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Fandom and Lolita Weddings

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Seifuku/School Uniforms Thread: Back to School Edition

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Now that summe's basically over and the Western school year is starting it's time to have another Nanchatte Seifuku/School Uniforms/General Preppy thread! Here's some stuff to jump start the thread

>> Have you found any brands (Japanese or not) that goes well with the style?
>> Do you have any coordinates ready for the start of the school year?
>> What are some trends you've noticed that you think will go well with nanchatte?
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Lolita professionals

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Post people with a lolita-related job. Have you ever met any and talked business with them?
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Maid Cafes General:

I plan on auditioning next year for a maid cafes. I was thinking maybe Anime Expo or Arcane Cafe. What should I practice and some tips as well?


>Have any of you worked at a maid cafe for a convention or club? How did it go?

>Was finding a costume a problem?

>Drama while working, before, or after?

>How do you deal with flirting costumers? Do you flirt back sometimes?

>What really happens at maid cafes after dark?

>Although it's unreasonable to have elaborate desserts/drinks for a convention maid cafe why is the food always a second thought?

>Do you have to have a "dere" personality and act while you work?

>How did dancing work out for you with the other maids?

>Anything you wished more maid cafes would do, or didn't do?

>Maid costumes or accessories you're sick of seeing?
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Texas Thread 2.0

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Old ones autosaging again.

Who's going to Afest?
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Resin and indie craft general

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Old thread: >>9468988
Image source:
Resin, clay crafts, decoden, fiber arts, etc, all welcome
Self-posting is encouraged
Last thread:
>why are art resins not a 1:1 mix ratio
>smelly UV resin
>why is resin a girly hobby
>#galagulls is the new instagram tag
>no-name chinese UV resin
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Penny for your thoughts?

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Okay, I decided (yes, as normie as it is) to Cosplay Pennywise for Halloween. I want to make this costume myself and this is my design, but I'm really unsure were to start since I've never made cosplay before, and I don't even know what those separated sleeve things are called. At best I'll probably buy things and modify them. Do you habe any suggestions for what I should buy & use for the costume + makeup? Aslo if you have any eye lense or other suggestions I would really appreciate that! Help a Clown out
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Do male lolitas exist?
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How would you go about making this costume?
>vance maximus
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League of Legends why is it always dead edition

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R u tired of that Rakan and Xayah hype already? Why is LOL so fuckin popular but LOL thread is always dead? Is LOL community more cancer than Dota2? And other stupid questions in that refreshed brand new league of legends generally shitty thread.
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