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Good morning /fa/gs. Can anybody recommend a good (quality) place to shop for nazi-themed sexyclothes (specifically swastika thigh-highs like in pic related)?

All suggestions welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
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Tips for guys wanting to cosplay female charactes

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What do I, as a guy, need to do to look womanley for a female cosplay and not look like pic?
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Thrift Store Finds thread

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I work at a thrift store and have found some really good pieces there. Anyone else want to share favorite thrift finds? what do you look for when you thrift?
Pic is of my favorite shoe finds
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Lolita Fashion - Black Friday Edition

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Old thread >>9694745
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kimono/wa thread

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Other fashions mixing in kimono are also welcome
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Room Thread

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old one is gone
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Can you honestly say you have made good friends, at least one, since you got into this hobby?
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Celebrity / Mainstream Lolita

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Post the best examples of mainstream lolita done right. People that represent lolita fashion the best in the public eye and even love giving hands to friends in need.

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COF Thread

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Old one >>9684296
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