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Haven't seen this thread up in a while!
Let's see it cgl,
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hello /cgl/, new poster here

i need your help to find where i can buy a cosplay for my girl, like in pic related

the thing is that she is into cosplay, but her proportions are a little too dificult for a lot of costumes to fit,thats why im helping her search for an alternative

i fucking love her curves, and given that she has a similar body i would like to fuck mrs. incredible all day long

so please help a brother out
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Kimono thread - Segodon edition

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I want to cosplay him but I just know everyone would think I'm wearing a yukata wrong
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Lollita General: Tartan Edition

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Prev: >>10026574
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Persona Thread

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It's been a while
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Where are you Bonbi?

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I know you're here.

/cgl/ feels

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Y’all know the drill
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Character designs so bad they can't be cosplayed

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What are some character designs that are too ugly to be successfully cosplayed?

I may be in the minority but I think bnha cosplays are fucking ugly as hell with the exception of some of the main characters' hero costumes. The school uniform is among the ugliest as far as school uniforms go, and some of the side characters have designs that are so bad that they inspire crimes against nature as seen in pic related.

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Opinion on my cosplay?

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