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Brit/UK thread

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Becoming Living Dolls

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Dollstyle cosplay

itt we help eachother achieve the BJD/dolly look.
- doll makeup tutorials
- links to cute accessories like ball-jointed tights
- pics of your "goal" look
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Miraculous Ladybug

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Hoping to see more cosplays now that season 2 is out! Also do guys ever even cosplay Cat Noir?
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Anime Matsuri Post Mortem

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Dented cars, Eva statues on backs of cars, police escorting artists out, what else happened?!
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ITT: dissing on idiots who can't pick their own cosplays

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Seriously, what's up with these uncreative assholes? Discuss.

Share personal stories dealing with this type of costhot, if you have them.
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>Noppin got its shit kicked in
what the fuck. So this was why the site was missing since Thursday.

I know they’ve gone down for a day or so before just from server fuckups but this is new. Anyone else on tenterhooks about the stuff they won beforehand but didn’t get invoiced for?

Central Europe thread

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Let's start it up edition

I couldn't find any threads related to any of the central european countries, so let's give this a go.

I've got a 3D printer, a sewing machine, and I would really like to get into cosplay, now that I finally worked up the guts. However, I find that the scene in Czechia is pretty poor, seems to be one con on the other side of the country and who knows if it is still even active.

Adding to that, I'd love to meet someone off /cgl/ first to help me out and guide me, if they have any cons nearby they are going to go to. I'd be happy to go anywhere pretty much within 700 km range from Prague.

Anyways, post anything related to the central yuro cosplay scene
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Plus size lolita thread

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Post some cute fatty-chans
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