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Cosplay Suggestion

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Haven't seen one of these for a while. Remember to make at least four suggestions when you post.
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Cosplay/Lolita-focused Youtubers

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Any cosplay or J-fashion-centric Youtube creators that you follow, admire, or find cringey?

I want to start making videos in and about cosplay on Youtube (I've technically already started) and want to see what other people find enjoyable or annoying.
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Otakon 2017

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Three months out from the East Coast's biggest anime convention.

>New city, new and bigger location
>Anisong Matsuri, but not as good as AX's
>Will be ungodly hot, as always
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What's in your convention and/or lolita bag?

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What do you keep in your bags for conventions gulls?
Lolitas also welcome to post what they keep in their purses
Post pics of your cute bags if you can!
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Crossplay/Crossdress General #05

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Old thread: >>9504587

Thread Guidelines:
Feel free to post things ITT like (Keep it /cgl/-related; means either cosplay or J-fashion [e.g. Lolita/Brolita, Nanchatte, etc.]):
- Usefull guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

Not allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this

Collection of guides and informative material (general, MtF, FtM):

It's still lacking content. We'd appreciate it a lot, if you are kind enough to share your sources of Information with us!


Contact for suggestions or contribution:
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Blackface: America vs everyone else

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Hey, I'm kinda new, so sorry if this stuff has already been discussed over and over.

May I ask you how you feel about blackface in cosplay? And I'm not talking about those who do it on purpose to offend or to gain attention from american communities, but about those who just want to do that character with their skin color.
Also, do you feel that there are different opinion between different countries? Why?
I live in Europe and here I've never spoken face-to-face with POC who felt attacked because of "blackface": one even told me that if someone buys make up, wig, eye contacts, outfits, and then doesn't paint his skin THAT would be offensive, "What, are you that disgusted by my skin color?" (and I felt really discomfort).
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CoF Thread - Yes That's a Man General

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Old thread >>9551031
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Mail Thread

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Last thread >>9383358

Share what you've got coming in the mail!
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why are buff asian cosplayers so rare?
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Dream skirts

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Skirts are not getting enough love from lolitas these days. Brands are not releasing them much. Why do lolitas hate them? It's sad.

You may post
>Your dream skirt
>Your favorite skirt
>Your favorite skirt coord

But if you want to dump photos please go here >>9542439
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