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ACen 2017 2nd thread

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Old thread is almost maxed out. FYI: the Red Bar is the dimly lit area across from the elevators after you walk up the stairs in the Hyatt..
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Retirement Age

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When do you think it is time for a cosplayer to hang up their costumes, if at all? More specifically, young cosplayers in their twenties for example, who might have a fan following on Facebook/DeviantArt etc. At what point do they just become too old for it?

Do you plan to stop cosplaying when you reach a certain age?
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Dutch Thread: "So to have a good thread we just don't have to start any pointless drama?" Edition

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Previously, in our thread about cartography, the UEFA League and mad jelly recipes >>9459855
>Who are your favourite picks for the Animecon cosplay compos?
>Abunai and NH hotel complaints, and alternatives for the hotel.
>Anon did not get any Elfia pictures.
>We hate people who abuse their label get a hotel room.
>The eternal Patreon talks. Bingo chart v3 when?
>Formula Cosplay happened and anon gave a review that went unnoticed.
>WIP shots, now by more anons including the LARP anons who appear to be multiplying.
>Anon requesting ideas for some tutorials revolving around electronics.
>Our quarterly tits measuring contest

The five next major events:
>Animecon (June 9th - 11th, The Hague ZH), a con that really needs no introduction.
>Moshi Moshi Fair (June 17th, Amsterdam NH), a free fair for those who enjoy Japanese things and anime.
>Castlefest (August 3rd - 6th, Lisse ZH), the other outdoor fantasy orientated convention.
>Abunai! aka "Error 500: The Con" (August 25th - 27th, Veldholven NB), a nice con that suffers from the limited amoutn of suited venues.
>Amsterdam Comic Con (September 2nd & 3rd, Amsterdam, NH), you should know the drill by now.
Our full con calendar with Google Calendar support can be found at

Friendly reminders:
>We have a newcomers guide at
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. It's best to take things posted here lightly and just move on.
>Posting WIP pictures and/or progress about your current projects is encouraged.

Our /comfy/ Discord for comfy people:
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What makes a good convention?

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Don't know if this is the right place to put this thread but in my city I'm planning to create a new anime/manga convention in 2018.

We've already got several sponsors and guests lined up but my bigger question is what qualities make a convention truly enjoyable to cosplayers?
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Larme Kei - Are we Risa? Or are we Normie?

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Last thread is a fucking mess >>9445498

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide:

Partial Scans List:

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):

Facebook group: Don't Cry Baby
Amino: Larme Fashion
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Instagram Thread 2.0

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Last one got deleted, Don't mess this one up
>Self Post, Discuss favorite accounts, ect.
>Before you ask, The apps you are probably looking for are Beautycam and Beautyplus
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Larme Kei - Nostalgia Edition

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didn't realize the old thread would autosage so quickly >>9408212

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide:

Partial Scans List:

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):]

Facebook group: Don't Cry Baby
Amino: Larme Fashion
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Menhera/Gurokawa Thread

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Lolita youtubers/bloggers you like

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Let's talk about our favorite lolita fashion related youtubers and blogs.
>No drama pls, take it to the farm
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Dressup Game General

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Dressup Game General

Old Thread Saged: >>9457004

>Links (can be NSFW) (requires registration)

>Other Games

Style Savvy 1,2,3 (DS/3DS)
Girl's Fashion Shoot (3DS)
Romantic Diary (Phone)
Love Nikki (Phone)

Would anyone be interested in a sheet of dressup games for easier access?
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