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Makeup & Skincare General

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The last thread hit it's bump limit so let's get a new one going, shall we?
Old thread: >>9767817
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Florida General: Electric Boogaloo

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Previous Thread >>9797288

Hatsume Fair begins tomorrow (technically today), who's going?
Future cons?
Cosplayer/contest drama?
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Dream dresses

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Old thread
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Net-Idol/Odottemita/Cover Groups

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The Restoration of a Net-Idol Edition

Old Thread: >>9809610

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet -

/cgl/ Resources Spreadsheet (under construction) -

Previously (add more if I missed anything):
-Idol Costumes vs Cosplay for performances/covers (and also matching the character for cosplay vs emulating their seiyuu)
-Once again, Stellure is recording more songs before releasing old ones+member redesigns
-Flusay Girls 2018 Auditions
-Saya-san aka Hoshi Teruko is back at it again with her Idol Dreams
-R.I.P Rei from Mirai Wish
-If you have to come onto 4chan to tell people you don't care about being posted, you already care too much.

Featured Group: MeseMoa
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Bad cosplay thread?

Bad cosplay thread.
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/CGL/ Friend Finder

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If we stay civil, hopefully this won't get deleted.

Answer whichever you like and find some friends.

>Cosplay, j-fashion, lolita?
>What cons do you attend? What do you like to do?
>Favorite games, anime, brands, prints, etc.
>Characters/series cosplayed from (if applicable)
>Other interests?
>What are you looking for?
>What aren't you looking for?
>Contact info (Discord, email, LINE, Skype)
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Traveling to Japan thread

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Its been awhile since I've seen one of these. They have been very informative and I'm travelling over there in May (2nd time going but first time in Tokyo) so I feel like you gulls would be more help than the rest of my researching.

Discuss anything in relation to traveling to the motherland. I'd also be curious about peoples personal experiences in Japan, good or bad.

>closetchild stores and your experience
>good finds you've had at stores for lolita/ween merch
>Other smaller secondhand shops for lolita, figures, BJDs and other merch, any recommendations other than the obvious CC and mandarake?
>things to do in harajuku, shibuya, etc
>japanese phrases to know for shopping
>hidden gems
>What cool cafes are actually worth it
>Is a JR pass worth it if you're only taking 1-3 trips out of Tokyo
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Colossalcon 2018

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Old thread saging

Panel submission emails are going out. Have you gotten yours yet?

I’ll post the same questions as the last thread

>What’s your lineup?
>How’s cosplay progress going?
>Anything you’re excited about this year?
>Anything you’re not excited about?
>Cosplay Predictions?
>What are your hopes for the con?
>Any shoots/panels you want to see?
>Any shoots/panels you’re planning?
>Thoughts on the two dealers rooms?
>What about the rental bins?

And of course any other discussion is allowed
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Paradiso 2018

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Itinerary just dropped. Let's get hype, gulls. What are you excited for?
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Anime North Thread

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Drama free edition?
Last thread: >>9839891
>AP confirmed guest
>Tea party sold out

This thread:
>Keep posting your lineups!
>48 days to go actually
>Have you started on your con crunch yet?
>Nostalgia anon please keep dumping pics
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