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Nitpick/pet peeve Thread

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share things in cosplay and lolita that always drive you nuts, possibly ruining an otherwise fine costume/coord
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Brit/UK thread

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The wait for Ame continues.
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Washing brand

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general washing brand thread
>how often do you clean your dresses?
>preferred methods for cleaning brand
>washing stories, have you ever ruined a dress? or received a ruined dress from a bad wash?

how do you gulls wash dresses with red prints? Any tricks to ensure it won't bleed?
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Fairy wings

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How can I make wings like these? The description says it is plastic, gloss and wires. Any more info?

Print Thread

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>let's reach the image limit edition
Post and discuss prints.
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How do I do makeup like Japanese models/cosplayers? Any good tutorials?
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show us what you're working on
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Official Anime Boston 2018 Thread

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Less than 50 days remaining till AB 2018.

General AB discussion:
>What are you cosplaying as?
>How close are you to being ready?
>Any guests you're happy to see?
>What are you plans for the con?
>Panels, Vendors, Artists, etc.
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what are some good cosplays to do right now if you want to get noticed, whats hot and what could help jump start a career. every few months some stupid game or anime comes out and all the cosplayers jump on it for fame, whats the newest trends
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LARP thread - Get swol or get lost edition

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last thread >>9735746
Tell us you monstering stories
best/worst experice monstering
Best monster kit?
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