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Canada Thread

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What you all working on and looking forward to, Canada?

ConBravo plans? Otakuthon?
Does anyone still give a shit about FanExpo?
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New Zealand Cosplay & Convention Thread

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What upcoming cons are you planning to attend?
What cosplays do you currently have on the go?
Cosplans for the upcoming cons?

Also dump any dramu if need be
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Opinions on Matsuricon?
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Florida Summer Cons

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We've hit July and here come in the influx of Florida cons for the summer.

Orlando Anime Day 7/15
Supercon 7/27-7/30
TBCC 7/28-7/30
Metro 8/3-8/6
Mizucon 8/25-8/27
SakuraNatsu 8/26

Which cons will you be going to? Cosplay plans, event excitement/disappointment
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cosplay nudes from the dutch cosplay scene

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So anyone have nudes from the girls from the dutch cosplay scene?

Jojo Thread: Taste of a Liar edition

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Last thread >>9459017
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Worst/weirdest thing you've ever been compared to while wearing lolita?

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What's the worst/weirdest thing you've ever been compared to or called while wearing lolita? Post pics. Let's go beyond basic bitch Bo Peep references and into bizarro territory.
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Kitacon = orgycon?

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So the other post went down but it's still a thing and we picked up a couple other people.
One change is the meet location, in the circle outside curiositea. Still 1am tonight!
Please be respectful of others limits and no fucking level 20 creeps.
Please look for some persona cosplayers as that's the group I'm bringing!
Let's get Lita4Kita
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Gothic coords but the main piece isn't even black

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time for a blackless or hardly-black gothic lolita inspo and ideas thread.

arguing is ok but nobody likes a nitpicker who shits unconstructively so if you wanna gatekeep, bring your A game, gull.
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San Japan X

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Discussion thread for the upcoming San Japan!
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