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Casual lolita is casual again

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Toned-down and basic lolita coords go here >>9431914

Let's try not to post the same old school stuff that gets posted in every casual thread.

>Do you actually wear casual lolita? How do you coord it?
>Do you think it should be posted in CoF?
>What do you think of wearing sneakers or sandals?
>What do you think of going without petticoat?
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Is she right or is she buttmad?
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Non-Costuming Commissions

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Hey there, folks. For the past few years I've been doing the audio work for my friends' skits and they've won more often than not in that category (I mean, cosplay skits, so it's not like there's much competition). I've been doing this kinda thing for a fair few years now.

But since the audio component of cosplay skits is usually woefully underdone, I was wondering if any seagulls would be interested in this sort of service (that is, having someone else do all the mixing and mastering). I'm not advertising, honestly just doing an interest check. Honestly I have no idea how much I should charge for this kind of thing if anyone's interested at all. If photographers can get in on this kinda thing, I'd assume sound kids would have their own little niche.

And, uh, general non-costuming commission thread? Photography, and whatever else. Not much is coming to mind.

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Can you suggest female characters that are wearing a mask?

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/cgl/ how do you hook up with other congoers? Whats the best,worst or craziest hookup you've had. Have you ever been in the famed con orgy

Also how are dances/raves at the cons you go to?
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Larme Kei - Salty Lesbians Edition

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old thread in autosage >>9373032

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide:

Partial Scans List:

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):]

Facebook group: Don't Cry Baby
Amino: Larme Fashion
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Post your "eerie" cosplays. Not bad specifically, just creepy.
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Convention Travel and Hotel Etiquette

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Everyone group seems to have their own special rules when it comes to travel and hotel. How much luggage are you allowed to bring? How many people do you put in a hotel room with 2 beds? Does everyone get to sleep in a bed every night?

When I was younger (been doing cons for about 15 years now) it was all about getting there and those kinds of details didn't matter. Now I'm the one booking hotel rooms and coming up with the travel plans for groups of 6-12 people. I used to stay up drinking till god knows when and had roommates that I hadn't met before the convention, but now we have strict lights-out policies and in some rooms, no drinking policies and don't room with people we don't know.

The list of rules that me and my friends came up with over the years was due to a lot of bad incidents that we wanted to avoid in the future. So I was curious if you have any special rules and maybe the story about why the rule came up!
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Nanchatte Seifuku/Kogal/Prep Thread

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No seifuku thread up? Now there is!

Selfposts, magazine scans, hauls and questions all okay. Idol inspo (uniform inspired stage costumes) are alright.

Some discussion questions to start us off:
> it's almost summer! What are your warm weather days tips and tricks?
> What type of legwear do you like with your uniform?
> Are you a student? When do you wear this style and why?
> Have you worn a uniform in the past? Why do you like nanchatte/kogal/etc?
> What's your favorite item that you own? Favorite item that you don't own?
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So are there any cosplay patreons that aren't just sexy pictures and bts videos? I started pledging to one that does tutorials/raffles off small props from their etsy every month and I figure there's gotta be others who do more than the usual showing their tits for $$ thing but am not sure how to go about finding them.
Anything /cgl/ related welcome, if there are actually more than just cosplay patreons!
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