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Convention Travel and Hotel Etiquette

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Everyone group seems to have their own special rules when it comes to travel and hotel. How much luggage are you allowed to bring? How many people do you put in a hotel room with 2 beds? Does everyone get to sleep in a bed every night?

When I was younger (been doing cons for about 15 years now) it was all about getting there and those kinds of details didn't matter. Now I'm the one booking hotel rooms and coming up with the travel plans for groups of 6-12 people. I used to stay up drinking till god knows when and had roommates that I hadn't met before the convention, but now we have strict lights-out policies and in some rooms, no drinking policies and don't room with people we don't know.

The list of rules that me and my friends came up with over the years was due to a lot of bad incidents that we wanted to avoid in the future. So I was curious if you have any special rules and maybe the story about why the rule came up!
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Correct way to compliment a Lolita?

I lurk here sometimes but its for the skincare stuff. My city has like ONE Lolita and I see her a couple of times a year because we both work conventions and she has come in the store I work at.

I saw her dressed head to toe in the cutest Lolita fashion at the movies in Tuesday night but I'm a socially awkward person and didn't compliment her.

What's the correct way to tell a Lolita you like her outfit without sounding condescending or like a weeb?

"I like your cord"
"Your outfit is cute!"

Help me out here.

Sweden thread - Not a lot of anything edition

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Confusion just announced that there will be no con this year, as did Donkeycon a while back and it seems like Kultcon have died. Does it just mean that Närcon will become our supreme ruler once and for all?
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Absolute best photos

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The cosplay itself doesn't have to be amazing, just share the best looking cosplay photographs
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post apocalyptic cosplay

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didnt know where else to turn but this board so here goes

So im going to be attending a "summerween" party and the theme is post apocalyptic shit, and the cool part is everyone has to bring a weapon (real) as a part of the cosplay.

So i was thinking of a plague doctor or a steampunk ninja, or something else, i dont know i still got a month to think about what i costume im going to buy.

Any ideas? or where i can buy this shit from?

WCS prelims - AX

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In another brilliant move by World Cosplay Summit USA, the prelims were just announced for a convention in a little over a month.

You don't have time, they don't have time, it's like they're purposely trying to get no one to enter
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Irish cosplay thread

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What cons are you excited for this Summer lads? There's like 4 on. Any cosplay ideas?