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Making your boyfriend cosplay with you

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Does anyone here make their boyfriend's cosplay with them?
Do you husbando them up?
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Why do cowards do this? If you're going to cosplay then wear the damn costume. It's especially dumb when the character has a bunch of different outfits to pick from. "Oh, I want to wear this...but I really don't." Seriously, man the fuck up.
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Build Me a Capsule Wardrobe V2

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Old thread:

How it works:
>Anons request a capsule wardrobe with any requirements they desire (style, theme, color, etc.)
>Other anons may post a collage of a capsule with those requirements
>Capsules should be at least able to make a unique outfit every day for 5 days. Beyond that, it's your call.
>All Jfashion styles welcome!

Good luck, have fun!

Capsule wardrobe resources:
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Canada Thread: Southern Ontario Edition

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Now that the busy summer season is behind us and with just a handful of cons left to go. Wanted to see who was attending what? Also what might be your cosplay plans?

Forest City Comicon ~ Sept. 23 ~ London
Hamilton Comic Con ~ Sept. 30-Oct.1 ~ Hamilton(Mount Hope)
London Comic Con ~ Oct.13-15 ~ London
GTA Comic Con ~ Nov.12 ~ Oakville
Quinte Mini Con ~ Nov.18-19 ~ Belleville
East End Expo ~ Dec.3 ~ Ajax
Pomtario/Kupocon ~ Dec.3 ~ Toronto
DTAC ~ Dec.9 ~ Toronto

Also if your from other parts of Canada and Ontario. Please feel free to join and plan your own stuff here if need be
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Cosplay & mental illness

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In your years in this hobby, have you ever noticed a correlation between being into it and being mentally ill?

I do realize there are no official statistics so this discussion will be based on speculation and anecdotal evidence, but still feel free to participate!
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ITT: Cosplay recognition fails

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I'm sure I'm not the only one that's experienced this.

Was dressed as Dingo from EFP and at least 3 people came up to me thinking I was Mcree from Overwatch.
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Steven Universe cosplay

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Because I'd fuck rock aliens n' shit.
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Old Anime Convention Memories

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This is the thread to discuss any and all convention memories or stories you have for past cons that you remember from a long time ago, when cosplaying and going to anime conventions was a small niche.
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Ita Thread

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Previous thread: >>9699224

Why did she think bandaids and that cincher belt were a good idea?
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