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Refinery29's documentary on Menhera/Yami Kawaii

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I've not gotten the chance to watch it yet myself, but I'd like to hear any gulls' thoughts.

Sorry for no direct link to the video, it won't let me post it. You'll find it if you scroll a bit down.
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Solids that aren't over 10 years old thread

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They look nice. They are important. You know it, now it's time to show it.
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Dream Dress Thread

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Previous thread: >>9772201

Post your dream list / dream gets and help out your fellow anons if you see their dream!
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Bad Handmade and WTF sales

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You know the drill
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Australian Cosplay General

RTX Sydney coming up in early February. Thoughts? Current costumes?
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Itabag/Fandom Fashion General

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>No fun allowed-edition

Previous Thread: >>9779571


Buyf/a/g Guide
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Dumb Questions/QTDDTOT Thread

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For questions that don't deserve their own threads, to avoid cloggin up other threads. All /cgl/ related topics welcome. For more precise/advanced cosplay construction questions, see the cosplay help thread here: >>9768736

Old thread >>9763296 in autosage
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Closet of Frills: Only Contribute if You're not a Cunt Edition

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I love everything about this but I'm not quite sold on how she styled her hair
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Nitpick/pet peeve Thread

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share things in cosplay and lolita that always drive you nuts, possibly ruining an otherwise fine costume/coord
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Brit/UK thread

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The wait for Ame continues.
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