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How does your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever feel about your love for cosplay and ita?

Are they a fan too, or do they shit on it?
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Menhera/Gurokawa Thread

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So, everyone always bitches about poorfags and newbies, but can we get a thread about rich snobs and elitists?

Elitist in my comm I have to deal with every meet because she's super close to my BFF
>always comes to events in some super rare expensive dress
>has a new brand purchase she just has to mention every fucking meet
>every year when wardrobe month comes, whenever someone asks if she will be posting, she replies with something along the lines of how she would, but it would be too time consuming because of the size of her wardrobe
>says making friends is hard because she always has to question their motives
>despite having so much money, never sells anything below market rate
>goes to Japan like three fucking times a year and always mentions her trips when she comes back
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Mail Thread

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What have you gotten in the mail lately?
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Laundry thread

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Ask, share stories and horrors. Help others out with their laundry questions.
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Lolita General

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Édition nostalgique.

Previously in Lolita General (>>9435368)
>Droopy eyes make-up does (not) suit every substyle
>What does toned-down objectively look like?
>Why Moitié is great
>Donating Lolita clothing
>Shifty LM sellers
>You are (not) a jerk if you post your friends
>You are (not) too sensitive if you don't want to get posted
>Alternative names for Lolita fashion
>New release from Krad Lanrete
>Taobao shawl

What did you all wear for Easter?
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Praise be to Mana-sama, we are finally getting a Misty Sky reserve period.

What colors/cuts are you planning on getting, gulls? What's your preferred Tokyo SS?

I'm so excited about this I could cry.
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HEROES MANGA Madrid 2017

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What are your thoughts about this convention? For me it was pure shit. Too much froko and attention whores.
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Coord Help Thread

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Help, Suggestions, and Feedback for lolira coords.
Last one is in autosage
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I'm a guy going to a convention in a month and I got no time to make a good cosplay.

Recommend a character whose outfit is simple and I can just buy it off eBay right now.
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