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Lolita with aprons

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A thread dedicated to the best accessory ever: aprons! They're slowly starting to make a comeback.

Post your favorite apron coords, favorite aprons, do you prefer apron skirts or detachable aprons? Are they just a fashion accessory or do you actually wear one to cook or eat in?
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Outfit Help thread!

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Got a piece your stuck with and don't know how to wear it?
Trying to find a new way to wear an old fave?
Completely lost but not to the point of needing to be spoonfed?

Come on in and post your problematic pieces! All J-fashions welcomed!

Please post your items and make sure you mention your budget, style or weather problems so you get better advice.
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You gulls know about this drama? They canceled the convention a *week* before it started. Their kickstarter was called "Universal Fan Con". It raised $56,000
>First multi-fandom Con dedicated to inclusion, highlighting Women, LGBTQ, the Disabled and Persons of Color.

If this con ever actually re-schedules, it will be dashcon 2.0
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Old MTAC Conchair in Peril

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It's finally coming out. Lucas Leverett was the Conchair of MTAC and got kicked out for embezzlement. He started GMX as a way to get laid and sucked resources from MTAC to put on the show. Now he took over Hypericon, which has been a sci-fi literature convention, and is trying to make it GMX 2.0. It has been long known about his theft, but his relationships with and grooming of underage girls and sexual abuse of women on staff is finally going public. It's been an open secret, but either you know the guy is a creep or you ride his dick, and his cult of personality has insulated him this far. Drama is about to kick into overdrive in Nashville/Atlanta, and he's already threatening to sue for libel. What is it with conchairs and underage girls?
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/LNG/- Love Nikki General: race queens edition

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Last thread: >>9828357

>Current Events:
Ultimate Race 03/10-03/17
3 dress up challenge stages, 2 quiz stages

Lucky bag offer 04/11-04/27
Recharge different amounts to get random outfits (1 per lucky bag).
Dragon set is guaranteed in the last lucky bag.
$99.99 for all sets

Time limited quest from Momo 04/11-04/15
Complete the Zashiki set for 20 stamina, 10 starlight coins, and 20,000 gold

>Where to download?
Itunes, Google Play Store

>How to play and useful guides:

>/cgl/ Associations
Gull Wings - ID#13483
Bunny Baes - ID#11281
CGL 2 - ID #10830
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Irish Thread

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>2018 is the year of Amy Edition
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How does /cgl/ feel about drag?
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Fanime 2018 Thread

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It's April and there's no Fanime thread? What's wrong with the world?

Who are you cosplaying as? Any interest in the Ghibli symphony thing? Is Fanime good for anything other than seeing friends and photoshoots and parties? Any CGL meetup this year? How will we cope with Psycho Donuts up and moving to another side of town, the Fanime food options seem to be waning.

Post your lineups/excitement/complaints here!!!
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continuation of >>9852010

Share collages that you've saved and let's focus on quality content this time.
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