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Texas Thread Time

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The Old Texas thread has hit sage as its about to be archived. Let's keep the discussions to TX cons and upcoming cosplays.
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Megacon is in 1 week. Are you ready?

>What days are you going?
>What events are you doing?
>Where are you staying?
>What costumes/what days?
>Biggest relief/Biggest gripe
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Misako Aoki

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Is there anyone with a greater love for pink?
What is your favourite Misako video?
Which video do you think deserves more attention or should be brought back to our attention?
Do you read her interviews and blog posts?
Have you learned anything from her?
Do you think she will still be with us 30 years from now?
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>That group of guys decked out in military gear at every convention

So are they cosplay Battlefield/Call of Duty or something?
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Animazement Thread 2.0

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Almost a week away until the con and the schedule is finally out! How stressed is everybody?

No meet-up as right now but there was talk of planning something in the last thread.

Old thread: >>9459862
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Menhera/Gurokawa Thread

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Disucssion and predictions

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What do you think lolita will look like in the future?
Will The Rules become more dated and irrelevant?
What will/should become a new substyle/theme?
Will UTKs ever make a comeback?
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General Help Thread

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Old thread is dying >>9477854

You know what to do.
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/cgl/ Feels

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>was bffs with girl who got pretty obsessed with me (not to a scary level at all, it was nice)
>met her through her boyfriend who was my con bro
>he talks mad shit about her entire time they're together, while saying how he wished he was with this other girl he's been romanticizing entire 3+ years I've known him
>try defending her which prolongs their relationship, but as she gets more depressed, he can't take it anymore and after a solid month of talking about how much he wants to end it, I tell him maybe it's time
>intensely dramatic break up ensues, to the point where she has to be hospitalized
>she becomes extremely attached to me and I her
>move considerable distance away
>she's more clingy than ever then after a few months ends our friendship via text in the most brutal way I've ever experienced because bf turned her against me and apparently they had been fucking whole time I've been gone, despite him having no desire to get back together
>now months later that she says she wants to be friends again and regrets being so awful
>still fucking this guy (who I'm no longer friends with) year after breakup
>want to be friends, but have no idea how to feel or go about it in a healthy way
>have track record of people dropping me out of the blue with no real explanation then wanting to get back together back when I was in highschool, and didn't realize how much it still fucks with me until now
>scared them still fucking will lead to more problems down the road too

But if I don't take her back, I will have no more anime liking friends.
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CoF Thread

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Old thread >>9476190
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