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League of Legends why is it always dead edition

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R u tired of that Rakan and Xayah hype already? Why is LOL so fuckin popular but LOL thread is always dead? Is LOL community more cancer than Dota2? And other stupid questions in that refreshed brand new league of legends generally shitty thread.
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Before there was a concept of "ita", before the rules were fully fleshed out, before AP produced famous prints, and before old-school even had clear guidelines, there was whatever this fashion was born as. I don't know what. But it was something.

ITT/Conversation starters:
• Post /very/ early "lolita" coords and street shots. (Try 80s,90s, early 00s. The more ridiculous the better.)
•Post old burando
•Does a fashion inherently have to form strict rules to become successful, like lolita did?
•Do you like old old-school? Or is it definitely a product of its time?
•If you're an oldfag, what year did you first see/hear about lolita?
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MSPA General

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So anyway, at what point are we just gonna give up with the Homestuck threads, you guys?

Still want someone to tell me what happened to Heaven and Urchintier.
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Jojo Thread

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Last thread is gone.
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new to music forms. amazing talent origanls

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love playing guitar. been playing for about 14 years check it out!

this ones heavier

this ones my most popular

check it out! check out my other stuff u mite like something!

Cosplay groups - ideas and annoyances

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I'm intrigued in what you all think makes for a good cosplay group which isn't the standard bunnies etc.
I wanted to do a cosplay group with some friends where we all dress up as characters from popular mobile games and wondered whether you'd appreciate it?

Let me know you're quirky ideas or pet peeves about groups!
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Hey, /cgl/.

Got a question. I've been doing cosplay photography for a while now, and I was wondering if there would be a market for photographers selling prints at artist alley? 've seen cosplayers do it, but never shutterbugs.

Obviously, I'd get all the necessary permission from the cosplayers in question, and give all appropriate credit. I've got a really big portfolio, not just cosplay, but for a con I think the focus would be fan oriented stuff.

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Darkest Dungeon cosplays

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Last week somebody here gave me the gentle push needed to do a Darkest Dungeon cosplay. As thanks, I'll now share my first, amateur, done-this-in-3-days-with-improvised-materials cosplay that I only wore for about an hour. I'm not even going to list how much I'll redo for the con in the fall, so consider these WIP I guess.

Also, looking for other DD cosplays, the characters in that game are all pretty cool.
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Cringe Thread

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post whatever you got
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Who's going?
Are you going to be cosplaying?
You better!
Or you'll be punished!
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