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Old School Lolita Thread

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Old Thread saging into oblivion >>9466571

WW has been on a roll adding a bunch of old school items to their main site and to their account on LM. Somebody hit the BIN on a btssb cake purse seconds before I did. One second it was there, the next it was sold out. I miss the old cake bags and cake hats.

Anybody have any old school lolita twinning/coord matching photos?
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Connecticon 2017

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Connecticon is in less than two weeks. How's everyone's cosplays coming along? Did your panel submission (not) get accepted?

At least there's going to be 18+ panels this year?
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ヴィジュアル系 thread

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Visual kei: panthers and zebra edition

Last thread reached image limit and died.
I was able to find a lot of good stuff last time so I hope the recs keep coming.

Pic is Da'vid shito:aL
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Canada Generals

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Yeticon's next week, then ConBravo, then Otakuthon, then FanExpo

What else is going on and who's going to what?

I'm doing YetiCon, ConBravo, and maybe Otakuthon if I can find a hotel

I dunno what happens on the West coast or in the Maritimes, so update shit and whatever anons
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Sailor Pluto Cosplay

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by MariahLeDerp

NieR: Automata #2: Overly Photoshopped Edition

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Last thread is in autosage. >>9454365

Post cosplays, wips, and refs.
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Zelda thread

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Zelda cosplay thread. All Zelda games welcome.
I want to see a finished Paya.
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Anyone got any pics from Riki Lecotey's early days when she went by Lafiel? pic related

Instagram Thread 2.0

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Last one got deleted, Don't mess this one up
>Self Post, Discuss favorite accounts, ect.
>Before you ask, The apps you are probably looking for are Beautycam and Beautyplus
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Ita Thread: Don't Take the Bait! Edition

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Last thread is saging super hard because people kept replying to mediocre bait. Let's try to keep that at a minimum this time pls thx

Starting us off, it's still summer so I'm sure you salty bitches have itas to post, I know I do.
Try to keep them fresh if you can, Tumblr and Amino are gold mines for new itas.
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