm getting more into skincare recently and I have a question. I bought Secret Key's Snow White Cream and COSRX AHA/BHA Toner. Since the snow white cream contains niacinamide and the COSRX toner has a low pH, is there any problem in using this cream after the toner? Is it better to wait a few minutes or should I use one in the morning and the other at night?
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Fursuit thread

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Post fursuit/mascot pics, questions, stories and anything else fursuit related.

Frequently asked questions:
>How much is a new suit?
Expect to pay at least 2k for a fullsuit commission, 3k+ for something padded, and higher for a realistic suit. Heads typically go for 400-1k, partials 900-1.5k.
>Where to buy second hand?
occasionally the 'fursuit' tag on furaffinity.
>What about Japanese suits?
list of makers and other relevant kemono suit info
>Fur supplies and diy?
Amazon, Joann's, etc
High density for heads, med/low for body/padding.
>How to clean?
Handwash, low heat, no dryer! (unless you have a no heat setting)

We have a discord! Please leave a comment if you want an invite link.

Link to previous thread:
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Dear /cgl/.

I want to ask you kindly about interactions between photographer and cosplayer - how should photographer approach cosplayers at cons or similar events? What to do and what absolutely not to? What kind of tips could you give to beginner?

Yes, I know that /p/ would be better place to ask about technique but I kinda wanted to ask actual cosplayers and maybe some cosplay photographers that might be around here. Im rather shy and afraid of social contact myself but given that cons often have friendly atmosphere and since I like both anime and photography (even if Im lacking at skills now), I figured out I could gett better at both making photos and talking to people. Also, at two events I was so far, when after one I sent the photos made to person who organized it and later saw them in gallery, I felt happy and useful. So if at least one person would feel happy just for a moment because I took their photo (after asking for permission of course) I would feel really happy as well because of that. Thats why I want to get better.

Im sorry if this thread should be made here, in such case simply point it out. Sorry for trouble and thank you for any reply or advice!
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Post more photos fuckos: cosplayers, loot, staff ass etc.

Prev thread >>9554717
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Con+Alt+Delete 2017

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Just about 2 months out from Con+Alt+Delete. Who hype?

When : Dec 15th-17th
Where : Hyatt Regency O'hare, Rosemont, IL
Why : Anime and general nerd culture

Also a discord for CAD / Midwest cons if anyone is interested : we nice people here.
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Kawaii.i contest thread

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Entry gallery is up so lets retoast and discuss some outfits
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Masked Cosplay

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Can we have a thread dedicated to fully-masked characters and cosplay? I'm hideous and need inspiration.
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Those Detached Collars That Also Have The Little Tie.

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So I bought a costume for my wife for intimate purposes and I'm looking for those detached collars with the little ties on them like pic related. I'm having the hardest time finding anything that's not intended for tiny dogs. What's the best way to go about it? Been googling like crazy and all I find are results for tiny dogs. Figured someone here might know better.
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Irish cons thread

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Let's talk about the Summer cons in Ireland
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