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/cgl/ related mangas

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Let's share /cgl/ related mangas!
It can either be mangas that just inspires you or that are actually about cosplay,lolita or japanese alt fashion

Pic related, Candycandy and similar mangas were wayyy too romance centred for me to enjoy but god, those clothes.
I'm starting to read Beauty Pop which is centered on makeup/hair/nails/... and isn't a typical shoujo were the heroine gets a makeover/gets all emotional over teh boiz!/the boys fighting for her/...

I was also heavily inspired by Chobits and Sakura Card Captor for lolita back then.
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Sewing Machine Thread

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I may be in the market for a new sewing machine soon and was hoping to get some feedback on favorite/least favorite machines, brands, features, etc from fellow cosplayers and lolitas.
>Favorite brand?
>What machine do you own?
>Features you can't live without?
>How often do you use your machine?
>How often do you service it?
>Any machines you avoid like the plague?
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Lolita General

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Last thread has been fully derailed and in autosage

Is there a correlation of what the print is and what kind of cut it gets? I think some things are obvious, like Shadow Dream Carnival has that princess vibe, and Dolly Cat has a posh look going with most of its cuts, and Dark Night Hospital has a nurse cut.

But I feel like there are lot of times where this isn't the case?

And the examples I listed are very obvious. Can you guys give me examples where there is definitely a correlation yet it's not blatant?

do you guys have favorite cuts?
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Sorry if this isn't the right sort of place but I feel like cosplayers would know this.

I am going to a costume party as Kane from Alien with the bloody hole in his chest.

I'm not striving for a perfect recreation. My question is about fake blood and clothes. For Halloween in the past I have used the very simple food colouring + cocao and liquid recipes for fake blood. It looks good enough and is easy to make a lot of. However normally it goes on my skin somewhere or face whereas in this costume it would be all over the front of my shirt. Using the colouring etc recipe this would be very sticky and uncomfortable for a whole evening of wear.

So I come to ask for your collective knowledge: if you needed to have a bloody shirt for a costume how would you make the fake blood stain? I am happy with it looking like dried blood and maybe leaving the shirt overnight but i'm unsure if itd dry well or end up cracked and still sticky. Thanks for your help!

Shoe General

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Can we have a shoe thread? I'll start with a small dump and some questions:

What style of jfash/lolita do you wear?
What is your favorite brand or place to get shoes?
What are your most favorite/most owned colors? What colors do you wish you could find more of?
What shoes are you searching for or wish you could own?

Pic related is Vivienne Westwood's rocking horse shoe.
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Colossalcon 2018

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Anyone else waiting in the hellscape that is constant busy signals to get a room at the Kalahari?
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Lolita books, films and series

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It doesn't necessarily have to be about lolita fashion itself, it can be a gothic novel, art from a fairytale, a beautiful film, brand collab related etc...
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Any tips for making fabric lood faded and worn?

Workung on a halo/ alien inspired space marine costume

Does the coffee trick for camo or only for light colors?
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Cosplay Injuries!

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Haven't had one in a while and I just injured myself SPECTACULARLY last weekend, so lets have a cosplay injuries thread!

>Worst way you've injured yourself while cosplaying, or dressed up in jfash, or MAKING cosplay, or LARPing?

>Most bizarre injury from cosplay/crafting/LARPing

>It may not have been funny at the time, but looking back, the funniest/stupidest way you've injured yourself while doing this shit?

I'll go first I guess. Burned my hand on the heat gun while making armor last weekend and pulled my arm away so fast that I dislocated my shoulder.
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Does anyone know any cheap(er) ways to make your self tall for a cosplay?

I'm only going to do this for one day so I don't need anything fancy, but stilts are like 300$.
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