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Dream Dress Thread: Bless This Dress edition

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May all our prayers be answered.

Post and discuss DDs here.

Old thread: >>9967661
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Cosplay Contest Cheaters

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A recent post got me thinking about cosplayers who make a habit of cheating in masquerades or craftsmanship contests, especially since some contests have cash prizes attached now. Let's get a list going of cosplayers to be wary of, and any interesting stories you have about contest cheating. This can include:

>Claiming you made a mass-produced cosplay
>Claiming you made a commissioned cosplay
>Lying about how a part of a cosplay was made, or if it was made at all
>Repeated sandbagging (aka entering multiple contests with a cosplay that already won a more prestigious contest)
>Sandbagging the same convention with the same cosplay
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F21 let's make anime real.

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For only $18, Forever21 will help you become a real anime with this eyeshadow palette book. Are you hype, anon?

V-Kei General

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Old thread 404d

Matenrou Opera Tour Finale this weekend.

August is full of new releases and lives. Anything you’re looking forward to? Ready for brands to release fall/winter collections?
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What were your most embarrassing cosplay or lolita moments?

I fell down the stairs running away from a furry.
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Favorite Cosplay Photos

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Post your favorite cosplay photos!

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I'm a tranny. Can I cosplay as Felix or Astolfo or would It be in bad taste?
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"What are you supposed to be?"

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I thought this would be fun to see... What are some cases of mistaken identity have you fallen victim to while cosplaying?
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Can I get an opinion on how rare the Church Gate print is from MMM? Do you think it would be considered rare/hard to find in 2018 (In any form, doesn't matter if its the JSK, OP, or skirt)

Kimono thread - Segodon edition

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I want to cosplay him but I just know everyone would think I'm wearing a yukata wrong
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