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Lolita Styles

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How do I start dressing in a lolita manner?
I have no makeup skills, and I absolutely don't know what to do.
Is there a casual lolita look I could go for?
Not quite frills, but a cute sweater and shorts, or something. Outfit suggestions would be appreciated.
Also, general lolita thread. <3
>i look kind of like the Wendy's logo btw

E-Famous lolitas horror stories thread

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Can we get a thread for horrible encounters/stories about e-famous lolitas. I often see a thread like this for cosplayers, so I figured why not have one for lolita and other jfash?

It's always interesting to see alternate sides to some of these girls who put up cute fronts for the sake of gaining popularity.
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Feels thread

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Old thread reached its limit >>9470256

Let's have a big old feel-fest. Remember to keep it cgl-related, and don't derail.
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AnimeNEXT 2017

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One month away and no thread? Dead con confirmed.

Anyone going? Looking forward to anything? Will AnimeNEXT bringing Hatsune Miku from her grave be enough to save Gamblecon?
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League of Legends why is it always dead edition

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R u tired of that Rakan and Xayah hype already? Why is LOL so fuckin popular but LOL thread is always dead? Is LOL community more cancer than Dota2? And other stupid questions in that refreshed brand new league of legends generally shitty thread.
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Is this cosplay considered blackfacing?

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The original art for this character is a fair skinned japanese.
In this game u collect characters of different tiers (R, SR, SSR)
So if you draw a bad character, you're called an 'african', because you're poor (because you can't afford ingame $ to draw more) and unlucky. I'm not tryna bait anymore, is this actually okay?
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hi i really like kirby. how can i cosplay as him for e3? i want to get the ball shape right.

pic related, either A: two separated limbs
or B: I squat down

Thing they ought to know

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Have you ever seen someone attempt something and you know right off the bat they don't know some precious detail that would help them?

Ex: This Serenity dress maker should know half pearls are a thing and look much neater and nicer when designing her bodice.
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Youjo senki wig

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I'm wanting to get a wig for a Tanya Degurechaff cosplay, I'm just getting into cosplay so I'm not sure about the sites I've found.
Does anyone have experience buying from Lucaille or Xcoser?