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>Israeli kids are sick as long as I get bearing to hear it.
>Daily seeing of 4chan its full of useless threads and undoubtly getting dirty and NO-sense.
>The >>>/S4S/ >>>/E/ >>>/ASP/ >>>/C/ are for and as for the people are feeling sick and nippy.
Others are knocked by worse and terrorist-mudslims.
>Dirt banners in poll makes you measly.
>disengaged about the janitors and raising Trump and American threads before any one else.
>Makes you thinking the 5 tab in /pol/ is for every good things when you physically feeling NO-safety about world, instead of Politically.


Hair thread

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Florida Cosplay General

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I know there's not much going on right now in terms of cons down here, but why not.

Anybody doing Megacon since that's the next major con happening down here?
So what's your next con?
What are you cosplaying?
What're you excited for?
Past stories?
Any new drama?
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>When cons ban prop weapons as a security measure
>Implying thats going to stop some autism from barging in and shooting people
>Implying that cute Lolita isn't packing heat under her frills
>People carrying backpacks and conceal carrying

When will the retardation end
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Why do they do this?

I get slightly suggestive pics but what's with this shit? blatant pornographic pose begging for sperm.

She's not getting paid, and it's not a private pic to her boyfriend, so why?
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Mail thread, what's coming

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Old one is autosaging.

What's coming your way, gulls?
I'm waiting for my JetJ Unicorn JSK in purple/blue, can't wait to coord it.
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feels thread

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My objectively more attractive and popular friend is bullying me again Edition
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/CGL/ Ideas template thread

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Couldn't find one in the catalog, so I thought I'd start a new one! If you post, please try to help other people too!
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>"hey darling~ I'm a disgusting whore with no real personality of my own, so I just cosplay as whatever anime character is popular at the moment, so I can get the attention I so desperately crave from pathetic beta male losers. I don't even watch anime, I just look at fanart on tumblr and read the description on my anime list. Good thing those pathetic betas don't care. God, I hope I can get gangbanged by chad and his friends at this next convention."
3DPD. Kill yourselves, cosplay whores.
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