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Dream Dress Thread

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Old one is auto-saging
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Price Check - Whimsical Vanilla-Chan JSK in Lavender

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Has anyone seen this for sale recently? Thanks CGL!
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Hair thread

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Didn't see one in the catalog, and I just love these threads
Post inpo or tutorials or ask questions or whatever, just keep it hair related!
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Colossalcon 2017

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About one month until Colossalcon. Let's discuss.

>How are your cosplays coming?
>Are you planning your coords?
>Where are you staying?
>What are you excited for?
>Any cosplay predictions?

Let's discuss!
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cringe dance groups: the continuation

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last thread is saging
for all your cringe ll/imas/indie dance group needs

well, this wasn't posted about last thread but it looks like stellure is trying to make merch now?
also, thread question: what do you think would make a majority of groups less shitty? i was enjoying the stellure critique jam after their pv came out
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Conlitas: Real or not real?

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Since this discussion blew up in the CoF thread, let's move it to its own thread.

>To you, what is a conlita?
>Is it bad to be a conlita?
>How often does someone need to wear lolita in order to be considered one?
>Do conlitas give the style a bad rep?
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Look closely ladies. This is what men want.

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>That group of guys decked out in military gear at every convention

So are they cosplay Battlefield/Call of Duty or something?
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AX is in 3 1/2 months. Anyone going this year?
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Kiwi Thread

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Con "season" is kind of upon us. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on Christchurch Armageddon, particularly with the new judges.
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