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>make a new thread would you please, and pick out a picture that'll stand out from the weeb stuff. Usually armour or shit makes it easier to recognize the thread.

new larp thread, previous one is in autosage

Dystopia Rising is actually descending, and other drama edition
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Makeup General

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Old thread >>9527330
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Canada Thread: Southern Ontario Edition

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Now that the busy summer season is behind us and with just a handful of cons left to go. Wanted to see who was attending what? Also what might be your cosplay plans?

Forest City Comicon ~ Sept. 23 ~ London
Hamilton Comic Con ~ Sept. 30-Oct.1 ~ Hamilton(Mount Hope)
London Comic Con ~ Oct.13-15 ~ London
GTA Comic Con ~ Nov.12 ~ Oakville
Quinte Mini Con ~ Nov.18-19 ~ Belleville
East End Expo ~ Dec.3 ~ Ajax
Pomtario/Kupocon ~ Dec.3 ~ Toronto
DTAC ~ Dec.9 ~ Toronto

Also if your from other parts of Canada and Ontario. Please feel free to join and plan your own stuff here if need be
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Ita Thread: Begone Kinksters Edition

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Old thread is sage

With Halloween just around the corner, I'm seeing more OC so let's try not to post old itas and keep from tanking this thread with useless arguments about who's autistic and who isn't. Just post very bad shit it isn't that hard.
So, starting off, I don't even fucking have words for how many levels of disbelief I'm in about this picture and its existence.
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Mori Kei & Natural Kei : its Finally Fall edition

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I haven't seen a thread up in a while, so I thought I'd start one.

Now that the summer heat is finally gone, what coords are you going to get to go outside with?
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Chubby lolita thread

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I know cgl isn't too fond of bigger lolitas, but please post examples of chubby (no morbidly obese ones please) lolitas doing lolita right.
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I'm frustrated, I work really hard on my cosplays but then lose motivation at 50% completion, anyone got any suggestions? So far most of my newest cosplays are still in their WIP stage.

I'm a full time student, w/ a part time job. So, I'm pretty much busy all the time and I only like using my down time to sleep and do homework (I'm a good boy).

Best cosplay ever?

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My vote goes for this unknow girl cosplaying as Mari Makinanimous from Evangelion.

She is beautiful, very thin. Looks like a real life Mari.
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your boyfriend will never cosplay samus.
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There are famous cosplayers

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Are there famous photographers within the cosplay community?

How much pull/power do they have in the community?
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